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Harrogate agenda – Update – The DEMANDS

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/09/2012

Harrogate agenda – Update – The DEMANDS


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Harrogate agenda – Update 25-Sep-2012


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I believe that The Harrogate Agenda is a very positive way forward though I do appreciate that it may take a long time to educate the self serving politicians to the FACT that they do actually work for us and as our servants are answerable to us.

Surely they must realise that if they continue to bombastically hold the electorate in contempt as ‘The Plebs’ they are likely to go the same way as so many self important stuffed shirts in the past – The true mark of a Partrician is to ensure those they employ and work for do not feel distanced and demeaned.

Failure to understand the role of leadership and the need to act FOR those one leads, particularly when appointed by them is, as history has shown us, all too often a fatal mistake.

That our public servants, both elected as politicians and appointed as civil servants should consider the outcome of ignoring the electorate and holding them in contempt – the precedents are clear from Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, to Caesar, Sadam Hussein to Charles I, or Russia’s Czars to Hosni Mubarak, the outcome is all too predictable!

Clearly as soumnd move forward is to campaign as a movement even accepting the tennets of electoral law that insist in your being called a ‘Party’ and capitalise on the crumbs offered by the state, as with free distribution of electoral leaflets, free publicity by airtime with an electoral broadcast etc. etc. and then to vigerously campaign on a cross party basis for:

1. a Royal Commission to establish the cost benefits of In AND Out of The EU.
2. to utilise The Royal Commission details to formulate a sound ‘Exit and Survival Strategy’ to maximise on the benefits of leaving The EU and minimise the dangers and costs.
3. To ensure that to avoid the damage that would be caused by senseless and ignorant confrontation be certain to avoid confrontation by abiding by The Treaty of Vienna and ensuring the EU Constitution is set aside constitutionally by implementing of Article 50 etc.
4. to hold a Referendum on the simple issue of IN or OUT of the EU as members and ensure that the referendum if fair, free, and independent of outside (EU) influence or funding, is held on an informed basis with equal media time and weighting.

These measures do not conflict with The Harrogate Agenda, which becomes ever more important, to ensure that when the people vote, if they vote to Leave-The-EU, as polls indicate they would, the political system is sufficiently altered and robust as to ensure the new incumbents, of government as our servants, do not make all the same errors of judgement and self serving efforts to enrich and empower themselves, yet again!

Harrogate Agenda: definitive text

 Tuesday 25 September 2012

demand 427-bcm.jpg

At the planning meeting at the Old Cock Inn, the group decided on the wording of the six demands which should go forward to our autumn meeting for approval. This text is now available and is as follows:

1. the people are sovereign: the sovereignty of the peoples of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland shall be recognised by the Crown and the government of our nations. The people in their collective form, by giving their consent, comprise the ultimate authority of their nations and the source of all political power;

2. local democracy: the foundation of our democracy shall be the counties (or other local units as may be defined), which shall become constitutional bodies exercising under the control of their peoples all powers of legislation, taxation and administration not specifically granted by the people to the national government;

3.elected prime ministers: to enable separation of power, prime ministers shall be elected by popular vote; they shall appoint their own ministers, with the approval of parliament, to assist in the exercise of such powers as may be granted to them by the sovereign people of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; no prime ministers or their ministers shall be members of parliament or any legislative assembly;

4. all legislation subject to consent: no legislation or treaty shall take effect without the direct consent of the majority of the people, by positive vote if so demanded, and that no legislation or treaty shall continue to have effect when that consent is withdrawn by the majority of the people;

5. no taxes or spending without consent: no tax, charge or levy shall be imposed, nor any public spending authorised, nor any sum borrowed by any national or local government except with the express permission of the majority of the people, renewed annually on presentation of a properly authenticated budget which shall first have been approved by their respective legislatures;

6. a constitutional convention: Parliament, once members of the executive are excluded, convenes a constitutional convention to draw up a definitive codified constitution for the people of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which shall recognise their sovereign status and their inherent, inalienable rights and which shall be subject to their approval.

Readers will see, by comparison with the earlier draft, that the differences are very slight, but important. 

If the autumn meeting approves this text, we will then be able to chart a way forward, to gain wider recognition for our Agenda.  Just to have framed and agreed our six demands by then, however, will have been a significant achievement, of which those who participated in the process can feel justly proud. 


Richard North 25/09/2012





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