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#Arron_Banks Makes A Bid To Buy #Ukip With Dictatorial Powers …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/02/2017

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#Arron_Banks Makes A Bid To Buy #Ukip With Dictatorial Powers …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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Leave.EU’s Arron Banks has followed up his call to be made UKIP Chairman in order to sort the party out with an open letter.

Banks makes clear that he believes UKIP is at a crossroads and that the party can replace Labour as the opposition.

As the only contributor of any note to Ukip funding and as Ukip MEPs speclacularly fail to contribute to party funds, save it seems when they wish to buy their own selection or election, Arron Banks is effectively using money he has sourced, whether from Russia or other nefarious deals is a moot point as it is hard to locate where profits commensurate with his claimed wealth have been generated with little trace of any assetts of substance relative to his claimed wealth!

Arron Banks is effectively buying the moribund shell of Ukip, which will clearly wither without him, his aim being to buy and effectively own outright his own personal fiefdom in the political world as we move forward on the achievements of Nikki Sinclaire’s petition and the Referendum she gained for us, moving towards BreXit with Theresa May very firmly in the saqddle to negotiate the best deal she can regardless of the efforts of Labour, the SNP, The Greens, the Remoaners, much of the media and a few well funded individuals acting in self interest.

Let’s see how Paul Nuttall responds. I doubt it will be well as he will not wish to be shown for the untrustworthy inadequate he indubitably has been shown and proven to be.

The full letter reads:

Dear Paul,

The Labour Party is dying in its heartlands and remains out of touch with millions of its traditional voters.

The last General Election saw Labour collapse in Scotland. Under its current leadership, it is facing the same fate in England and Wales.

We failed to capitalise in the Stoke Central by-election because we adopted a ‘Red UKIP’ strategy which failed to appeal to the tactical Conservative voters we relied upon.

The British people have awarded Theresa May a ‘Brexit dividend’ for the time-being, however it will soon become clear that the Tories talk a good talk but fail to deliver on their promises. As they water down Brexit and bottle the opportunity to tackle immigration head on, the appetite for a party such as UKIP will return in spades.

In Copeland, UKIP voters lent their vote to the Tories in a bid to keep out Labour while Labour lost support to the Liberal Democrats.

Stoke was poorly handled in terms of messaging but more importantly we lacked the radical policies that were necessary to draw support from both traditional Labour and Conservative voters.

UKIP has been criticised for not making an electoral breakthrough but it has led the agenda in a way that no political party ever has. The pressure UKIP placed on establishment politicians throughout Nigel’s tenure led to David Cameron promising a referendum and Theresa May has effectively rebranded her Conservative Party in the UKIP mould.

The Labour campaign in Stoke Central felt it necessary to adopt key UKIP messaging just to scrape over the line, while UKIP copied the old Labour message on the NHS – not very clever!

In preparation for the referendum, Richard Tice and I created Leave.EU from scratch. Fifteen months later, it is the largest online political movement in the UK with close to a million social media followers, 100,000+ signed up members with fantastic engagement online. We recently started renewing memberships and the interest is still very high.

We pioneered AI technology for the first time in a UK election using similar techniques that helped Donald Trump storm to victory.

Our Facebook page is still growing at more than 2,000 a week with engagement levels at an all-time high. The best performing video of the campaign was viewed by 13 million people – 1/4 of the British electorate.

Leave.EU raised over £11m, more than the official Leave campaign.

Next month, we will be issuing a radical policy agenda that our team has put together for consultation where we will be asking the public and our members to contribute ideas. The best of these will be open to an online Direct Democracy system that will allow everyone to vote on the best policies.

The Leave.EU CEO visited the Five Star Movement in Italy last summer to gain a greater understanding of the technology behind the movement and we have been busy replicating their website and the Direct Democracy element of their campaign as well as exploring AI technology in greater detail.

The movement will be open for anyone to join – I urge you to sign up!

Turning to UKIP, I wouldn’t want to list the deficiencies in the party organisation as it would take too long.

As you are aware, I have offered to take over as Chairman of UKIP in order to transform it into an efficient, professional and ultimately electable party.

My first move would be to bring in a CEO from industry who would oversee the following:

  • A total rebrand of the image of the party.
  • An initial target of attaining 100,000 members within 18 months.
  • A professional team at the heart of the party including 15 trained professional agents to work on campaign strategy for our target seats in 2020.
  • Creating a policy agenda that is radical with direct input from the public using online Direct Democracy.
  • Engaging Nigel once again in UKIP – he is our biggest asset and needs to become energised with the party once again and work with you to deliver UKIP MPs.

The party is at a crossroads. We have to be radical to become relevant once again.

UKIP can replace Labour as the party of opposition.

Yours sincerely,

Arron Banks

Leave.EU Chairman



Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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