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Owen Paterson Explains Why Ukip Has It Wrong

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/01/2015

Owen Paterson Explains Why Ukip Has It Wrong

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Owen Paterson Explains Why Ukip Has It Wrong – particularly on the issue of immigration, borders and the EU’s role!
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Published: January 5, 2015


Owen Paterson is a former Environment Secretary and is MP for Shropshire North.

Two startling facts leaped out of the newspaper headlines last. First, immigration has overtaken the economy as the most important issue facing the country, according to the respected pollsters YouGov. Second, despite predictions to the contrary, especially from the BBC, immigration from Romania and Bulgaria is now running at 50,000 a year.

The YouGov finding is extraordinary. All my adult life, the state of the economy and the closely related matter of unemployment have been the number one concern of the British people. Not so now. Every month since May, immigration has either tied with the economy as the country’s main worry or been in the lead. During September, it outscored the economy by 58 per cent to 48 per cent as the top priority of voters.

But after Labour’s abject 13-year failure to control our borders, during which four million people were allowed to enter the UK – an unprecedented influx – I can’t say I am too surprised. Understandably, given the pressures that this tidal wave of newcomers has imposed on our public services, job opportunities and wage levels, the public is hopping mad about the collective failure of the political class to get a grip on our borders.

An election is only just over four months away. It is a safe bet to assume that immigration will loom large in the political battle to come – and that victory will go to the party that offers the most convincing solution to the question of how to bring order to the chaos of the present arrangements.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have nothing to offer. Ed Miliband recently tried to toughen his party’s stance. But his efforts provoked derision when they coincided with a leaked internal briefing paper for his MPs and activists telling them to “move the conversation on” if voters had the temerity to mention immigration.

As for the Lib Dems, I treasure the arrogant complacency of Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, airily dismissing the threat of a Romanian and Bulgarian influx as “just a scare story”. The latest numbers prove how wrong he was.

UKIP, with its victories in the European elections and two by-elections last year, has skilfully tapped into public fury over borderless Britain. But I fear that its answer – leave the European Union and introduce an Australian points system to control numbers – is another dead end. Immigration is not a binary issue of control or no control, membership of the EU, or no membership. It’s a complex global problem.

Essentially, as long as there are significant incentives to move, people will cross borders. As long as we are a rich nation, people will continue to come. While Romanian wages are one-eighth of UK wages, it’s worth the cheap air fare.

When controls are imposed, people find a way round them. Even in the US, where millions of “wetbacks” cross the porous Mexican border, nearly half the illegal immigrants are people who entered legitimately as tourists, as students or for business purposes and have overstayed. In the UK, there are over 30 million visitors each year and attempts to pull up the drawbridge, as UKIP would have us do, would simply lead to a massive surge in illegal immigration.

Yet for our economy to grow, we must welcome people with a whole variety of skills, be they fruit pickers or graduate doctors.  This is the conundrum: accepting 260,000 net immigrants in a year is stretching our public services to their limit and is unsustainable, but our open economy needs immigration.

UKIP’s solution is simply to “leave the EU”. I can see many advantages in Britain quitting the EU. But that alone would not crack the immigration problem. Even if we were to leave, it is inconceivable that the UK could negotiate a trade deal with the EU that did not involve some agreement on freedom of movement.

Currently, 13 percent of the UK population are first generation immigrants. Norway and Switzerland, both outside the EU but with such agreements, have immigrant populations of nearly 15 and 23 per cent.  UKIP’s preferred option, the Australian skills-based points system,  has resulted in an immigrant population of 27 per cent. Immigration is driven by “push” and “pull” factors unique to each country. Shaping these is more effective than formal border controls.

David Cameron was right in November to address one of the key “pull” factors by promising to “make welfare reform an absolute requirement in renegotiation”. However, much of the problematic immigration into this country stems not from the EU but from the European Convention of Human Rights. Repeal of the Human Rights Act and adoption of a new Bill of Rights would set the UK free from the ECHR, helping us to address the “push” factors.

We would no longer be forced to allow family members to join migrants; we could remove illegal immigrants as we wished. It is ludicrous that we are unable to deport illegal immigrants from Calais, because our judges say that France is not a “safe” country for asylum seekers!

Some measures, particularly those to do with benefits, are permissible under existing EU law. But many more will require treaty change. The Lisbon Treaty has made this change more complicated; it will be extremely difficult to reach an agreement before 2017. As if this wasn’t enough, the member states (especially Germany) and the Brussels Commission have made it clear that free movement is “not negotiable”.

We can’t force them to give us treaty change without invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. It is the only legally binding mechanism that we can use to enter formal negotiations on a new relationship. It allows two years for negotiations, so there would still be time for a referendum in 2017.

It is critical to remember that the economic single market and the political EU are not one and the same thing. We can participate in the market as members of the European Economic Area without being saddled with the EU as a political project. Those, such as the business chiefs of the CBI, who confuse the memberships of the single market and the EU are making a basic error and misleading the British people.

This is where UKIP is wrong. Desperate to control immigration from the EU, the party has rejected continued membership of the single market within the EEA – which would place our economy at risk. In fact, as a member of the EEA but not the EU, we would not be bound by the European Court of Justice and its rulings on our benefits system. But, crucially, we could introduce “Safeguard Measures”, giving us an “emergency brake” on excessive migration – an option not available to us in the EU. We would get the benefits to business and the economy of free movement, with real power over our borders.

Managing immigration is a question of balance. We cannot afford to bring down the shutters and cut ourselves off from the rest of the world – many of our industries need skilled immigrants to keep our economy growing. Remember, too, that enterprising migrants have started nearly half a million businesses, employing over eight million people. A managed immigration policy should recognise this.

UKIP’s policy of simply “leaving the EU” is nothing but a populist slogan. Implementing an intelligent policy of managed immigration will require guts, determination and attention to detail. The colourful characters running UKIP may have added to the gaiety of the nation during the festive season. But only a resolute Conservative government with a good working majority can begin to address these issues.

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there are some 103 at the moment but it is astonishing, as one wades through them, just how few seem to have grasped the points Owen Paterson has put forward having obviously done some extensive research.

Since I commented I take the liberty of posting my comment and showing it in context here:

“The YouGov finding is extraordinary.All my adult life, the state of the economy and the closely related matter of unemployment have been the number one concern of the British people.”

What nonsense, for much of the last twenty years crime, NHS, Defence/International relations and immigration have topped the list…

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Indeed, was always a concern to those outside Westminster – what has changed is the rise of UKIP means it can be a vote decider and so MPs are now more alert to it than before
Agree a prority for most of us for many years past ,but only the influx in the south/souyh east and London has brought it to the attention of the westminster club

it is interesting to note just how increasingly wrong pollsters seem to be these days. Just look at how inaccurate they will prove to be in this coming General Election, where Ukip will have a huge destabilising effect yet command an insignificant number of seats, even relative to the economic illiteratti who will follow Alex Salmond’s self interest cult.

Could this be due to the arcane process of telephone interviewing, where it is a preponderance of older voters who have domestic land lines, and where even the unemployed youngsters seem able to afford costly Iphones, games & mobile internet communication and the like.

May I suggest it time for pollsters to either modernise or get their wives grossly over paid jobs in the EU, perhaps emulate the ‘odd’ journalist who has become game keeper turned poacher as an MEP!


To take the issues further EUroRealists may find a detailed read of Owen Paterson’s excellent speech on the EU worthy of their time – to reach it and read it in full CLICK HERE
For those who truelly wish to understand the issues and complexity of The EU and how we can work to Leave_The_EU may I suggest you CLICK HERE where you can read The FleXcit details.

You may well then find it expedient to read ‘The Great Deception’ which so admirably lays out the history and structure of The EU and can be linked to in the right sidebar of this web site.

May I also commend ‘The European Parliament’ by Richard Corbett, Francis Jacobs and Michael Shackleton which admirably lays out the nuts and bolts of how The EU functions and has grown to become the evil structure that it has.

An understanding of these nuts and bolts helps greatly in comprehending which ones have to be undone to repatriate our democracy. reinstate our borders, restore our sovereignty and restructure our Governance at Westminster to ensure no such great betrayal of our sovereign peoples in these United Kingdoms ever again occurs – to that end may I suggest a carefull study of The Harrogate Agenda as linked immediately below the header of this web site.





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