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Methinks Carter Ruck won’t wish to Tangle with The FSB or FBI, CIA & NSA …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/06/2017

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Methinks Carter Ruck won’t wish to Tangle with The FSB or FBI, CIA & NSA …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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minded that on this site we have introduced reference to both OLAF’s current enquiries in some detail in December and even long before that, we have also alluded to Russian money in conection with Aaron Banks going back some seven years and there is little doubt Nigel Farage has been a beneficiary of Aaron Banks’ clearly dubious and far from transparent income!

It is a well documented fact that Nigel Farage and Ukip have been funded by Aaron Banks, what is not well documented with any degree of transparency has been both Aaron Banks’ income sources or for that matter those of Nigel Farage!

I expect Nigel Farage to run off to Mssrs. Carter Ruck, as he has in the past, to seek to suppress this story and any further speculation that might give arise to the truth becoming known – however I have my doubts that Carter Ruck will be willing to embroil themselves in confrontation with the FBI, CIA & NSA – all of whom seem to consider Nigel Farage as of special interest – it is noteworthy that Nigel Farage’s visits to America seem to have become less frequent, in fact seem to have stopped.

Presumably Aaron Banks is also avoiding America at the moment, could this be because they fear one of the American Security Agencies may subpoena them? It does seem strange when you consider Aaron Banks has funded the renting of a house in Washington for their use.

That Nigel Farage has been in contact with Assange since 2010 seems common knowledge, yet it looks all too similar to common with Soviet practice, and be minded that Putin was at one time head of the KGB, that Nigel Farage may well be considered a spent assett as his cover was under NSA, FBI, CIA scrutiny – could that be the very reason he went to visit Assange openly at the Ecuadorean Embassy, thus completely blowing his cober and effectively washing Russia’s hands of him now he is no more than yesterday’s errand boy.

I incline to believe Nigel Farage & Aaron Banks may well have progressed from People of Special Interest via Alpha Bank accounts under investigation in July 2016 to actual suspects or being on the wanted list – hence their empty house in Washington.

I presume, with his fascination for Russia and support of Chechen rebels and Litvenenko Gerard Batten may also feature on the FBI, CIA, NSA individual of special interest list, boring as he is. Gerard Batten’s staff may well also require closer attention minded of their aid and assistance to the paedophile Vladimir Bukovsky, whose trial would seem to have been delayed on CLAIMS of his ill health – apart from his sick interest in child pornography which it would seem is not just a matter of public knowledge but also seemingly undeniable one wonders if claims of other sicknesses are a matter of expediency, as it was quoted in open Court that his trial would continue in January 2017, as I recall.

Personally, after many years  of close study and many informants who have chosen to remain anonymous despite senior positions in Ukip, I have no reason to believe that Ukip, via Aaron Banks, Nigel Farage and others have NOT been in receipt of Russian money, that has materially altered their political stance – just as USSR funding of CND during Cathy Ashton’s tenure as Treasurer and no doubt regularly at other times materially assisted CND to damage the nuclear research and harm progress and safety on a deliberately anti British and indeed anti Western course.

Be minded that the lack of R&D largely caused by CND and funded by the USSR is directly responsible for the arcane standards and practices that led to the catastyrophic situation at Fukishima in Japan, a danger that is still within little more than 48 hours of catastrophe for our planet if they can not keep the faulty system cooled. a system which may require the faulty system continuing to function for possibly 1,000s of years as there seems to be no cure available! Gee thanks CND & USSR – they may yet lead to our species being annihilated.

It is this level of apparent betrayal and involvement of Russia brought about, it seems, by Donald Trump’s team and others acting out of self interest like Cathy Ashton, Gerard Batten, Marien LePen, Nigel Farage, Aaron Banks, Kushner, Cohen and their ilk not to mention Schroder who was rewarded for his damage to Western EUrope and the West with a directorship of Gascom & oligarch status, that befouls Western politics.

One can not and should not seek to blame Russia and their agents such as the former KGB now FSB as it is clearly their duty to act in Russia’s interest, including subverting Western politics by beguilling those willing to betray their own country for personal gain.

It does rather seem that IF those seemingly involved with and for Russia are brought to book they may well be best served by taking a leaf out of Nigel Farage’s aid George Cottrell’s book and pleading guilty to seek a plea bargain and possible absolution, all be it with an American ‘Personna Non Grata’ stamp in their passports!

Report: Nigel Farage a ‘Person of Interest’ in FBI Russia Probe

Rafael Marchante/Reuters

Nigel Farage, the former pro-Brexit Ukip leader in the U.K., is now a “person of interest” in the U.S. counterintelligence investigation on possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, The Guardian reports. Farage reportedly raised the interest of FBI officials because of his relationships with both the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “One of the things the intelligence investigators have been looking at is points of contact and persons involved,” one source said. “If you triangulate Russia, WikiLeaks, Assange, and Trump associates, the person who comes up with the most hits is Nigel Farage.” He has not yet been accused of wrongdoing and is not an official suspect.

To view the above article CLICK HERE

Nigel Farage is ‘person of interest’ in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia

Exclusive: FBI interested in former Ukip leader’s ties with people connected to US president and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

Donald Trump with Nigel Farage during a campaign rally in Jackson, Mississippi, in August 2016
Donald Trump with Nigel Farage during a campaign rally in Jackson, Mississippi, in August 2016 Photograph: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Nigel Farage is a “person of interest” in the US counter-intelligence investigation that is looking into possible collusion between the Kremlin and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Guardian has been told.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation said the former Ukip leader had raised the interest of FBI investigators because of his relationships with individuals connected to both the Trump campaign and Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder whom Farage visited in March.

WikiLeaks published troves of hacked emails last year that damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign and is suspected of having cooperated with Russia through third parties, according to recent congressional testimony by the former CIA director John Brennan, who also said the adamant denials of collusion by Assange and Russia were disingenuous.

Farage has not been accused of wrongdoing and is not a suspect or a target of the US investigation. But being a person of interest means investigators believe he may have information about the acts that are under investigation and he may therefore be subject to their scrutiny.

Sources who spoke to the Guardian said it was Farage’s proximity to people at the heart of the investigation that was being examined as an element in their broader inquiry into how Russia may have worked with Trump campaign officials to influence the US election.

“One of the things the intelligence investigators have been looking at is points of contact and persons involved,” one source said. “If you triangulate Russia, WikiLeaks, Assange and Trump associates the person who comes up with the most hits is Nigel Farage.

“He’s right in the middle of these relationships. He turns up over and over again. There’s a lot of attention being paid to him.”

The source mentioned Farage’s links with Roger Stone, Trump’s long-time political adviser who has admitted being in contact with Guccifer 2.0, a hacker whom US intelligence agencies believe to be a Kremlin agent.

Roger Stone in his office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Roger Stone in his office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Photograph: Miami Herald/MCT via Getty Images

Farage’s spokesman said he had never worked with Russian officials, and described the Guardian’s questions about Farage’s activities as “verging on the hysterical”.

“Nigel has never been to Russia, let alone worked with their authorities,” the spokesman said. But he did not respond to questions about whether Farage was aware of the FBI inquiry; had hired a lawyer in connection to the matter; or when Farage first met Trump.

The spokesman also declined to comment on whether Farage had received compensation from the Russian state-backed media group RT for his media appearances. RT, which has featured Farage about three times over the last 18 months, also declined to comment, citing confidentiality.

On Thursday Farage dismissed the story as “fake news”. He said he visited Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in March at the behest of LBC Radio “with a view to conducting an interview”.

He added: “I consider it extremely doubtful that I could be a person of interest to the FBI as I have no connections to Russia.”

Farage has said he only met Assange once has but declined to say how long the two have known each other.

The FBI’s national press office said it had no comment on Farage.

The former Ukip leader has voiced his support for the Russian president, calling Vladimir Putin the leader he most admired, in a 2014 interview. Ukip also has history with Assange: Gerard Batten, a Ukip member of the European parliament (MEP), defended the Wikileaks founder in a speech in the European parliament in 2011.

One source familiar with the US investigation told the Guardian that the examination of Farage’s activities was considered especially delicate given his role as an MEP.

Neither Farage nor Trump have made a secret of their admiration for one another. They emerged as unlikely winners last year in contests that have reshaped the world order: Britain’s vote to leave the EU and Trump’s surprise ascendency to the White House.

Both men credited their ability to tap into the worries of struggling and neglected citizens for their victories. But at the heart of the US investigation lies a deeper question: whether Trump campaign officials and people close to the former reality TV star sought to work with state players in Russia to try to influence the US election result.

Last July, Farage attended the Republican national convention in Cleveland, Ohio, when Trump became the party’s nominee.

According to an account by the Ukip donor Arron Banks, Farage first met Trump at a campaign stop in Mississippi in August, where he spoke at a Trump campaign event.

But Farage’s relationships with people close to the US president began years earlier. Farage first met Steve Bannon, Trump’s strategist and former campaign chief executive, in the summer of 2012, when Bannon, who was interested in rightwing movements in Europe, invited the then Ukip leader to spend a few days in New York and Washington, according to an account in the New Yorker magazine.

There Farage was introduced to, among others, the staff of the then senator Jeff Sessions, who is now the US attorney general. Speaking of his longtime admiration for Bannon, Farage told the New Yorker last year: “I have got a very, very high regard for that man’s brain.”

Two years later, in 2014, Breitbart News, of which Bannon was executive chair, opened an office in London. A top editor, Raheem Kassam, later went on to work as Farage’s chief of staff.

In 2015, Breitbart News arranged a dinner in Farage’s honour at “the embassy”, the nickname for the house the news group rented in Washington. According to a report in Bloomberg, attendees were “blown away” by Farage’s speech at the event, which was also attended by Sessions.

Then, on 24 June last year, the day after the UK voted to leave the EU, Farage thanked Bannon during an interview for Breitbart News’s coverage of the leave campaign. Bannon, in turn, congratulated Farage on his victory, saying he had led an extraordinary “David v Goliath” campaign.

Farage’s ties to Stone are also under scrutiny, it is understood. Stone has frequently publicised his relationship with Assange and described him on Twitter as “my hero”.

Stone publicly predicted the 2016 release of hacked emails from the Clinton campaign that now lie at the heart of the federal inquiry. Democrats on the House intelligence committee have named Stone in their hearings and, according to the New York Times, he is now under investigation.

Last summer, just a few weeks before Farage met Trump in Mississippi, Stone bragged about having a “mutual friend” who served as an intermediary between himself and Assange. He also mentioned in a separate tweet that he had dinner with Farage, though the date of the encounter is unclear.

After Trump’s victory, Farage was one of the first foreign politicians to meet and celebrate with the Republican president-elect, and had his picture taken with Trump in front of a golden elevator in Trump Tower just days after the US election.

In November, Trump suggested in a tweet Farage should become the UK’s ambassador to the US.

The tweet prompted a curt response from Downing Street, which pointed out that there was “no vacancy”. A spokesman said: “We already have an excellent ambassador.”

The pair met again in February, when they had dinner together with Trump’s daughter and adviser, Ivanka, and her husband and White House adviser, Jared Kushner.

Farage was asked about his relationship with Assange in a recent interview with Die Zeit, the German newspaper, after he was seen on 9 March leaving the Ecuadorian embassy where Assange has lived for years. Farage, who declared he had “never received a penny from Russia”, said he met Assange for “journalistic reasons”.

Pressed on his meetings with Russian officials in the past, Farage initially denied having had any, but then acknowledged that he had met Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian ambassador to the UK, in 2013.

Asked by Die Zeit what he was doing now, and whether he saw himself as a politician or a journalist, Farage concluded: “Changing public opinion. That’s what I have been doing for 20 years. Using television, media. Shifting public opinion. That’s what I am good at.”

A spokesman for Farage told the Guardian he had only met Assange on that one occasion. “The meeting was organised by a broadcaster, they could have easily sent another presenter instead.”

Key players in Russia-Trump investigation

Donald Trump

Donald Trump.
Photograph: UPI/Barcroft Images

The US president’s campaign team and people close to him are being investigated for possibly colluding with Russian state actors to influence the outcome of last November’s election. Trump, who has called the investigation “fake news” and recently fired the FBI director leading the case, was a staunch defender of Farage’s Brexit campaign and has met the former Ukip leader, whom he proposed several times as a possible UK ambassador to the US. While Trump recently said he would be OK with the US arresting Assange for leaks of sensitive information, he has previously sided with the Wikileaks founder, repeating Assange’s claim that he did not receive support from Russia.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage.
Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

The former Ukip leader was an enthusiastic supporter of Trump’s presidential campaign and attended the 2016 Republican national convention. He also has links with Steve Bannon, Trump’s White House strategist, and Roger Stone, the president’s decades-long political mentor. Farage has praised Vladimir Putin as a strong leader and has appeared several times on RT, Russia’s English-language propaganda channel. Farage has declined to say how much money RT paid him. Sources say Farage is a “person of interest” in the FBI’s investigation into whether Trump’s associates colluded with Russia during the presidential election.

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon.
Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty

The president’s chief White House strategist, who served as chief executive of the Trump campaign, has known Farage since 2012, when he was working as a senior editor at Breitbart News, the rightwing news website. The former investment banker – seen as the driving force behind Trump’s “America First” nationalist policies – hosted Farage in the US while he was leading Ukip and introduced him to key US conservatives. Breitbart strongly supported the leave campaign during the EU referendum in the UK and Bannon is seen as the main conduit between Trump and Farage.

Roger Stone

Roger Stone.
Photograph: Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters

The Republican operative, who has known Trump for decades, is at the centre of the FBI investigation. Stone, who reportedly keeps in touch with Trump, boasted last year that he had a “back channel” to Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, and predicted the release by Wikileaks of emails that damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Last summer, Stone tweeted that he had dinner with Farage – confirming the pair’s relationship – and had contact with Guccifer 2.0, who claimed responsibility for the hacking of Democratic party emails.

Julian Assange

Julian Assange.
Photograph: Frank Augstein/AP

The editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks played a key role in the release of hacked Democratic party emails, according to US intelligence agencies. They allege Russian hackers working for two Moscow spy agencies – the GRU and the FSB – gave the emails to Assange in London. WikiLeaks then published the leaked emails in July and October. This damaged Clinton’s campaign and helped Trump’s, US intelligence says. Assange denies the emails came from a state. In March, Farage visited Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, just days after he had dined with Trump in Washington.

To view the original article CLICK HERE
In consideration of links with Russia it is worth noting a posting from 12-Dec-2010

It is interesting to note that Ekaterina Paderina’s new married name is Banks and it would seem her husband Aaron Banks became the principle backer of Ukip with an income and resources that seem far from transparent6!

This correspondence between Ukip’s Press Office, the Farage gofer Gawain Towler and Gerard Batten thus becomes even more interesting:

From: Gawain Towler <>

To: Gerard Batten <>

Subject: Fwd: Evening Standard Letters – Katia Zatuliveter

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 14:27


Can you help here?


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: <>

Date: 6 December 2010 14:22

Subject: Evening Standard Letters – Katia Zatuliveter

To: Gawain Towler

Gawain hope all is well with you. I am following up our coverage about the

British Lib-Dem MP Mike Hancock’s assistant Katia Zatuliveter. Would any

UKIP MEPs with a particular knowledge of Russian diplomacy be interested in

commenting and would you possibly be able to help with something I am

working with the newsdesk on?

Josh Neicho

Evening Standard Letters

020 7938 7596

News, 6 December

The sister of suspected spy Katia Zatuliveter was under investigation today

as it emerged that she posted an internet advert promising to help other

Russians come to Britain.

Miss Zatuliveter’s older sister, Polina, works at the admissions office of

the University of Central Lancashire and used the web to offer free

assistance to any of her fellow citizens wanting to study here.

“Do you know anyone who would like to study in England? Summer schools,

colleges, university? I can help (for free),” her advert stated.

Polina is understood to be married to a British businessman, Andrew


The disclosure about her ad came as MI5 continued to investigate her

sister, 25, parliamentary assistant to Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock.

Katia Zatuliveter is facing deportation over alleged links with Russian


MI5 aims to assess whether any alleged espionage by Miss Zatuliveter might

have been part of a wider operation involving other possible spies.

She was arrested on Thursday and is being held at an immigration detention

centre, appealing against her deportation order. She came to the UK three

years ago to study at Bradford University.

She held a Commons pass and underwent security vetting before taking up her

position as Mr Hancock’s full-time assistant two and a half years ago. She

worked previously for him as an intern.

The latest developments came as the Kremlin considered how to react over

Miss Zatuliveter’s detention, including possible tit-for-tat expulsions,

while Moscow newspapers hailed her as a “sex bomb” spy to rival Anna

Chapman, who was arrested in the US earlier this year.

The newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets trumpeted: “Chapman has a rival as the

most sexy spy”.

Another mass-selling paper claimed Britain was taking revenge on Russia

trouncing England in last week’s battle to host the 2018 World Cup.

“If the English had not received a slap in the face in the elections for

the 2018 World Cup, there would have been no spy scandal,” said the

staunchly pro-government Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“All this looks like a petty act of revenge on Russia. Gentlemen — this is

not sporting.”

The latest alleged spying case follows the arrest of Chapman, 28, and nine

other alleged spies in New York and their expulsion to Russia in a Cold

War-style spy-swap deal with Moscow.

Chapman had earlier married and divorced a former British public schoolboy

and had lived in London for six years.

“Highly intelligent” Katia Zatuliveter was educated at the same Russian

university as Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin, himself a former KGB


She comes from the deep south of her country, the resort city of Mineralnye

Vodiy, where local sources suggested the family was affluent and


Andrei, the father of Katia and Polina, is listed as Russian representative

of a Lancashire-based company called Choices (Northern UK) of which his

son-in-law Andrew Cowburn is a director.

Set up in March, the company aims to offer “information, advice, guidance

and application support to international students wishing to study in the


News, 6 December

A review of parliamentary security checks was demanded today in the wake of

allegations surrounding MP’s assistant Katia Zatuliveter.

The call came as it emerged that Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock, who

employed Miss Zatuliveter, had access to a swathe of secrets useful to

Russian intelligence through his membership of the defence committee.

Sources said the Portsmouth South MP would also have been an “ideal target”

for Russian agents because of his constituency’s naval links and because he

had a relatively low profile.

His position on the committee would have allowed him to see confidential

documents and given access to important installations during committee


Chris Bryant, the shadow justice minister and the Labour MP who ousted Mr

Hancock from chairing the all-party Russia Group, said the episode must

trigger a full review of Commons vetting. He said Russian spies were

swarming over London in the same numbers as during the Cold War because of

the capital’s position as an international political centre.

Miss Zatuliveter, 25, underwent security vetting before taking up her

position. Mr Hancock is standing by his assistant, insisting that she has

“nothing to hide”. He has challenged the security services to produce

evidence against her.

Mr Bryant said: “Those who think that Russia is a transformed country are

clearly wrong. This is a regime one should not be aligned to.”


This e-mail and any attached files are intended for the named addressee only. It contains information,

which may be confidential and legally privileged and also protected by copyright. Unless you are the

named addressee (or authorised to receive for the addressee) you may not copy or use it, or disclose it to

anyone else. If you received it in error please notify the sender immediately and then delete it from your

system. Please be advised that the views and opinions expressed in this e-mail may not reflect the views

and opinions of Evening Standard Ltd. We make every effort to keep our network free from viruses.

However, you do need to check this e-mail and any attachments to it for viruses as we can take no

responsibility for any computer virus which may be transferred by way of this e-mail. Use of this or any

other e-mail facility signifies consent to any interception we might lawfully carry out to prevent abuse of

these facilities. Evening Standard Ltd. Registered Office: Northcliffe House, 2 Derry St, Kensington,

London, W8 5EE. Registered No 6770098 England.

Gawain Towler

Press Officer

UK Independence Party

Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group

May I suggest you do a little back story reading if you are not conversant with the facts start here:

aaFor more facts about Arron Banks CLICK HERE or HERE & ALSO HERE plus CLICK HERE & HERE and HERE TOO also HERE


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