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#Nigel_Farage’s Self Obsessed Ego Hollowed Out #Ukip Leading To Its Collapse …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/05/2017

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#Nigel_Farage’s Self Obsessed Ego Hollowed Out #Ukip Leading To Its Collapse …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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having studied Ukip’s 24 year history and commented on it, exposing its corruption, dishonesty, stupidity and serial failures for 20 years, firstly with news eMails, then with the rise of the blog and web sites also you tube, and laterly Twitter, I have commented regularly in this public domain.

This single site has an archive of almost 3,000 relevant postings, I can confirm that the comments below by Douglas Carswell are in many ways right, though I believe he over estimates the relevance of both Nigel Farage and Ukip wildly.

Ever since Nigel Farage joined Ukip shortly after its inception he has manipulated and angled his way to protect his leadership – even when he left the party and was in negotiations with the BNP he had his eye firmly fixed on leading a political party.

Nigel from time to time put in or permitted puppet leaders such as Roger Knapman and Malcolm Pearson although throughout he remaioned the defacto leader and even when the party had a leader in its own right as with Alan Sked and Michael Holmes, he was working behind the scenes to unseat them, as with the overthrow of Michael Holmes and the theft of the records – largely blamed on his tame sewer rat the odious and duplicitous liar Mark Croucher, who did his dirty work for him.

One major reason for Ukip’s collapse has been Nigel Farage’s perpetual hollowing out the uipper echelons of the party to ensure no one of any consequential ability was ever in a position to put an alternative point of view forward for disscussion – individuals who were trying to clean up the party and force it to act ethically, transparently and as a democratic entity such as Dr. David Abbott, Dr. Eric Edmonds, Richard Suchorzewski, Nikki Sinclaire and the like.

Some may well recall when Nigel Farage and his sycophantic cronies like Douglas Denny, David Bannerman, Mark Croucher, Mick Mcgough and tyheir odious ilk orchestrated his own equivalent of Crystal Nacht and the Reichstag Fire to purge the party of anyone of competence, qualification and integrity who might expose him or offer an alternative view point.

Nigel Farage achieved his aim and having hollowed out any pretence at skill or structure Ukip was left under his absolute control, but that had its own drawbacks not least of which was the limited skill base. Ukip was very clearly doomed in the long run

Even individuals of such stunning mediocracy as Patrick O’Flynn, Suzanne Evans, Diane James, Stephen Wolfe and the like were either fortced out or forced to the margins and idiots and incompetents were elevated around the glorious leader! Just look at the low grade of MEPs the party has presented over the years, there have been almost none of any merit or ability.

Nigel Farage has ensured the party has been utterly dependent on him and that he has been the unchallenge leader – little wonder that aws he has tried to broaden his wings and feed his ego on a different platform Ukip has withered and died.

It is clear to the informed, and Douglas Carswell touches on the fact that Nigel Farage had very little to do with achieving BreXit in that he points out that had Farage had a pivotal role with his new found, if very suspect, new best friend and banker Arron Banks and had they been in the BreXit lead team during the Referendum it is almost a certainty that the vote would have gone the other way and David Cameron would be leading the Tories in a lack luster campaign to subsume Britain in every aspect of the evils of the EU and the opportunity of liberty, democracy and self determination on a global stage for these United Kingdoms would have been lost for at least a generation, or until the EU collapsed under a frontal onslaught from China via open border policies and Britain may well have become just a footnote in history.

Now at least Britain has an opportunity to thrive with its own unique values of independence and liberty via taking a lead with BreXit which in the long run will not only benefit Britain but also force change and some common sense on what is left of the EU, helping to bring to a close this era of external influence via Chinese money and Russian manipulation of the ambitions of some of the dangerous elements of Nationalism such as we have seen with the denigartion of Britain and unlikely sources of finance via RT and Russian brides with hidden political doweries!

Ex-UKIP MP Douglas Carswell blames Nigel Farage for party’s collapse

‘If Ukip had been in charge of the Leave campaign, I believe David Cameron would still be PM and we would have voted to Remain’


Nigel Farage has only himself to blame for Ukip’s collapse as a political force, the party’s former MP Douglas Carswell has said.

Mr Carswell, who quit Ukip before announcing he would stand down as an MP at the 8 June election, said the party’s former leader put voters off with “angry outbursts” over immigrants.

His comments came after a disastrous set of local elections for the eurosceptic party, which lost more than 100 councillors and won only a single seat on Thursday.

Leader Paul Nuttall acknowledged the party had lost large numbers of supporters to Conservatives, but insisted it had a “great future” so long as it could “stay on the pitch and hold its ground”.

Voters would come back in droves once Theresa May starts to make compromises in Brexit negotiations, he said.

But the near-wipeout prompted millionaire former donor Arron Banks to declare Ukip “finished as an electoral force” under its current leadership.

Mr Carswell and Mr Farage have long been at daggers-drawn, with the former Ukip leader accusing the party’s first elected MP of working to undermine it.

Writing in The Mail On Sunday, Mr Carswell said his defection from the Tories and subsequent victory in the 2014 Clacton by-election marked a highpoint for Ukip which was later set back by Mr Farage’s outspoken comments.

“Ukip alone offered the chance of change. But we blew it,” he said.

“We won almost 60 per cent of the vote in Clacton by talking about GPs, not just immigration. In Rochester, we won by reaching out beyond our base.

“But rather than learn from that, Nigel Farage reverted to type.

“On the day we triumphed in Clacton, the then Ukip leader majored on migrants with HIV.

“Then he managed to end up in an argument about mothers breastfeeding in public, before making rude noises about Romanians.

“Why? Far from having a strategy, we seemed to be driven by whatever came out of Nigel’s mouth.”

Mr Carswell claimed David Cameron was keen to debate with Mr Farage on TV because he believed it would ensure the Leave side lost the EU referendum.

The former Clacton MP said: “If Ukip had been in charge of the Leave campaign, I believe David Cameron would still be PM and we would have voted to Remain

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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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