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The Ukip Launch Is More A Small Rowing Boat!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/02/2015

The Ukip Launch Is More A Small Rowing Boat!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The Ukip Launch Is More An insignificant and shoddy Small Rowing Boat, with no hope whatsoever of being a lifeboat yet alone having significance to the Ship of State!

000a ukip-025 count.png

do read this staggeringly inept and lightweight example of terminal waffle written for Nigel Farage and as published as a promotional essay for Ukip – it is a measure of the man that he lacks even the intellectual perspicacity and basic understanding of either politics or finance to realise just how ineptly his staff represent him.
It is increasingly clear that he is now distanced from both Douglas Carswell, who I do not believe would have been fool enough to put his name to this waffle which is so clearly lacking in gravitas, integrity or vision.
Neither does it seem Patrick O’Flynn is a member of Farage’s clique anymore as even when writing for The Express his article, dishonestly written as they may have been, had more substance than this ‘puff’.
That the article was not written by Farage is clear as it lacks his self importance and anyway he lacks the education or ability to write such an article and so lacks computer skills that it would never have reached the media had he had to write it.
Nigel Farage sells his lack of computer skills as some sort of badge of honour and now that his wife is employed on a wife swap to flout the rules of the EU she is no longer willing to work for him late at night in her nite attire but works now for Farage’s gofer & fixer Ray Finch.
I presume this is supposed to be the pre launch of the launch or the pre launch to launch his election campaign and the new set of ‘drivel’ he plans to authorise to replace the last ‘drivel’ he commended as a Manifesto.
We have had the Hartlepool pre launch and the sleazy down market photo launch at Canvey’s local flea pit:
Clearly after the above lampooning of himself a media launch was required as both Sky and the BBC seem to have overlooked his antics and his poll ratings, according to Ipsos Mori have now fallen as a party to their worst in 2 years with a mere 9% and little or no likelihood of an MP being elected and a probable fall in the already low number of councillors dotted around the country.
So here is the media ‘effort’ and all but the cult followers in a fit of crano rectal retention will realise just how damaging these failures are for Ukip – let us hope they are as rapidly distanced from the eXit campaign when there comes an In/Out EU Referendum, perhaps they would care to take the other duplicitous would be leaders like Matt Elliot and Dan Hannan with them as they vacate the field so as to enhance out opportunities of winning such a referendum and being able to Leave_The_EU.
Ukip has made it abundantly clear the British public at large do not trust them and clearly from their constant embarrassments and failures they like Mattew Elliot have no place in the No to EU membership campaign – let us not forget that Matthew Elliot’s last campaign was AV, which left him floundering far out of his depth and a rescue mission had to be mounted to save his face!
Toy tanks, inflatable bulldozers, cvhicken costumes etc. not withstanding just what has Ukip ever achieved for anyone but themselves and their own enrichment?
The article below is just more of the same from Ukip – uncosted fantsy and unsustainable froth – where is the meat on the bone?
After 22 years mostly as Nigel Farage’s fiefdom having claimed to oppose membership of the EU it was only with acts of thinly veiled racism and anti Muslim rhetoric that they ever managed to increase their vote in the wake of the collapse of the BNP.
To this day Ukip has absolutely zero honourable, ethical and workable EU eXit and survival strategy and failed even to put forward so much as an entry to the BreXit competition!

Nigel Farage’s appeal to Britons: believe in Britain

Ahead of the general election, Ukip leader Nigel Farage sets out his party’s vision

The general election offers a chance for neglected, hard-up voters to make their voices heard and choose MPs that care about their lives, says Ukip’s leader Nigel Farage.



This election campaign has been incredibly dull so far. Labour is trying to claim our National Health Service, as if they own it. The Tories are trying to grab at the economy, as if they haven’t presided over a doubling of the national debt in just five years, and failing to erase the deficit. Pretty predictable stuff.

And that’s because these two parties – the legacy parties – have forgotten that there is a country out there.

Farage rules out forming coalition with main political parties

Farage: Rotherham police were ‘wilfully obstructive’

There’s a country beyond Westminster, crying out for attention, respect, and assistance at a time when politicians are trying to convince them that everything is absolutely fine.

But it’s not fine. Now more than ever, this country needs a positive political party, with firm ideas for the future of this country. I believe that at this election, Ukip will be that party.

When you look at somewhere like Castlepoint in Essex, this election presents voters with a stark choice.

Ukip’s candidate is a local lad, Jamie Huntman, a timber merchant, who is deeply patriotic, involved in his community, and known as hard-working, straight-talking guy.

Britain “is the fifth largest economy in the world, not because of our governments, but in spite of them,” Farage says

He’s a man who, in spite of this country’s woes, despite the ruling classes telling us we can’t be a great nation again, still believes in Britain.

We believe that the backbone of this country – small business owners, families and indeed the legal migrants who come here to better their lives – know that we no longer have a capitalism that works for all.

Instead, we have corporatism, lavishing attention on big corporations while ignoring the little man. Only Ukip will address and tackle this imbalance.

Grant Shapps rules out deal with Ukip

Ukip supporters prefer to see Nigel Farage drinking tea

We’ll turn the other cheek to insults and negativity and focus instead on what we could deliver for the country if we have enough MPs.

No one will have a majority after this election. They all know it. But the thing they fear the most is a sizeable number of Ukip MPs in that chamber, holding them to account for you.

And when we say we believe in Britain, we believe in the whole of Britain. We’re the only political party with representation in all four corners of the United Kingdom.

The Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru are obviously regional parties. Labour has increasingly become a regional party in the North – though voters in the one-party state they tried to create there are now beginning to revolt. The Conservative Party is now a regional party of the South.

Ukip “have broken the class divide in British politics”, Nigel Farage argues

Ukip, on the other hand, is doing as well in the North as we are in the South. We’re a party that represents the whole country and, even more importantly, we have broken the class divide in British politics.

And our greatest, most recent growth has been in Labour areas. So far from the narrative and amusing conference line from Mr Cameron, that if you go to bed with Nigel Farage you wake up with Ed Miliband, the truth is that from Birmingham to Hadrian’s Wall, we are the challengers to Labour.

Ukip will put at the heart of its campaign not just the cost of living crisis, because we know that Britons are feeling the pinch, but also the cost of government crisis.

We will have a costed manifesto that deals with these issues, which includes taking those on the minimum wage out of tax, reducing energy bills, and by ending our costly membership of the EU.

But we’ve got to ask ourselves as voters: at what cost do we keep electing the current, Westminster college kids?

At what cost to our freedoms? At what cost to our communities? At what cost to the confidence and belief in the values that underpin British civil society?

Which political party is winning Facebook and does it matter?

Pub landlord Al Murray to stand against Nigel Farage

These are the big questions the political class don’t want you asking. They’ll try to bore you into submission, or convince you that you’ll let someone else in if you vote for us. Ask Douglas Carswell or Mark Reckless about this. If you vote Ukip, you get Ukip. Nothing else.

The year Ukip went mainstream – in 60 seconds

A Britain which can govern itself. A Britain with an ethical immigration policy based on the Australian-style points system. A Britain that doesn’t weaponise the NHS, but makes it work for those who need it. A Britain that is more than just a star on someone else’s flag. Ukip believes in Britain, and we know you do too.

We believe in a Britain that can trade freely with the world, honour our troops, work without a nanny state, stop propping up dictatorships through aid, and stop spending your money on white elephant projects like HS2.

I believe in a Britain that has confidence, stands proud, projects a national identity based on our Judaeo-Christian heritage, and our tremendous natural resources.

We believe in a Britain that is the fifth largest economy in the world, not because of our governments, but in spite of them.

A Britain with room to grow, not based on debt, but on real, tangible assets: our fisheries, our gas supplies, infrastructure like Manston Airport, and the prospects of our youth and people who come here legally and integrate and become the best of British themselves.

Not only have we found a way to inject £3 billion more per year into our NHS, but we also want people to have a say in how the NHS is run.

We want to scrap hospital car parking charges, acknowledge that the future for the NHS relies on the innovation and dedication that we will get from British graduates (not middle managers), and invest in research and cleaning up our hospitals.

This is why I’m pleased to say that we would scrap tuition fees for students studying science, technology, engineering, maths, or medical degrees.

And we’ll also fight for a right of recall for MPs who have failed voters.

Ukip will say “no to any coalition deals with the establishment parties who have taken us so far into this mess”

We’d reverse the opt-in to the European Arrest Warrant, because Britain believes in “innocent until proven guilty” and we believe in Britain.

Ukip ‘have lost the plot on countryside issues’

Timeline: The rise of Ukip

And we’d reward our Servicemen and women with a National Service Medal, social housing priority, and jobs when they return to civilian life.

We’d toss out ideas like the bedroom tax, and the mansion tax, because they’re two sides of the same coin, equally unconscionable and intended to divide us.

And we’d say no to propping up a government that refuses us an immediate EU referendum – no to any coalition deals with the establishment parties who have taken us so far into this mess.

But we need you to come with us on this journey. So I urge you, when you go to the ballot box, when you send in your postal vote: believe.

Believe in Britain. Believe in real change. Believe me when I say this is not just another election and yours is not just another vote.

If you hold onto those beliefs, if you want that change, then we believe, that together, we can achieve great things.

To view the original of this publicity article CLICK HERE





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