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Farage drags UKIP into his gutter of corruption & obfuscation

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/04/2014

Farage drags UKIP into his gutter of corruption & obfuscation

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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Nigel Farage drags UKIP into his gutter of corruption & obfuscation, in undeniable contempt for his own & UKIP’s promises of transparency and accountability – Mocking UKIP members & tax payers alike.


that this editorial article is written by seemingly the ex UKIP MEP & current Tory prospective MEP Marta Andreasen somewhat debases the value of the commentary made as if it is she one should remember she is a liar, a fraud, a fantasist and a cheat who was dumped by The EU as a book keeper and subsequently sought to pass herself off as Chief Accountant and a self proclaimed whistleblower counter both all the evidence and also the fact that she lost her Court Case over the matter!
It is unfortunate that the broadly accurate article was not written by someone of repute, integrity and ethics, as in this instance it is no less accurate despite the nature of the reporter!

Farage is making a mockery of EU allowances

Politicians should have receipts for all payments from taxpayers

Marta Andreasen
Published at 12:01AM, April 23 2014
Are parliamentary allowances different from expenses? This is the debate that has been taking place after revelations about how Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, allegedly misused his office cost allowances and Maria Miller, the former Culture Secretary, over-claimed on her expenses.
I do not think there is a difference. The public will not make a distinction either. Politicians represent the people. Taxpayers pay for their allowances or expenses through taxes. Whether the money is deposited before or after the invoice is raised, or the amount is fixed or not, is irrelevant.
Whenever taxpayers foot the bill, their right to expect that their taxes are used “legally and regularly” — that is, according to the rules — is beyond question. Nor is there a doubt about their right to expect full transparency and accountability from those who represent them.
The European Parliament pays allowances and does not require invoices but it does have rules. An MEP cannot just, as Mr Farage said, “spend it as he sees fit”: the money is not there for champagne nor is it a free credit line or a salary top-up.
Setting aside Mr Farage’s shrill defence that he sees himself as a taxpayer-funded freedom fighter, another much more fundamental issue arises — the conflict of interest of those involved with the EU.
When I was the European Commission chief accountant back in 2002, I came to the conclusion that it is the aim of the EU bureaucracy to keep beneficiaries of EU funding happy — this includes organisations in the member states, MEPs and civil servants — so that they keep supporting “the project”.
I tried to reform the system — to insist that no payments are made without documentation to justify them — but was instead pressured to sign off on accounts and payments known to be wrong. When I did not sign, I was sacked.
The problem for Ukip’s leader is that he has been making his livelihood out of the European Parliament for 15 years. He is now running for another five years. That is why it irks me to hear him talking about himself as anti-establishment. He has, after all, been paid out of the public purse. He has become part of the establishment that he attacks, which is deeply hypocritical.
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