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FleXcit is born – Thank YOU Dr. Richard North

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/04/2015

FleXcit is born
Thank YOU Dr. Richard North



CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of the fully fledged offspring!

I appreciate all too well just what a prodigious amount of work has gone into the gestation period – now it can only be refined, sharpened and presented to patriots all over Britain to spread the word.

May I ask EVERYONE with a blog or web site to PLEASE place a link to this seminal document on their site, to help guide our future as we work (and it will be hard work) to restore & improve our democracy as an Independent Sovereign Nation free to trade globally and arrange our own affairs within the WORLD community rather than being fettered as vassals of the introspective and corrupt EUropean Union.

Moving as we can, as shown by FleXcit, towards Independent membership of the EUropean Economic Community with an option similar to Norway & Switzerland as global traders and leaders not followers – Once again Westminster as the seat of Government of these United Nations can provide the beacon in ethics and democratic values for the world to share and follow.

Thank YOU Richard for the huge amount of work YOU have done in the face of the sniping and sneering of those too besotted by cults to understand the view over the horizon.

The work starts now for the rest of us in our endeavours to raise the profile of FleXcit and spread the word that we can responsibly enact an EU eXit and Survival Strategy, honourably and responsibly.

“If the choice is to be a part of Europe [The EU] or take to the open sea”, then let us follow the advice of our greatest modern leader Sir Winston Churchill and take to the open sea!

Our lifeboat is clearly provided by FleXcit.



TO INCLUDE A Link to FleXcit:





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