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Ukip’s First MP & CIB Chairman: Bob Spink In Court for Electoral Fraud…

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/06/2017

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Ukip’s First MP & CIB Chairman: Bob Spink In Court for Electoral Fraud…

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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you may well recall Bob Spink was Ukip’s First MP having defected from the Tories in 2008 – he retained his Castle Point seat as a turncoat until the subsequent election, where having tried to hedge his bets by announcing, rather feebly, that although he had defected to Ukip he never paid his membership, which was denied by Farage at the time but having two such untrustworthy characters accusing eachother of telling lies just made them both look foolish.

Either way Bob Spink lost his seat in the 2010 election!

Bob Spink also had a period as Chairman of the little known and insignificant CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain), an organisation that seems to consider building a bank account and over paying a few staff is its main aim rather than investing its money in campaigning for an independent Britain!

In his efforts to find a job VBob Spink, who is almost 70, also stood under the Ukip banner as their Police and Crime Commissioner in Essex, something of a non job which he unsurprisingly failed to get.

Bob Spink has his own problems with the Police at the moment as he faces charges for electoral Crime in Crown Court today 05-Jun-2017:

Former Ukip MP Dr Bob Spink and party campaigner James Parkin appear in court to face electoral fraud allegations

Dr Spink arriving at court

Dr Spink arriving at court

A FORMER Ukip MP and a party campaigner have appeared in court charged with electoral fraud at last May’s council elections.

Dr Bob Spink, who served as MP for Castle Point for almost nine years until 2010, and James Parkin, 38, are charged with a total of 14 offences.

The pair appeared at Southend Magistrates’ Court this morning to deny the allegations, which relate to nomination papers for candidates at last year’s vote in the Castle Point borough.

Dr Spink, 68, of Downer Road, Benfleet, faces five allegations that on or before April 5 he obtained the genuine signature of an elector for the purposes of nominating a candidate, despite the elector not knowing it was for that purpose.

Parkin, of Castle View Road, Canvey, faces the same five allegations in addition to four charges of supplying a false signature on nomination papers.

Dr Spink, wearing a black suit and blue and burgundy tie, shook his head as the charges were read out.

Both men indicated through their lawyer they deny the accusations and want the case to be heard by a crown court jury.

Both men were released on bail until the June 5 hearing.

Dr Spink was the Tory MP for Castle Point between 1992 and 1997, and won the seat again at the 2001 election.

He defected to Ukip in 2008, becoming the party’s first MP, but left later that year. He lost his seat in 2010 to Tory Rebecca Harris but later rejoined Ukip.

The Yorkshire-born politician also recently unsuccessfully stood for Ukip to become Essex Police and Crime Commissioner, losing out to Tory candidate Roger Hirst.

Parkin served as Ukip’s election agent and also stood in Castle Point’s Cedar Hall ward in May’s vote but was defeated by Tory candidate Liz Wass.


Dr. Bob Spink & James Parkin

His wife, Lucy Parkin, stood in the Winter Gardens ward but lost out on a seat to Allan Taylor, from the Canvey Independent Party.

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Interestingly in something of a reveral of Bob Spink’s move from Tory to a daliance with Ukip a past aspirant leader of Ukip, Craig McKinley, who joined the Tories when he was defeated for the leadership by Nigel Farage and then went on to stand against Nigel Farage for the Thanet seat as an MP, which he won, seemingly under something of a cloud is also facing the Courts for Electoral Fraud!

The belated charges brought against McKinley, just before the General Election, have all the justification for complaint against the CPS & Electoral Commission as were leveled against the FBI by supporters of Hillary Clinton, but despite the allegations of investigation of Nigel Farage for too close an association with Russia and its agents – I would doubt that Russia has as much interest in the well being of McKinley as they would seem to have had manipulating the American Presidential elections in which Farage & his chum and sponsor Aaron Banks became embroilled!


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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