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Seems Mike Nattrass has finally Quit UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/08/2012

Seems Mike Nattrass  has finally Quit UKIP


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Seems Mike Nattrass  has finally Quit UKIP – having quite some time ago rejected the pretence at leadership of Nigel Farage he and Trevor Colman quit his sordid extremist EFD Group of racists, xenophobes and EUroPhiles seeking reform & rewards!!

PLEASE NOTE UPDATE 15-Aug-2012 11:00hrs.:
I had always believed only a clown would try to ride two horses – first we had the gullible fool Robert Kilroy Silk who fell for the lies of Nigel Farage, who promised him leadership of UKIP, to get him to support the party – A promise not within Farage’s ‘gift’. For a brief period RKS tried to ride two horses but ended up falling off both.
Similarly we had the liar and fraud David Bannerman currying favour with both The Tories & UKIP to gain a seat as an MEP – Farage grabbed at the publicity  but Bannerman seeing his lies had worn thin and with an OLAF inquiry into his fraudulent use of public money fled to The Tories seeking preferment for his betrayal.
Bannerman will shortly find having betrayed one party and then the other he ends up rejected by both as dishonourable, duplicitous, corrupt and totally untrustworthy.
Now, despite other such clowns willing to ride any horse to be on the gravy train such as Marta Andreassen, who touted herself around various parties and lied to get herself on the gravy train.
Let us consider Mike Nattrass!
He Does Have Some Political Sense
I’m told!
I note after various efforts to drag UKIP’s reputation in the mire he did have one act of integrity and refused to follow the demands of his Party leader Nigel Farage and quit the vile Pan EU EFD Political Group with its racism, xwenophobia, criminals, anti Judaism, anti homosexual and other extremist practices.
There was hope that Mike Nattrass was finally acting honourably and would be thrown out of UKIP together with his chum, the near invisible and utterly irrelevant self serving Trevor Coleman as clever Trevor had also stood down from the odious Farage group.
Nikki Sinclaire had acted exactly the same but shown leadership in quitting the group and was thrown out of UKIP – however it was later established in Court that this was more a matter of anti homosexuality, petty jealousy and inadequacy on the part of Farage, Bloom and UKIP – so found the Court!
UKIP, Farage & Bloom were found guilty and you may well remember the published apology to Nikki Sinclaire in an effort to deffer High Court Action by her against these named individuals and organisations.
Were Nattrass & Coleman banned from the party – NO, there was a classic act of different standards Sinclaire was banned from the party but whether due to gender or some other terms the same punishment was not meter out to Coleman or Nattrass, and nor it seems was such a stance taken against the Spanish MEP when she openly called for Farage’s resignation in an open letter on the grounds of his incompetence that had led to the catastrophic results he achieved in the local elections!
Now I note Mike Nattrass isn’t even a member of UKIP he has opted out with a wimper rather than a fanfare of integrity – he has quietly moved on and is now the leader of another party and clearly he can not lead one party whilst being a member of another – this is even clearer an effort to hedge his bets than Oddly Ratkinson’s position with his own group when he made a bid to become leader of UKIP!
I was interested to note Mike Nattrass’ new party as listed on The Electoral Commission’s web site at:
If YOU find the Commission’s web site too beset with jargon and interlinking pages perhaps this screen capture will help:

So its official then!

Mike Nattrass has betrayed the electorate and quit UKIP but seems not to have been man enough to tell people – do we now expect some half baked threat of legal action claiming that I have libelled him like the fool he made of himself threatening The Sunday Times when they published the details of him being under investigation by OLAF, which he was!

Just as Mike Nattrass is listed as leader of his own political party.

Presumably he has conveniently forgotten to inform his electorate and maybe not even his staff!

I wonder what Nigel Farage’s view on this little chaps having set up in opposition is!

I doubt Mike will think it worth coming back from his long summer holiday in his villa in Portugal, where he spends much of his time rather than work in his constituency to Leave-The-EU, to promote his new party.

I wonder, in view of the name of Mike Nattrass’ new party, whether when he does emerge to do some work if he will follow the example of Nigel Farage and try to piggy back on the efforts made by Nikki Sinclaire to ensure a full debate on the aim to Leave-The-EU in Parliament or the gathering of a consequential number of signatures to keep the concept of an IN / OUT Referendum to Leave-The-EU.

Of course had UKIP been fit for purpose it might be wise to force the issue of a referendum rather than just keep embarrassing the government and keeping the flame of self determination, as a fundamental human right, alight – as Nikki Sinclaire most clearly has.

Is Nattrass hedging his bets to try to steal Sinclaire’s achievements to which he has, in fairness, contributed public money he had access to but beyond that his study in fence sitting seems over with his new party!
Clearly due to the abject failure of UKIP, particularly without competent, trustworthy or professional leadership, the chances of winning an IN / OUT Leave-The-EU Referendum are very low.
UKIP has failed to get the message out to the electorate and in 20 years have failed to even provide the reassurance of a sound exit and survival strategy – UKIP under Farage’s misguidance has even allied itself with extremists in EU politics who amongst other things welcome membership of The EU and seek to make some reforms!
I look forward to reading Mike Nattrass’ new party manifesto – it should be quite funny with his mangled English and endless anger at anyone who dares to question him or his lack of logic!



UPDATE 15-Aug-2012 11:00hrs.:

Nikki Sinclaire has NOT been thrown out of UKIP merely forced out of her elected office of UKIP MEP and lied about, bullied and attacked by UKIP leadership and its parasites.
Nikki Sinclaire now sits as an Independent MEP and NOT a UKIP MEP and is thus to all intent and purpose thrown out of UKIP though her membership continues all be it in name only.

I gather there are claims that Mike Nattrass is similarly still a UKIP member though he too sits as an independent MEP independent of UKIP with Nikki Sinclairte & Trevor Coleman.

I understand Mike Nattrass, presumably to maintain Farage’s income is allowed to set up and register a political party in opposition to UKIP – or as UKIP would claim of anyone seeking to Leave-The-EU but not under their rather sordid banner of corruption and lies – A Spoiler Party!
(as the UKFirstParty was deemed; despite its honourable intentions to provide an open honest and accountable democratic party to Leave-The-EU without the corruption that is omni present in UKIP & for some rendered UKIP unfit for purpose such that an alternative was clearly needed, particularly with liars and cheats like Mick McGough, David Bannerman etc. in The Eastern Region – Though I question how successful they were in the light of the involvement of Peter Cole, Tom Wise & Bruce Lawson or the undertakings of Trevor Colman, though most of the others would seem to have been unaware of this and of honest intent.)

Clearly whatever the paperwork may claim it is clearly dishonest for UKIP to claim Nattrass & Sinclaire are members in anything but name, as they with Trevor Coleman have rejected the leadership of UKIP, and refuse to sit with UKIP or associate with UKIP’s extremist, racist, anti Jewish, anti homosexual and anti Islamist group which includes various individuals with criminal records for assault, Holocaust Denial and similar offences and a number who have been found guilty of fraudulent use of public money and/or are still under investigation for same.

Please accept my apology for stating the realities rather than the minisculism and pedantry of the internal machinations of UKIP & misleading detail 😉

On the same logic let us remember that Tom Wise UKIP MEP was similarly NEVER thrown out of UKIP and despite what were outright lies from Nigel Farage, repeatedly made on the media – Tom Wise remained in UKIP as a member, and was asked by letter to renew his membership in the February of his last year as an MEP, responding with a written refusal, which we have published elsewhere on our blogs.

My failure to provide every last detail will clearly be misrepresented by the liars and scoundrels in UKIP to desperately imply I have deliberately lied – I apologise for stating the facts in insufficient detail and clearly there was no intent to mislead, as the detail did not materially alter the facts.




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