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It’s About #Carswell A Real Anti-Establishment Man And #Ukip’s Fake Ones …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/03/2017


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It’s About #Carswell A Real Anti-Establishment Man And #Ukip’s Fake Ones …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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I note with interest that Hugo Rifkind has chosen to voice the fact that for all the fraud emanating from the Hobbits in the Shires and their pretence to the Gentlemen’s clubs of St. James dressed as Arthur Dalley clones for the event when they are so much more in keeping in their ratting outfits that they believe pass as Country suits for the gentry – they even seem to have all the morality of the game keeper if D.H.Lawrence is the arbitter!

They do so desperately want to be seen as the New Establishment by posing as anti-establishment, just as the Communist Uprising of 1917 overthrough the Czars whilst only putting in place a new and shoddy version of the Czars without the taste, finnesse or aplomb as the money they purloined  funded their act as the monkey in silk which is a monkey no less.

When it comes to all this prattle of Knighthoods – would that their fathers had worn them!

May I suggest you read my earlier article on this issue, whilst you ponder just what hypocryts Nigel Farage and his cronies are.

Hugo Rifkind brings these certainties to a yet larger audience!

The real reason Nigel Farage hates Douglas Carswell

It’s not just about a knighthood. It’s about a real anti-establishment man and a fake one

    4 March 2017   9:00 AM

If the British establishment really wants to troll Ukip, then I suppose it ought to give Douglas Carswell a knighthood for blocking Nigel Farage’s knighthood.

He says he didn’t, of course, and I don’t see how he could have done. Farage, though, clearly thinks he did, and his wrath about this is the most fun thing to have happened in British politics for ages. He’s furious. His little demons are furious. Too furious, really. ‘This must be about something else,’ I kept thinking. ‘Deep down, it must be. But what?’

According to the great smoked kipper himself, in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, Carswell has been a thorn in the side of Ukip ever since he had the temerity to join it and then win two Westminster elections on its behalf. It didn’t mention knighthoods once, that article, although I’d like to think Farage winced forlornly at the byline. Instead it raged about Carswell’s closeness to Vote Leave, which, reckons Farage, directly contributed to that group becoming the official Out campaign in the referendum, rather than Ukip’s preferred or Grassroots Out. Remember that? Vaguely? He does.

Meanwhile, the millionaire Arron Banks, who somehow manages to be in Farage’s pocket even though Farage is in his, like some sort of grotesque contortionist act, was sounding off about Carswell in the Daily Express. Possibly you missed this because, well, Daily Express, but it was strident stuff. He did mention the knighthood, accused Carswell of sabotaging it and said he should be kicked out of the party as a result. Banks wants to be made party chairman, whereupon he will kick Carswell out, or else he plans to run against Carswell in his Clacton constituency at the next election in a great Ukip vs Ukip showdown. That’s how cross he is. ‘These dullards aren’t bringing in Tory votes,’ he said. This echoed Farage’s own remarks a few days before, that Nuttall had lost in Stoke because he was too centrist. ‘We failed to get tactical votes from the Conservatives,’ he said.


Now, mere weeks ago, it was Labour voters who were supposed to be ripe for Ukip plucking. This, supposedly, was because they were pro-Brexit, protectionist and anti-immigration, while Labour had become a party only for people who eat muesli and drive electric cars around the North Circular. This was the consensus in Westminster generally and, as far as one can make out, Ukip agreed with it. Just last week, though, the political scientist John Curtice pointed out something which ought to have been obvious for ages, which was that although most Labour constituencies did indeed vote Brexit, the majority of Labour voters in those constituencies did not. Or to put that another way, the whole strategy was bollocks. Whereupon, bang on time, along came the Stoke by-election to prove the point.

But it’s not wholly clear why any of this should have been Douglas Carswell’s fault. Liberal, anti-protectionist and actively pro-immigration, he’d hardly have been the poster boy for those mythical old Labour Brexiteers, even if they had existed, which they didn’t. So it seems to me that Banks and Farage, in seeking to pin the blame for their own massive miscalculation on him, are angry with him about something else altogether.

Which is where we come back to the knighthood. It is also where we come back to their ongoing resentment about not being the official Leave campaign, even though it was almost a year ago, for God’s sake, and they won anyway. And it is also where we should bring in Carswell’s first offence against the Ukip hierarchy, which came about two years ago when he declined the ‘Short money’ that opposition parties get to finance their operations, thereby doing Farage out of the sort of swanky Westminster base that all the other parties enjoy. Essentially, the problem with Carswell is that he truly believes all the anti-establishment stuff. He really does think that Ukip should be a party apart. Whereas the rest of them don’t. They only pretend.

You can see it with Farage in America. There he is, this man who failed seven times to even become an MP, going on talk shows and basking in the vague presumption over there that he’s probably, like, the Limey prime minister or something. At Trump’s elbow, he gets to consider himself a statesman, a potential ambassador. Likewise Banks, a man who was once so piqued when William Hague didn’t remember his name that he immediately gave Ukip a million quid. These people do not want to smash the establishment. They want to be the establishment. This is why they keep fighting the referendum even though the referendum is won, because they bristle with resentment at their lack of recognition, the lack of a ticker-tape parade for having won it. This is also, I suppose, why Paul Nuttall wears tweed, even though it makes him look like a skinhead Rupert Bear.

These people don’t hate the establishment. They only hate the fact that they aren’t quite in it. They want respect. They want to be grandees, with clubs in St James’s, House of Lords stationery and invitations to the royal garden party. They want, damn it, a goddamn knighthood. I bet they thought they’d have all these things by now. And yet somehow still they don’t. Bummer, eh?

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