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Modern Computer Technology Helps To Win Political Elections & Referendums …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/03/2017


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Modern Computer Technology Helps To Win Political Elections & Referendums …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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the Government is making claims of ensuring everyone has high speed connection to broadband – a situation they are seemingly a million miles from achieving, whilst the public, myself included, clamour for workable broadband speeds and reliability in this modern age (which we do not have in this area!).

People can hardly complain when once people get decent connections, particvularly if they are stupid enough to plaster their private details all over the likes of Facebook, Instagram and the like, don’t be surprised if corporations, politicians, government and crooks use that data you have freely given.

We have here the latest version of invasion of privacy which is just as specious and fundamentally dishonest as all those petty nobodies who had their phones hacked and got huge compensation for being too idle or too stupid to change their passwords!

The internet is remarkably simple to control, but the will to do so is not there!

On line obscenity, abuse, pornography can be stopped with one simple control – but the industry and Government seem unwilling to do anything about it.

In the mean time don’t expect anything on the internet to be private – it just isn’t – and for as long as it isn’t don’t be surprised or complain if the information you pump out is used, whether to your advantage or against!

Leave.EU used ‘creepy’ Facebook profiling technology to win Brexit campaign — and now the data watchdog is investigating

Jake Kanter March 2017

Nigel Farage

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Nigel Farage


  • Leave.EU admits using “creepy” Facebook tech to scoop up data and target voters with anti-EU messages.
  • The data firm that helped Donald Trump take office, Cambridge Analytica, distances itself from the Leave.EU project.
  • Questions over whether Leave.EU broke rules on political donations and if Cambridge Analytica breached data protection laws.

LONDON — The communications director for Leave.EU, the Nigel Farage-backed Brexit campaign group, has admitted using “creepy” Facebook profiling technology to persuade Brits to vote to leave Europe. 

Leave.EU communications director Andy Wigmore told The Observer at the weekend that the group — which is bankrolled by UKIP’s biggest donor Aaron Banks — harvested personal data last year and targeted voters on Facebook with anti-EU messaging.

He claimed Leave.EU worked with Cambridge Analytica (CA), the data firm credited with helping Donald Trump win the US election, on an informal basis on the project. CA has denied it worked for the campaign, however.

Now Leave.EU is the subject of a complaint over whether it broke the rules on political donations, and Cambridge Analytica is being investigated by the government’s data protection agency over whether it breached privacy laws, sources tell Business Insider.

Facebook as a propaganda weapon

Wigmore told The Observer that Facebook was a powerful weapon in Leave.EU’s armoury. “Using artificial intelligence, as we did, tells you all sorts of things about that individual and how to convince them with what sort of advert,” he said.

“And you knew there would also be other people in their network who liked what they liked, so you could spread. And then you follow them. The computer never stops learning and it never stops monitoring.”

A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo as he poses with a Samsung S4 smartphone in this photo illustration taken in the central Bosnian town of Zenica, August 14, 2013. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo

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A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo as he poses with a Samsung S4 smartphone in this photo illustration taken in the central Bosnian town of Zenica, August 14, 2013. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo

Thomson ReutersHe admitted that the technology’s accuracy is unsettling. Wigmore said: “It’s really creepy! It’s why I’m not on Facebook! I tried it on myself to see what information it had on me and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ What’s scary is that my kids had put things on Instagram and it picked that up. It knew where my kids went to school.”

He told The Observer that CA was “happy to help” with its work on Brexit on a pro bono basis. This, he said, is because Farage is a “good friend” of Robert Mercer, the hedge fund billionaire who is reported to have invested in CA.

The firm has developed a proprietary technique known as “psychographics” to profile individuals and target them with messages, but in a statement to Business Insider, it said it played no part in Leave.EU’s Brexit campaign. “Cambridge Analytica did not carry out any kind of paid or unpaid work for Leave.EU,” a spokesman told us.

Business Insider contacted Leave.EU four times to ask why CA was disputing Wigmore’s version of events and request more information about the data firm’s actual involvement in the social media profiling. Leave.EU did not respond to our emails or phone calls.

Complaint to Electoral Commission and data protection probe

A complaint has been filed with the Electoral Commission over CA’s alleged work for Leave.EU, according to a source who has seen the complaint. Under election rules, political parties must declare donations of £7,500 or more, including services-in-kind.

“My guess is that we are now beginning to see a rather fuller picture of how the Leave vote and the Trump vote really came about,” the source told Business Insider. The source was a supporter of Britain remaining in the European Union but agreed only to talk anonymously in order to avoid any attendant negative publicity. 

Brexit protest

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Brexit protest

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Ukip, Nigel Farage & Power Struggles WILL LOSE The Referendum For BreXit

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/03/2016

Ukip, Nigel Farage & Power Struggles WILL LOSE The Referendum For BreXit

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


Ukip, Nigel Farage & Power Struggles WILL LOSE The Referendum For BreXit – Just as the 1975 Referendum was lost by the British peoples’ best interests due to a lack of coherent plan, FUD, the lies of the EU & Government & squabbling!

000a ukip-025 count.png

Ukip are squabbling like ferrets in a sack – just for a change!
This time it is a power struggle where Nigel Farage would seem willing to do absolutely anything to get his hands on the cash available if ‘Grassroots-Out’ aka ‘Leave-EU’ can get the designation in the EU Referendum.
Susanne Evans together with a few cronies, just doesn’t seem to believe Nigel Farage can be trusted and have joined his opposition contesting for designation and the pot of gold.
All this greed, self importance, show boating and squabbling is clearly at the cost of these United Kingdoms and the best interests of Britain and our peoples – in fact EUrope at large and global peace, as it stands this is just a repeat of the 1975 Referendum – almost as if these squabbling ferretts are using the book on the 1975 Referendum as an instruction manual!
All the same mistakes are being made that lost Britain the Referendum in 1975 with most of the same lies and desperate claims designed to spread FUD that won the day for the EU in 1975 – Read the book for yourself it is available in electronic version free CLICK HERE
EVANS, Suzanne 03



Suzanne Evans’ application in the High Court to have her suspension from UKIP lifted has failed. She’ll have to pay £5,000 costs. Patrick O’Flynn has started a petition to get her reinstated. Read all the gory details of the court case only on Guido here

UPDATE: Suzanne speaks:

“I am stunned and distressed by this latest turn of events. I will look to take up whatever right of appeal is open to me. I remain determined to keep my personal focus on working to the full extent of my ability to help secure a ‘Leave’ vote in the EU Referendum on 23rd June, and contribute to electoral successes for UKIP on 5th May.”

UPDATE II: UKIP hit back:

“A disciplinary panel constituted by the UKIP National Executive Committee today (23 March 2016) heard a complaint against Suzanne Evans that she had publicly criticised a fellow candidate in breach of the party rules and in terms which contravene the Party Constitution. The panel resolved to suspend her membership of the party for six months. The decision may be subject to appeal. Ms Evans sought an injunction in the High Court today to prevent the hearing, but this was unsuccessful. As a consequence of this, she will not now be nominated as a UKIP candidate in the London Assembly elections to be held on May 5th.”




Guido understands there a plans afoot in UKIP to suspend Suzanne Evans from the party. The party scheduled a disciplinary meeting this morning to discuss whether to take action against Evans over a series of claims involving alleged breaches of party rules. Court documents show that Evans is filing an application to the High Court at midday today to attempt to postpone any disciplinary action until after the GLA nominations are closed on March 31. In the explosive court documents, Suzanne writes that Nigel Farage is trying to force her out:

Evans makes a series of allegations against Arron Banks and Farage’s former aide Raheem Kassam:

She concludes:

The most explosive developments in the UKIP civil war yet…

UPDATE: UKIP confirm Suzanne Evans has been suspended for six months.



Farage’s revenge on Vote Leave-backing Suzanne Evans continues – last week hesacked her as deputy chair, today he’s sacked her as welfare spokesman. Last night Nigel told a Ladbrokes panel that Douglas Carswell is “irrelevant“, the second time in a week he has slagged off his only MP. How about focusing on the real enemy?

UPDATE: Suzanne tells Guido:

“I must be the most purged woman in British Politics! You have to laugh it’s so ridiculous.”

UPDATE II: Peter Reeve, UKIP’s local government spokesman and also a Vote Leave supporter, has also been sacked by Farage. He’s been replaced by porn scandal David Sprason, who signed up UKIP councillors to Grassroots Out.



Suzanne Evans is no longer UKIP’s deputy chairman. Farage says in a statement:

“I have made some changes to our structure today. Both of our Deputy Chairs are candidates in the upcoming elections and this will limit any role they can play in the national referendum campaign. So I thank Suzanne Evans and Neil Hamilton for their time as Deputy Chairs and announce they will be replaced by Diane James and William Dartmouth.”

Expect to hear from those involved that this is nothing to do with UKIP’s internal politics. Though allies of Farage say this is a putsch against Suzanne, long seen as a threat by the leader’s camp and a supporter of Vote Leave, not Nigel’s preferred Grassroots Out…

UPDATE: A Breitbart story written by Farage’s former aide Raheem Kassam reveals the thinking at Grassroots Out – stripping Evans of the deputy chair role hurts Vote Leave’s bid for the designation:

“Ms. Evans no longer holding a position with the party is also problematic for the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign who have been trumpeting her support as their UKIP “cross party” backing. Now they are limited to one Member of Parliament, one Member of the European Parliament, and one member of the National Executive Committee.”

UPDATE II: Evans speaks:

“I’m naturally disappointed. I felt I was doing a good job and helping to broaden the party’s appeal both in relation to the EU referendum and the upcoming electoral challenges of May 5th and beyond.

I’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ for all the many messages of support I’ve had from UKIP members already today, but I certainly have no intention of being drawn into any disharmony. I of course accept that it is entirely within any party leader’s authority to choose and to change their own top team.”


“I have thrown my hat into the ring to apply to be UKIP candidate for Mayor of London and or an London assembly member. Let’s be realistic, I don’t think London is going to have a UKIP mayor any time soon. But I think it’s time for London to have a different view, a different approach. I think there are a growing amount of people in London who want to see things from a UKIP perspective.”

Also in the running for the UKIP nomination is Culture spokesman Peter Whittle, asrevealed by Guido last week.

Guido also hears that Richard Hendron, organiser of UKIP’s Gay Pride contingent, is also throwing his hat into the ring. Suzanne says she reckons she is Nige’s candidate…Suzanne Evans tells Iain Dale:


Douglas Carswell, Suzanne Evans, Mark Reckless and UKIP party chairman Steve Crowther openly plotting in Portcullis House.

Don’t tell Raheem!





A UKIP spokesman says:

“Suzanne Evans has not been sacked as a UKIP spokesman. The email seen by the BBC was issued without proper authority.”

Being unsacked is the new unresigned… how do we know this spokesman has the proper authority to unsack Suzanne?


Godfrey Bloom on Suzanne Evans and Nigel Farage:

“It was like a 1938 Politburo member criticising Joe Stalin.”[…]



Via the BBC:

No one survives questioning the dear leader…[…]



Yesterday Farage said he would be “prepared” to lead the ‘Out’ campaign, a view not shared by Suzanne Evans on the Daily Politics this afternoon:

“I think Nigel is a very divisive character in terms of the way he is




“There has been no purge,” sacked Suzanne Evans told Victoria Derbyshire this morning, insisting it is “a coincidence” that she, Patrick O’Flynn and Gobby have all since lost their jobs. Apparently we shouldn’t believe the “hostile media agenda” and “the […]

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