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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/04/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

CHAOS IT SEEMS MAY BE A MASTERFULL UNDERSTATEMENT – One Draw Back of A Dictatorship Is Arbitrary Decision Making Resulting From The Input Of Sycophants & Fools!!




I have felt since first I heard of the renegade publican, and UKIP’s support for him, that there was more to this than meets the eye and after the experiences with the indolent and utterly corrupt failed publican Mark Croucher and subsequently the idiocy of Bob Feel Martinis and his belligerent and oafish behaviour when so regularly proven to be wrong and no more than an ambitious self seeking liar.

 Nick Hogan with his wife Denise

Surely UKIP might just have learned some caution with regard to Publicans.

In the light of his dishonesty and corruption one might be forgiven for believing the liar and low life Mick McGough might well be a publican but to judge from the vile idiocy and intemperance of his behaviour one could be forgiven for believing he spends too much time supporting the publican’s cause!

I have had this ‘e’Maiil for a while and also other ‘e’Mails in corroboration as on its own I would have felt disinclined to post it. However I have every reason to believe that Colin Denby has been shabbily treated and one need only see how the filth that comes to the fore in support of the leadership of UKIP defame, lie, cheat, bully and drag the reputation of UKIP into the gutter they inhabit to realise that on the balance of probabilities every word Colin Denby has published is true.

I note the odious creeps Skeptyk & Mick McGough are desperately trying to defame and denigrate John West – dishonest fools that they are.

So very in keeping with the filth that Farage has gathered around him in his utter incompetence as a leader.

There are few characteristics more damaging than vanity, duplicity and incompetence from a weak and venal leader – such a tragedy when Farage had so much to offer as a performer that he was allowed to befoul the party by surrounding himself with maggots to hide the corpse he is creating that is UKIP. The stench of corruption is not only omni present but has now proved intollerable for many decent activists and even members of The NEC are so stupid and gullible they have no knowledge of what is going on.

I understand that some did not even know that Nigel Farage pays his wife Kirsten £30K a year, which I guess is not that surprising as it was Farage who issued the promise on behalf of UKIP that no one in UKIP would employ family members and even his own office staff did not know she was being paid and were unaware of ANY UKIP work she might have done!

To the issue in hand – I will of course be only too happy to publish further facts on ‘The Chorley Debacle’ as they come to hand, to ensure veracity where possible.

From: Colin Denby [mailto:REDACTED]
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2011
To: Greg Lance-Watkins
Subject: Hogan & Co. my letter.
Ladies & Gentlemen of Chorley.
You may have read in various local newspapers recently, that whilst in The Parkers Arms, Park Road, Chorley, on the 4th. April (there to collect leaflets for the election, not drinking the night away). I allegedly used a word that is deemed Politically Incorrect and allegedly racist regarding the recent EDL, meeting in Blackburn.
for the past few days I have been pondering whether to take this matter further. After much deliberation and consultation (208 people have either telephoned me, e-mailed me, written to me or stopped me in the street, so far!) I have finally decided on the following:
To all the people in Chorley who have known me over many years locally, I rest my case and leave it to you to draw your own conclusions based on the facts!
To all the people in Chorley who know, or have had commercial dealings with or have read about Mr. Hogan in the last year or two, I rest my case and leave it to you to draw your own conclusions based on the facts!
With regards to racial prejudice, when I stood as a PPC for UKIP in the General Election for Rochdale last May, as I was about to leave the stage in the early hours of the morning when, to my surprise, abuse was hurled at me by a group of Pakistani men. Cries of “go home white UKIP trash,” “go home UKIP bastard,” these words of endearment were repeated several times! Whilst this tirade was taking place, two Police Officers at the back of the hall did a smart about turn and vacated the room, leaving me to face the ‘mob’ which of course I did, with a perfectly clear conscience never having had any racist beliefs in my life from my early years in the Army to retirement and on to today!
The powers that be at UKIP did not pursue the matter? At the time I wondered why …….. Now I believe I understand why!
Intrigued? ……
Then log onto and ………. you will be amazed at the facts presented all annotated and cross referenced and backed with proof. Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and web sites are used to establish the reliable nature of the facts presented!
To all of you thinking of voting for UKIP on May 5th. ….. in the light of the facts you may wish to think again!
Colin Denby

Copy to: Chorley Guardian, The Citizen and Greg Lance-Watkins (

May I suggest you check out the details for yourself and in the light of the facts before you make your own decision as to whether UKIP’s behaviour has shown competent leadership or its normal crass incompetence.

Maybe start here:

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