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In UKIP Sked was Out ManEUvered by Farage BUT

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/09/2013

In UKIP Sked was Out ManEUvered by Farage BUT …

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In UKIP Prof. Alan Sked was Out ManEUvered by Nigel Farage BUT! There are many such ‘buts’ such as but he has been bitter about it ever since, but his interventions since have been self serving ego trips and destructive nihilism, but Farage may be devious and underhand as a rival but he is no leader, merely a performer!!



the bitter inadequacy of Alan Sked may well be understandable but no one shows more clearly the old adage of ‘All political careers end in failure’.

Having lost control of the party he founded he has spent since 1997 trying to destroy it when others, like myself who support his founding principle of Leave-The-EU and are thus supporters of UKIP, have relentlessly endeavoured to support UKIP by seeking to clean it up, erradicate the corruption and centralisation of power and authority in one man and his claque and make the party fit for purpose.

That it is clear that since defeating Alan Sked Nigel Farage has centralised control and excercised it himself is meerely indicative that he was the stronger individual whether with or without integrity!

Just as Alan Skedd endeavoured to dictate and manipulate the party to fit his ambitions so also has Nigel Farage since he seized control, following on in the same mold as Alan Akedd, his intellectual mentor and rival for 4 years!

UKIP, by dropping itys standards and encouraging populism over responsibility, popularity as a substitute for leadership has taken advantage of the demise of the BNP and swelled its membership and supporters but has ensured its eventual demise by rejecting gravitas and detailed intellectual persuit of the goal to Leave-The-EU bowing to the small minded pressure of forming, or at least trying to form, policies in areas where it has no sign of competence or credibility.

UKIP has consigned itself to being little more than the dustbin into which protest votes are consigned – hence the success in EU elections, seen as irrelevant by the electorate at large, and its abject failure in domestic poluitics where it is no closer, in real terms, to having an MP elected and has a mere 140 councillors and almost 1,700 failure who stood for office and failed – as in all competition who came second or 22nd. is of no interest a week after the election!

Clearly the UKIP of Alan Skedd did not succeed, largely because it was too rigidly controlled to suit the views and beliefs of Alan Sked – Just as UKIP has failed to make the grade under Nigel Farage’s leadership, albeit a defacto leadership of Farage when he was not the stated leader!

Sked’s aim to launch a new party is little more than an act of ego and he clearly has little or no understanding of the fears of ‘the common man’ when confronted with rapid social changes whish as so often have bred rezsentment, whether rational or not.

It is indisputable that UKIP under Farage’s leadership due to its attempts at growth through populism and its association with the extremists in the EU within the undeniably racist, extremist, anti homosexual and xenophobic EFD Group numerous of whom have criminal convictions for their extreme views and prejudices.

There is no doubt that immigration should face some form of intelligent control, not on racial grounds but on both need and capacity to absorbe the alien influx.

Skedd has missed the point and Farage has overstated it giving solace to the corrupt, the racists and the small minded amongst his party’s members and voters!

Sked stands less chance of winning a seat in Doncaster against the odious Ed Miliband, as an MP, than Farage did in Buckingham against John Bercow, where he was soundly drubbed!

It is also debatable whether Sked was speaking of himself when he said:
These are the tired and false representations of a disappointed man.’
Probably not or he forgot to mention ego and embittered revenge for his failure in 1997!

I believe Sked’s claim that he left UKIP as it had become too racist is fundamentally untrue and a convenient cover invented long after the event which led to his departure ‘he lost control of the party he foumnded to Nigel Farage whose manipulative skills and devious charm as a performer outstripped his own overly academic rigidity based on the Sked ego as a ‘teacher’ where he proved incompetent in the adult world of back stabbing and greed!

‘I left UKIP because it has become too racist,’ says party’s founder

  • Professor Alan Sked, 66, says New Deal can challenge major parties
  • Believes most of the country are against the EU but UKIP is ‘too extreme’
  • New organisation would be tolerant of minorities and support immigration
  • He founded the party now ran by Farage in 1993

By Wills Robinson



The founder of UKIP has set up a new Eurcosceptic organisation for those who feel his old party have become ‘racist’.

Professor Alan Sked, 66, hopes the centre-left party, called New Deal, is a step away from the set-up under Nigel Farage, which he believes has become ‘anti-immigrant and ‘anti-intellectual.’

He also hopes to challenge the Labour Party and has considered opposing Ed Miliband in his Doncaster seat at the 2015 General Election.

New direction: Professor Alan Sked in 1993 when he launched The UK Independence Party.

New direction: Professor Alan Sked in 1993 when he launched The UK Independence Party.

Some of the policies the organisation will push include the rationalisation of railways and the scrapping of the bedroom tax.

He also believes many voters in Britain want to leave with the EU, but will not side with UKIP because they are too extreme.

His criticism of Farage’s party began after a number of council candidates were exposed for having extreme right-wing links or homophobic views.

The new party could pose significant threat to Labour as leader Ed Miliband faces increasing criticism for weak leadership and being vague on policy.

There are also plans for a candidate to stand against deputy prime minister Nick Clegg in his Sheffield constituency.

Competition: Professor Alan Sked thinks UKIP have become too 'racist' under the leadership of Nigel Farage (left) and says he will stand against Ed Miliband in his Doncaster seat
Competition: Professor Alan Sked thinks UKIP have become too 'racist' under the leadership of Nigel Farage (left) and says he will stand against Ed Miliband in his Doncaster seat

Competition: Professor Alan Sked thinks UKIP have become too ‘racist’ under the leadership of Nigel Farage (left) and has considered standing against Ed Miliband in his Doncaster seat at the next General Election

Sked, a lecturer in international history at the London School of Economics, told The Sunday Times he wanted a party dedicated to leaving the EU but was not too right wing.

‘I think the majority of the people in this country want out of the EU,’ said Sked.

‘They would like a party devoted to the cause, but couldn’t vote for one that was extremely right wing.

‘They will now be given a serious alternative to the major parties and UKIP.’

Despite plans from David Cameron to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s membership of the EU, Sked believes the Conservative leader is ‘trying to pull the wool over the eyes’ of the country and his party.

The name New Deal is based on policies introduced in the United States by President Franklin D Roosevelt in the 1930’s to lift America out of the Great Depression.

The party’s draft manifesto states tolerance for minorities and is supportive of immigration which it believes is ‘fundamental to the growth of an economically prosperous and civilised society’.

Other new deal policies will include the ending of welfare payments for those earning more than £100,000 a year, oppose the privatisation of Royal Mail and scrap the government’s controversial high-speed rail plans.

It was officially registered as a party last week by the Electoral Commission and intends to field candidates at the 2015 General Election.

But, in contrast to UKIP, it will not be standing in European elections because Sked believed it would be ‘hypocritical’.

Sked pointed out that when he founded UKIP, it had very limited financial resources and is ready to raise funds to help boost the new party.

His first involvement in politics was with the Liberal Party in Scotland but later rejected their pro-European stance.

In 1993 he stood in two by-elections, one in Newbury where he was supported by Enoch Powell.

He came fourth behind the major parties in both elections which prompted the Anti Federalist League (AFL) to change its name to UKIP.

Last month Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, provoked outrage after referring to countries in Africa which received aid from Briatin ‘Bongo Bongo land’.

Sked added: ‘These are the tired and false representations of a disappointed man.’

The party, which has been led by Farage since 2010, denies being racist or anti-immigrant.

A spokesman for the party said: ‘Alan should be pleased with how well we are doing and the successes of the party he created.’

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