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Douglas Denny The Worm That Both Turns & Wriggles

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/02/2015

Douglas Denny The Worm That Both Turns & Wriggles

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Douglas Denny The Worm That Both Turns & Wriggles, leaks more information on Nigel Farage and Ukip & the corruption he colluded in for many years.

000a ukip-025 count.png

Alan Sked commented on Nigel Farage’s statement regarding UKIP’s education policy. (Telegraph letters page Friday 13th Feb).

Ukip university bias

SIR – Nigel Farage (Comment, February 12) [CLICK HERE] has promised to scrap tuition fees for students reading maths, sciences, technology, engineering and medicine.

Students in arts and humanities must pay. Presumably Mr Farage – who didn’t go to university – does not value the skills these people acquire: primarily the ability to analyse by weighing up evidence against argument. This skill, of course, allows one immediately to skewer his policies.

Mr Farage’s list will only confirm to educated voters that the man is unfit to be an MP and his party unfit for government.

Professor Alan Sked
Founder of Ukip
London WC2

Douglas Denny in a classic example of ‘The Worm Has Turned’, who having mastered the corruption in Ukip for Nigel Farage over many years – whether rigging elections and selection processes or attacking those who tried to reveal the truth and corruption withing Ukip was the ultimate nerd insider of no consequence and when he had fulfuilled his sordid purpose and was becoming an embarrassment found himself tossed aside.
DENNY, Douglas 03
In pique at the realisation of his own irrelevance he found he was so embroilled in the corruption that it woould seem that to date he has been unwilling to supply the evidence of the corruption and is perpetuating the criminality by his failure of duty to report matters to the authorities – a criminal action in its own right as he is thus in collusion!
However he has tried to sell his story to the media and jhaving failed is now leaking items which are being passed omn to the media. Clearly a man without honour or integrity, who has lacked even the ethics toapologise for his many years of dishonesty and underhand behaviour.
Douglas Denny’s latest piece of sour grapes having been dumped by Nigel Farage and Ukip in almost the same manner he has removed so many of Nigel Farage’s rivals in the past has been passed on to me and is as follows:
I have observed Nigel for nearly seventeen years whilst actively engaged in UKIP, and can assent he is indeed scientifically and technologically illiterate. He has virtually no knowledge in science and technology; cannot even use a computer for the usual applications, and he appears to despise academics or those with higher intelligence than himself with a dismissive wave of the hand. I have seen it happen.

His function and actions as Leader regarding policy is his greatest weakness however, and should be examined closely now we are near to a General Election.

In UKIP’s constitution the development and implementation of policy is the full responsibility of the Leader.
The constitution states:-

….The Party Leader shall give political direction to the Party and shall be responsible for the development of the Party’s policies with the agreement of the NEC.
and: …The Party Leader may, at his discretion, form such advisory groups as he deems appropriate to advise him on any matter pertinent to the exercise of his functions,….
and: …. The Party Leader: …..shall make or approve national statements of the Party’s policies and the manner of their communication.

Mr Farage declared that the last general election manifesto for 2010 was, to put it simply – rubbish. Though he denies it, yet, he was highly involved in it.
I know because I was there. He discussed policy issues in numerous NEC meetings prior to the 2010 election.

On BBC2’s Daily Politics, he disowned the party’s entire 2010 election manifesto after he was asked whether the UK Independence party still wanted to introduce a dress code for taxi drivers, regularly deploy armed forces on the street and repaint trains in traditional colours. His argument that he was not in charge of the party in 2010 as he was just a candidate, saying “I don’t defend the 2010 manifesto. I didn’t put it together”. This is highly disingenuous.

All those at the top of the party then, including myself, know very well he always was very much at the heart of policy and all things in UKIP, including the manifesto, and has been with development and promotion of policy in ALL General Elections. The NEC who finally ratify the manifesto are merely puppets who follow his instructions. I have never known any policy changed in the manifesto when presented to the NEC for ratification. UKIP is a party which very much Mr Farage’s personal fiefdom.

He cannot simply and blithely disown personal responsibility for policy production, as I have seen him directly leading the party for over fifteen years of my being in UKIP, and for over twelve years plus of that I have been in the NEC assisting doing that very thing! Lord Pearson’s very brief stewardship of the party as Leader was more a fig leaf only, as Nigel was still effectively running the party.

Nigel’s denial of involvement in manifesto development nevertheless raises many questions as to his suitability to lead a political party. If he claims he was not involved in the production of the 2010 manifesto – then why not? What an admission if true! …considering he was in fact effectively leading the party from the top previously, and from its very beginning.

And is he going to accept responsibility as Leader now – for the obvious chaos reigning in UKIP at the top for lack of credible policy production; and will he accept his incompetence in having to sack Tim Aker who was charged to develop policy, and who he, Farage, personally promoted for the job in the first place?

I suggest it graphically shows his abilities as a Leader to produce credible policy are severely limited.

Douglas Denny.
Ex-NEC member of UKIP.

I well recall some years ago a challenge was issued to the NEC which Douglas Denny manipulated for Farage and they sheltered behind the claim that the item was not within their jurisdiction but was the responsibility of ‘The Policy Committee’ .
Boxed into something of a corner it was then revealed that the policy committee had only one member and that was Nigel Farage!
Sadly the more one learns about Ukip the more one realises it is merely a vehicle for a small clique, a vehicle without integrity or vision, a one man band
FARAGE, Nigel 94 ORCHESTRATING A DEFECTION 01and if you fall foul of the ambitions of that one man band it takes little time for it to turn on you as Douglas Denny practiced for so many years and then himself fell foul of the band master
FARAGE, Nigel  104it is this quicksand that Ukip is founded on that makes it such a useful dustbin in which the protest vote can be cast when of no consequence like an EU election where the relevance or clout of MEPs is clearly of no consequence or influence – as Ukip have proved by their utter lack of achievement for our country and its freedom.
The treacherous quicksand with its lack of structure and self serving nature is also the reason why Ukip’s support in the polls has collapsed with the latest Ipsos Mori Poll finding they had fallen back to 9% support from their so short lived high!
In ending I once again state that it is the duty and moral obligation of Douglas Denny to hand over the evidence he claims to hold that would lead to Nigel Farage being charged and prosecuted for his corruption and should Douglas Denny fail to aquit his duty in his normal style colluding in corruption I suggest he should be arrested and prosecuted for his criminality.
It is interesting to note that Nigel Farage’s other close confidante Annabelle Fuller having been investigated by the police has had her file passed to The CPS and since she has admitted to theft and other criminal actions charges and prosecutions should be inevitable in the public interest.




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