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Nikki Sinclaire, UKIP, the BBC & Police

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/11/2013

Nikki Sinclaire, UKIP, the BBC & Police

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Nikki Sinclaire’s biography, UKIP’s threats, the BBC interview & Police corruption of justice!!


Hi,one wonders who is alleged to have acted criminally in this instance – as Nikki Sinclaire has shown she has donated around £30,000 of her income each year, since she was elected as an MEP, just how plausible are the allegat6ions of fraud!

It seems completely implausible that someone might commit fraud when all they needed to do was not donate their own salary!

Then again let us consider the primary source of the so called fraud allegations would seem to have been John Ison who would seem to be completely discreditted, and also seems to have been acting in cahoots with the liar Mark Croucher who is known to be willing to cheat and lie when it comes to the Courts and British justice.
Ms Sinclaire remains on police bail following her arrest in February 2012 on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the European Parliament.

The arrest was part of an inquiry following an allegation made in 2010 into allowances and expenses.

She told 5 live that she denied the allegations.

It is of course widely believed that justice delayed is justice denied!

I believe the ineptitude of West Midlands Police in this instance is far more disgraceful than even the most extreme of the implausible allegations of fraud which they may be trying to prove Nikki Sinclaire guilty of.

The behaviour of the Police in this instance is little more than a disgrace – it looks for all the world as if they are having difficulty fabricating a case!

Let us consider the wider aspects of Nikki Sinclaire’s life which she has finally felt able to divulge in her book, which I do, having read it, commend as an open, transparent, frank and very brave effort.The BBC has its own take on the issues as shown by Victoria Derbyshire who from her Twitter name @VicDerbyshire may well have a story of her own to tell – so come on Vic 😉

Nikki Sinclaire MEP: ‘UKIP made sex change revelation threats’

West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire Nikki Sinclaire said she was warned by a doctor she would end up living as a drug addict and a prostitute

An MEP has told the BBC she revealed her gender reassignment secret because of threats from journalists and her former colleagues in UKIP.

Nikki Sinclaire, 45, an independent MEP for the West Midlands, left UKIP in 2010 after winning a sex discrimination case against the party.

She made the allegation in her first interview with the BBC since saying she had lived as a man until the age of 23.

UKIP said Ms Sinclaire’s claims were unfounded.

Ms Sinclaire, the UK’s first openly transsexual parliamentarian, told BBC Radio 5 live’s Victoria Derbyshire that she feared other people would expose the fact she had undergone gender reassignment surgery.

The MEP said: “One of the reasons I’ve had to reveal this was threats from journalists and UKIP.

“They threatened to expose this and this is why I felt the need. Because people asked: ‘Why are you saying this now?’

“Basically, I wanted to put my side of it before someone else put a distorted side out.”

Expenses probe UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who is in hospital recovering from a back operation, said he had not spoken to Ms Sinclaire for years and was “unaware of any threats to her”.

She said she had complained about UKIP members’ behaviour towards her at the European Parliament, which she said was conducting an investigation into the matter.

Ms Sinclaire remains on police bail following her arrest in February 2012 on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the European Parliament.

The arrest was part of an inquiry following an allegation made in 2010 into allowances and expenses.

She told 5 live that she denied the allegations.

Speaking about the reaction to the revelation of her gender reassignment, Ms Sinclaire said none of her constituents at her surgery in Redditch this week had even mentioned it.

The MEP also spoke of the torment she experienced in the years before her surgery, revealing that a doctor had warned her that if she pursued her wish to no longer be a man she would “end up living in London as a drug addict and a prostitute”.

Speaking of her misery at the time, she said she would not wish this on “the worst person on the world”.

Ms Sinclaire also revealed that she suffered from deep vein thrombosis after the surgery, and almost died.

She said she was housebound for a year and suffered from “terrible” depression.

To view the original article CLICK HERE
Interestingly, showing just how implausible are many of the allegations against Nikki Sinclaire we are asked to believe that the BBC interviewed Nigel Farage in hospital where he is recovering from major spinal surgery! – Somewhat implausible as with his Twitter and FaceBook accounts!.It is interesting to note just howmany inadequates seem to resent Sinclaire’s success over adversity and seem to feel it is acceptable to try to attack and insult her for having achieved so much more than they ever have – people like Robin Tillbrook who has shown all too clearly why his nasty little racist EDP cult has made so little progress in politics, with his pathetic need to gratuitously insult people who have achieved more in life than he ever had or is likely to.

Tillbrook’s example, seems to be followed by the odious Robert Edwards and the many others who you will find displaying their sad and embittered inadequacies on the internet, abusing those who have achieved or those who have dared to question their odious style.

Typical playground bullies who have never matured!The shameful behaviour of the West Midlands Police seem not to be dissimilar in their efforts to invent evidence to move forward with their case and having failed – which they have when you consider how long they have strung out their efforts – they clearly lack the integrity to admit they were wrong and have strung their case out for 3 years, no evidence now will be plausible if to save face they construct a case!




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