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#Nigel_Farage – One Step Nearer to The Slammer …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/07/2017

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#Nigel_Farage – One Step Nearer to The Slammer …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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Farage – One Step Nearer The Slammer

Yesterday’s events Stateside may soon be causing ripples on this side of the North Atlantic, such is the involvement with several politicians, pundits and other sundry hangers-on with the Trump Gang. And one of those politicians now wondering if spending time in the USA might not be the good idea they once thought it to be is former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage.
Squeaky indictment finger up the bum time

Farage had made great play of his wish to relocate to the States, claiming that he received so much hassle here in the UK, although this was probably code for “insufficient fawning adoration”. After Combover Crybaby Donald Trump’s idiot son Donald Junior admitted he and two other key Trump campaign figures had knowingly met with a Russian state-linked lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, the vultures are starting to circle.

Words like “Collusion” and even “Treason” are being openly used across the US media, and indeed on Capitol Hill. High ranking GOP representatives are beginning to break ranks. And all the while, the closeness of Mr Thirsty to this crowd is being pored over, especially by the likes of Carole Cadwalladr at the Observer, who was dismissed rather too eagerly as a “Tinfoil hatted journalist” by the Guido Fawkes rabble.
Since then, Zelo Street has pieced together more of the jigsaw, including the presence of several of the key figures in the list of “Golden Dolphin” awards made by the now-moribund Young Britons’ Foundation. Meanwhile, those in the Farage inner circle have become jumpy enough for one of them to suggest legal action to throw Ms Cadwalladr off the scent. We appear to be getting closer to Mr Thirsty’s personal endgame.
Ms Cadwalladr Tweeted yesterday “What *is* the story here? New photo of Farage emerges. With “Putin’s favourite congressman” & associate of Paul Manafort – @DanaRohrabacher”. A photo showed Farage and Rohrbacher on a fishing trip. Then she followed up with “Reminder of who @DonaldJTrumpJr forwarded that exciting email about the meeting with the Russians to”. Paul Manafort. Associate of Rohrbacher.
Then came the first giveaway: Arron Banks responded to one of Ms Cadwalladr’s Tweets, despite not having been tagged in it. “You are a person of interest to no one, Carole” he sneered, but despite there being no alleged interest, he tagged Andy Wigmore to be on the safe side. Wigmore deflected: “It’s pure fantasy”. Don’t worry. Look over there.
However, and here we encounter a potentially game changing however, Liz Bilney, who is the CEO of Leave EU, then leapt into the Twitter exchange – once again, without being tagged. “I’m interested to see if there’s a defamation claim … I will be looking very closely at @carolecadwalla” she warned. That really is a serious giveaway.
Carole Cadwalladr did no more than post a Tweet including a photo, and ask a question about it. Suddenly, Arron Banks is ostentatiously waving it away, and the Leave EU CEO is suggesting she’s going to get Lawyered up. But over what?
The thought enters that Nigel Farage could be in serious trouble – remember, he has not only the Trump connection, but the Assange one as well – and that those around him know the house may be about to fall in on them. More on this one later.

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