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Not Even UKIP could call their Corby stance as credible!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/08/2012

Not Even UKIP could call their Corby stance as credible!


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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Not Even UKIP could call their Corby stance as credible!
UKIPn seem eternally the amateur hour comedic sideshow without gravitas or professionalism!
Clearly UKIP are heading for their usual risible results in British domestic politics and as !



with their candidate for Westminster announced for the Corby by-election and now their candidate for Police El Supremo also announced UKIP is now in place to be humiliated in both elections – due in the main to the unprofessional behaviour of the so called leadership and lack of gravitas or integrity on their part and that of their self serving claque.
That the region was one of the most successfull almost returning 3 MEPs at one time, we note the long term serial dishonesty and corruption in the Party and particularly in the region with Derek Clark not only telling lies and being found guilty of abuse of public funds and being ordered by OLAF to repay over £30,000 he had purloined one assumes he is under investigation by the British Police who charged Tom Wise for a very similar amount leading to a 2 year prison sentence.
Derek Clark, unwilling to act honestly has debarred himself and his regional organiser and at least one other staff member have walked out on UKIP’s regional committee in a tantrum!
This kind of corruption, dishonesty and self serving behaviour has led to huge divisions and many justified enemies in the region and a collapse in terms of gravitas, trust and loyal members in the region – which will ensure a notable and earned, reduction in UKIP’s potential in elections in the region.

By Ian Gallagher

Published on Saturday 18 August 2012 11:30


UKIP leader Nigel Farage has confirmed that Jim MacArthur will be the party’s candidate for Northamptonshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner.


Mr MacArthur has served in the RAF, the Army and the Special Air Service, and until he resigned earlier this week in order to stand in the election, he was a serving Special Constable with Northamptonshire Police.

He was unveiled by Mr Farage at the candidate this morning at the Samuel Lloyd Wetherspoons pub in Corby.

Mr MacArthur said: “Our county force is a large organisation and policing is a complex business. The new commissioner will have many varied problems to resolve.

“I don’t believe someone without police and senior management experience in similar-sized organisations will be able to successfully rise to the many challenges which lie ahead.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

It seems this elderly chappie stood in the 2010 election for UKIP and came a respectable 5th. with 3.07% beaten by the Lib Lab Con & BNP! Requiring 10+ votes for every one achieved to stand any chance of being elected!

Conservative: 13735 (34.11%)
Labour: 11799 (29.3%)
Liberal Democrat: 11250 (27.94%)
BNP: 1316 (3.27%)
UKIP: 1238 (3.07%)
Green: 443 (1.1%)
Christian: 98 (0.24%)
Independent: 392 (0.97%)

Majority: 1936 (4.81%).
Jim MacArthur’s % was around 25% down on UKIP’s vote in the previous election, it seems but at 3% his achievement was in line with UKIP’s general failure without any competent leadership and its normal reactive and unprofessional incompetence.
So as probably the oldest Special Constable in Britain, being 68 or 69 (born 1943!) after having only done the job since March CLICK HERE he now wants to run the police force!
The fact that this elderly chap, despite serving in both the RAF and the army, even ‘claiming’ service in The Regiment, seems not to have gained rank nor a commission one wonders what consequential relevant management skills or experience he brings to ‘The Job’.
01327 342464
m 07720 599 326
This just smacks of UKIP’s lack of leadership and opportunist unplanned unprofessionalism.
Perhaps you consider my observations unfair!
However if that is the case where are UKIP’s promotion of this candidate or for that matter:
Margot Parker UKIP’s PPC
for Corby Northants by-election!
Just where is the gravitas, the track record and the display of professionalism from UKIP that might raise their chances from their same old same old turgid ineptitude, unpopularity & failure rate.
Sadly the East Midlands region has been all but totally trashed by the lies, corruption and dishonesty of Derek Clark their utterly embarrassing MEP and his odious staff.




A very brief check on the track record of Margot Parker tends to indicate selection being consisderably more as a result of her association with Lisa Duffy than her track record of ability, popularity or service to UKIP?

I gather Mrs. Parker has stood on various occasions in opposition to UKIP and did not make any effort to stand as a candidate in the local elections for UKIP.

I understand that Mrs. Parker stood as a PPC for another party but failed to make any notable impression.

I understand that Mrs Parker was a front line activist for Declan Ganley’s Libertas Party, a name duplicitously registered by a UKIP employee, for Nigel Farage to try to defend his income and block Declan Ganley’s vision.

Mrs. Margot Parker was not just an activist for Declan Ganley but was seemingly a highly salaried unofficial lobbyist in Brussels and Strasbourg with little but contempt for UKIP as shown by Farage’s oft made comment that Libertas was not anti membership of The EU and clearly Mrs. Margot Parker was not!

I gather Mrs. Margot Parker has described herself in her Libertas days as  ‘No stranger to the European parliament. Margot has been personally involved in lobbying the EU both in Brussels and Strasbourg.’

Many will be aware that effectively UKIP has abandoned any semblance of democracy and principle and ALL staffing and all candidates fall in the gift of Nigel Farage and when it suits him his claque of self serving placemen! One is forced to wonder why this opponent of UKIP who actively lobbied against UKIP and was a staffer and candidate for a Party which Farage considers not to have been anti EU membership is now able to change sides merely to fulfil her personal ambitions.

I incline to the belief that this shows an almost criminal self interest in its lack of principle – any view will be promoted it seems as long as one can feather one’s nest from the public purse on the gravy train. A standard of ethics all too well known within UKIP!

This has all the hallmarks of the transparency and integrity UKIP promised when Nigel Farage promised he would professionalise UKIP. Little wonder with ethics like this and the shoddy behaviour UKIP has actually delivered that they have absolutely no one of calliber, gravitas, integrity or competence in any position or office in the entire party and are utterly dependent on ‘churn’ to keep the semblance of members as everyone with one iota of ability or self respect disassociates themselves from the squalid little self serving party and UKIP continues to irelevantly bump along the bottom in British domestic politics having driven away its competent activists and backers.

It seems Mrs. Margot Parker’s interest in Corby are considerably more relevant as an excercise in raising her PERSONAL profile in the hope of placement on UKIP’s list as an MEP candidate, which is no longer a democratic process and is based upon a somewhat dictatorial policy more in keeping with The EU, where UKIP leadership and its unprofessional parasites feel at home, rather than the values and integrity and thus aspirations of these United Kingdoms.

The moral turpitude of UKIP’s unprincipled and self serving leadership clique and its claque is increasingly transparent protecting their self interest by lies, bullying and defamatory slurs on their supporters should they dare to disagree with the loss of ethical morality or principles within the self serving leadership.

Perhaps it is these steady shifts and lack of both professionalism, integrity and leadership that accounts for UKIP’s consistent failure – It may well underpin the decision of Junius to not bother posting as regularly as they used to in the realisation of the indisputable reality that UKIP have little or no relevance in British domestic politics.

Little wonder that Farage has failed totally to rise to the challenge issued to him by Alan Hardy – just as David Cameron dismissed Farage as irrelevant when challenged by him.
Well to make it easier for Nigel Farage Alan Hardy has made it easier for Farage to win, he has generously increased his offer from 5,000 to 10,000!





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