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Ukip raises hardly any money, As Backers Desert, Time For Its MEPs to Pay In! …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/03/2017

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 Ukip raises hardly any money, As Backers Desert, Time For Its MEPs to Pay In! …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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it just shows the damage done to Ukip – not just by the lies of Paul Nuttall, their present totally discredited Leader, but by the incompetent, profligate and low grade leadership it has had for many years. A leadership based on a Marmite personality cult led by a man who fell out with and drove away so many men and women of competence, skill and culture and surrounded himself with low grade dross and self serving ne’re do wells who were too incompetent or too stupid to challenge him!

FARAGE, Nigel 94 ORCHESTRATING A DEFECTION 01Now that the days of the One Man Band are over the party is near total collapse with squabbling and back stabbing at every level and absolutely no one of any caliber or competence to lead it forward.

There is good reason and sound evidence that now that we have won the Referendum which Nikki Sinclaire so clearly gained for us, BreXit is now inevitable.

Ukip has no role to play and no future – Even Arron Banks’ political cartoon strip Westmonster has made this clear.

UKIP raises hardly any money, badly needs help

Party’s finances tanking.

by Westmonster
March 2, 2017

The latest financial figures for Britain’s political parties are  out and UKIP has raised less even than the Green Party.

UKIP raised just £33,000 in comparison to £30k for the Women’s Equality Party, £46k for the Greens and the Liberal Democrats who raised £2 million in the same period.

This is going on at the same time as MP Douglas Carswell refuses to have over hundreds of thousands of pounds to UKIP that the party is entitled to via short money.

Whilst it is amazing that the party has remained steady on the polls with such little money, it badly needs to sort the finances out.

Westmonster and Leave.EU’s Arron Banks recently offered himself up as Chairman for the party on the back of a track record of raising £11 million in 18 months for the Brexit movement.

If UKIP is serious about bringing in big donors and sorting the finances out with someone connected to the big players, they should take him up on the offer.

Hard to see how a skint party can be an effective opposition.

To view the original of this article See: Westmonster – Arron Banks’ newsline!



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