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Farage’s Abuse of Tax Payers’ Money Hugely Damaging to UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/04/2014

Farage’s Abuse of Tax Payers’ Money Hugely Damaging to UKIP

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Nigel Farage’s Abuse of Tax Payers’ Money Hugely Damaging to UKIP & do NOT forget that the Westminster sleaze & scandal over expenses was in fact over abuse of Allowances or to be more specific ‘Secondary Allowances’ – Yet Farage splits hairs over how his tax payer funded £Millions are invested and abused, in total hypocricy!



‘I spent EU allowance cash on campaigning against it’

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has claimed he spent almost £60,000 in “missing” allowances on campaigning to leave the European Union, in an apparent breach of EU rules.
The Ukip leader has come under pressure after The Times revealedthat he claimed to have spent almost £60,000 on upkeep for a constituency office provided by supporters rent-free. The sum does not include expenditure on office equipment, stationery, staff salaries or phone bills.
Mr Farage has failed to fully explain how he spent the money for more than a week and also faced questions over nearly £300,000 which was paid out of his local branch as unexplained “other costs”. Former party insiders have alleged that he repeatedly blocked or silenced their efforts to inquire into the party’s finances. Ukip responded by publishing on its website a list of journalists from The Times which, it said, had links to the Conservative party.
Mr Farage spent several hours yesterday giving interviews to the media, but declined to speak to this newspaper. Party aides said the paper had not been “even-handed”.
Mr Farage told a Times reporter: “You should be ashamed of yourself.”
Pushed to explain how he could have spent £15,500 a year since 2009 on insurance, utilities and business rates for a small office near Bognor Regis as he had claimed, Mr Farage said: “I would like to abolish the allowances system.” Asked again where the money had gone, he replied: “Campaigning against British membership of the EU.”
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In complete disregard for the promises Nigel farage made on live media (Meridian TV) to get himself elected when he promised he nor anyone in UKIP who was elected would employ family members!
Of course some £30K a year of tax payers’ money goes here:
and even more tax payers’ cash is spent on others in his stable:
FULLER, Annabelle 07
LALOUX, Aurelie 01
Perhaps one should note:
The Huffington Post takes on the issue with perhaps more humour than The Times as they co-operate with The Police as are The Guardian in aiding Police and HMRC in inquiries!

Nigel Farage Gets Hundreds Of Brits Applying To Be His Assistant

Posted: 23/04/2014 10:43 BST

Hundreds of British workers have come forward to challenge Nigel Farage’s claim that only his German wife is capable of doing the job of being his assistant, an employment agency has said.

The Ukip leader was forced to defend the decision to employ his non-UK spouse at the same time as launching a poster campaign warning that unemployed Europeans were “after” people’s jobs in this country.

He told the BBC that “nobody else could do that job”, earning “a very modest salary for working extremely unsociable hours for me and being available up to seven days a week”.

But a fake advert for a similar role placed by the agency on its website attracted 764 applications in just 12 hours – 649 of them from UK nationals.

Headed “PA Wanted For Top European Politician”, it stipulated that applicants “must be able to work long and some unsociable hours up to seven days a week” and described the pay as “modest”.

It identified the employer as Ukip, which it described as “a Eurosceptic right-wing populist political party in the United Kingdom”.

Rhys Maddock, director of Xpat Jobs, said: “With our knowledge of the UK and European employment market, we just knew that what Farage was saying was not true.

“There are lots of highly-qualified PAs looking for work and many would jump at the chance to work for a politician such as Farage, perhaps seeing it as a stepping stone to a similar role with MPs or ministers.

“They would definitely be willing to put the long hours in, although they may want to change the sleeping arrangements that go with the current post.”

Some applications also came in from Poles, Romanians and Germans interested in the role.

The firm said it would pass on the best 25 CVs to Mr Farage.

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