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Surprise Surprise More Splits On Ukip Policies

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/01/2015

Surprise Surprise More Splits On Ukip Policies

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Surprise Surprise More Splits On Ukip Policies, they don’t even seem to be agreed on whether Tim Aker, their MEP policy maestro, has split, walked, been dumped or is just missing!




Farage And UKIP Split On NHS Privatisation

Nigel Farage suggests private insurance should fund the NHS but his health spokeswoman says UKIP supports state funding.

13:27, UK, Tuesday 20 January 2015

Louise Bours

Divisions at the top of UKIP have started to emerge after Nigel Farage and his health spokeswoman disagreed over the need for private health insurance to fund the NHS.

The UKIP leader said in an interview that the state-funded health service would in future need to be replaced with a private insurance model.

However, hours later he was slapped down by his own health spokeswoman Louise Bours who said Mr Farage was “entitled to his opinion” but the party had discussed and “rejected” the idea.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage talks to Sky News

Nigel Farage says an insurance-funded NHS model must be debated

Mr Farage had said private health insurance would be a “debate” to be returned to as the health service struggles to cope with an ageing population.

In a video from 2012, which emerged last year, Mr Farage set out his ideas for health funding, saying: “I think we are going to have to move to an insurance-based system of healthcare.


Video: 04/01/15 Farage On NHS Jobs

“Frankly, I would feel more comfortable that my money would return value if I was able to do that through the market place of an insurance company than just us trustingly giving £100 billion a year to central government and expecting them to organise the healthcare service from cradle to grave for us.”

In the interview for Radio 4’s Can Democracy Work? today, Mr Farage added: “There is no question that healthcare provision is going to have to be very much greater in 10 years than it is today, with an ageing population, and we’re going to have to find ways to do it.”

He has also said no foreigners should be allowed into the UK unless they can prove they have private health insurance to pay for medical expenses.

NHS funding has become a key battleground ahead of the General Election with the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems all pledging increases in state funding.

In parts of the country Labour has seen UKIP make inroads into its support and a move to privatising the NHS would likely prove a vote loser.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said a vote for UKIP was a “vote for the privatisation of the NHS”.

He added: “UKIP claim to stand up for working people, but in reality they are more Tory than the Tories. Farage will never be able to distance himself from his real views. He should be honest with the public.”

Ms Bours told the Huffington Post: “What people have to realise about UKIP is that we are much more democratic than other parties.

“Nigel is entitled to his opinion and others are entitled to theirs, we don’t whip people into all thinking the same thing, like the establishment parties. As he has said before, he raised the idea for discussion a while ago, the party discussed at and rejected it.

“I am certain that if the party discuss it again, we will reject it again. The vast majority of UKIP members, the British public and I will always favour a state-funded NHS.”

to view the original article CLICK HERE
It is hard to work out what Ukip policy is as they seem to have become obsessed with immigration and anti Islamic rhetoric wich to most of us is just a thinly disguised form of racism.The xenophobic aspect is largely pandering to the failed in society who find themselves squeezed out of jobs by harder working and more determined EU immigrants from some of the old Communist block, who actually know what poverty really is and are determined to be gainfully employed at any cost.

Even when Ukip’s Manifesto is presented by The Glorious Leader of the cult one can not be sure it will turn out to be other than drivel, even with a glowing forward written for him and signed off by him!

Diane James one of Ukip’s more presentable MEPs has of couirse been in some form a consultant to and lobbyist in the field of the NHS and would surely have made a far more plausible health spokesman for the party than Paul Nuttall’s protege the ill mannered and mouthy Louise Bours (Dutch I presume!), who would seem to be on a mission to damage Nigel Farage so that her ‘chum’ would be better placed in any leadership bid!

That the tax payer’s pockets are not bottomless would seem to have dawned on some in Ukip and that they have failed to credibly cost any of their various woolly policies means that inevitably such high cost projects as the NHS are going to require an entirely different management structure and control on spending – obviously a nationally controlled insurance type scheme is well worthy of debate and only a moron would believe that thwe NHS can continue forward into the future without much greater control.

That Ms. Bours makes the grossly inaccurate statement that:

“I am certain that if the party discuss it again, we will reject it again. The vast majority of UKIP members, the British public and I will always favour a state-funded NHS.”
The NHS is not nor should it ever be considered to be ‘State Funded’ a notion introduced by the idiotic champagne Socialist after the appointment by Clem Atlee in 1945 of Aneurin Bevan and his extreme Communist wife Jenny Lee. A concept that Labour were determined to stamp as their imprimatur when they set out to destroy The Beveridge Plan they had undertaken to implement and support whichever party won the election.That Aneurin Bevan is described by socialists as the architect of the NHS is pure twaddle, it was he who was charged to build it in accord with Lord Beveridge’s Report, yet he could not help himself and tampered with the basic tennets leading to the polityicising of the service in just the way Ms. Bours has misunderstood it.

This is so typical of Ukip with their low grade appointees and Nigel Farage’s selection for preferment – they lack the gravitas and intellect for the task as is so manifest in the lack of achievement of Ukip, beyond duping the ignorant as a protest vote in EU elections!

How long is it since yuou last heard anyone in Ukip put forward a coherent, consistent and plausible case to Leave_The_EU now that they have jumped on the immigrant band wagon – so 22 years and still no responsible, viable EU eXit & survival strategy just endless bad publicity for their lack of coherent policy, overt and clandestine racism and their odious associates as they pander to the lowest common denominator in a race for the gutter and populism.

Perhaps we will find out just how scraped the barrel is and how the outfall of the ferrets fighting in the Ukip sack has mapped out as we note the various rumours regarding Tim Aker’s having quit as policy supremo within a month of the launch of Ukip’s Manifesto which in what can only be an emergency it has been announced that Suzanne Evans has been tasked with producing the document for Farage – which may well lead to increasing his insecurity and internal rivalry, as he will be tasked with the forward and signing of the document whatever drivel it contains, as he did in 2010 only to denounce his own document and seek to blame David Bannerman for the drivel!

I understand, from a normally unimpeachable source well connected in the upper levels of Ukip’s waring hierarchy – it would seem that Tim Aker’s associate and supporter Robert Ray is to apear in court shortly on drink driving charges subsequent to an event organised by or at least for Nigel Farage.
RAY, Robert Ukip Cllr ex NF 01
This may well be the cause of Tim Aker’s fall from grace:

RAY, Robert Ukip Cllr ex NF 02Nigel Farage with Robert Ray.One of UKIP’s more notorious ‘fruitcake’ councillors has been charged with drink driving after a boozy fundraiser attended by Nigel Farage. Cllr Robert Ray — who leads the party’s growing group on Thurrock council — hit the headlines last September after it emerged he was a former official and candidate with the far-right National Front.

While his involvement with the party was in the 1970s, Cllr Ray has freely admitted that he stands by his election literature from the period.

EXCLUSIVE: Thurrock UKIP leader on drink drive chargeRobert Ray with Nigel Farage
Robert Ray with Nigel Farage

THE leader of the UKIP group on Thurrock Council has been charged with drink driving after a late night incident at a fundraising function attended by national party leader Nigel Farage and MEP Tim Aker.

Cllr Robert Ray was arrested in the early hours of last Friday morning after a dinner at the Orsett Hall Hotel.

A statement by Essex police said: “A man has been charged with drink driving after being arrested at Orsett. Robert Ray, 65, of Purfleet Road, Aveley, was stopped by officers at Orsett Hall at 2.15am on Friday, 13 June. He has been bailed and will appear at Basildon Magistrates’ Court on 1 July.

The event at Orsett Hall was a £55 a head fundraiser for UKIP organised by the Thurrock branch of UKIP, which is supporting Mr Aker in his quest to ‘double up’ as a Westminster MP after his success in the recent East of England European elections. He has been nominated as the party’s candidate for the Borough seat.

It is understood that Mr Farage and Mr Aker had left the function well before its close and that Mr Ray was leaving the scene himself in the early hours with his wife, and fellow councillor, Maggie O’Keefe-Ray.

Cllr O’Keefe-Ray, 62, was a recent winner in the local government elections for Thurrock Council, winning a seat to serve Aveley and Uplands, which her husband also represents.

Cllr O’Keefe-Ray, who suffers from a thyroid condition, blacked out, falling and cutting her head. Fellow party-goers alerted emergency services and when police arrived Mr Ray was arrested in charge of his car.
RAY, Robert Ukip Cllr ex NF 03 with wife Maggie
Mrs O’Keefe-Ray  was taken to Basildon Hospital by ambulance where she was treated and later released.

“It was all very unfortunate and we are feeling very embarrassed,” Cllr Mrs O’Keefe told the Enquirer.

Date Published: June 19, 2014 Story by Newsdesk

My condollences to her husband and family, who I have never met, as it seems the final oputcome of the evening in question may well have been the tragic news in the following article:

UKIP councillor Maggie O’Keefe-Ray dies

By YourThurrock  |  Posted: September 25, 2014

Maggie O'Keefe Ray

Maggie O’Keefe Ray

UKIP councillor for Aveley and Uplands, Maggie O’Keefe-Ray has died.

The news was announced by UKIP on Thursday morning.

A spokesperson for UKIP said:

“UKIP Thurrock is sad to inform you that yesterday, 24th September 2014, Cllr Maggie O’Keeffe-Ray passed away.


She had been in Queen’s Hospital fighting a brain haemorrhage. Unfortunately the damage was too severe, that despite the best efforts of medical teams at Queen’s, nothing could be done. We would like to thank the teams at Queen’s for all the care and love they showed Maggie in her time there.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Cllr Robert Ray and their family at this time.

Tributes have been paid to Maggie.

Tim Aker MEP, a close friend to Maggie and Robert said “Maggie lit up any room she was in. She had a smile and the time of day for anyone. We are all devastated and upset, but she will want us to soldier on. She will always be with us.”


Cllr Graham Snell, leader of the UKIP group on Thurrock council said “Maggie was the heart and soul of our branch. She was always ready with a big hug and a bigger smile.”

At this time, we request that the family are given privacy.





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