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The Judge Considered #Paul_Nuttall Implausible as A Witness For #Ukip …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/02/2017


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The Judge Considered #Paul_Nuttall Implausible as A Witness For #Ukip …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




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you will have noted HERE that I consider Paul Nuttall to be untrustworthy and unreliable, calling into question his somewhat belated stories about Hillsborough.

Yo may recall that in that same post I stated that the only convincing provenance that Paul Nuttall was at Hillsborough on that fatefull day would be photographic. Sadly it seems Nuttall chose not to convince but to exploit the Operation Resolve report fror his own personal gain by seeking to make his story of being at Hillsborough less implausible by finally choosing to make a statement, clearly for his own gain as had it been for the families, the bereaved and justice he would have made the statement at least 20 years ago. There is little point in adding his supposed experiences long after the even but indeed long after the findings of the report have been published!

Judge calls #Nuttall ‘implausible’ – can his #Hillsborough statement be trusted?

Yesterday morning, UKIP leader and Stoke Central parliamentary candidate Paul Nuttall told BBC Radio 5 that he had spent ‘more than 3 hours’ giving a statement on his alleged experiences at the Hillsborough tragedy to police officers of Operation Resolve, the criminal investigation into the unlawful deaths of 96 Liverpool fans.

The SKWAWKBOX has enquiries in with Greater Manchester Police’s press officer about the nature and duration of the statement and their curious description of his visit as ‘he met the criteria for giving a statement’, but evidence has emerged this morning that calls into question the veracity of any information Mr Nuttall included in his statement.

In 2010, then-UKIP Press Officer Mark Croucher took Greg Lance-Watkins of the then-named Caterpillars and Butterflies blog (now Eukup vs UKIP) to court for allegedly violating copyright by his use of an image of Nigel Farage, claiming a punitive sum of around £100,000.

Mr Croucher lost the case and the judge awarded Mr Lance-Watkins £13,000 including all his costs – a sum for which he is still waiting seven years later. The lawyers’ ‘note of judgment’ on the judge’s decision to ‘strike down’ Mr Croucher’s case can be found here.

However, of primary interest to us today is that then-UKIP Chairman Paul Nuttall submitted a statement in support of Mr Croucher’s case – a statement which the judge called ‘implausible‘.


If Paul Nuttall is prepared to submit a statement that the judge considered incredible, unbelievable, in a sworn document to a court of law, why should – how can – we believe that any statement he made to Operation Resolve is reliable and not a desperate attempt to restore his image by doing something he should have done decades ago if his claim to have been at Hillsborough was genuine?

To view the original article CLICK HERE

Other than yet another photo of Godfrey Bloom, indistinguishable from others and claimed by Ukip’s Press & Publicity Officer to have been used sometime earlier in leaflets and for the media to reprint there was this photograph of Nigel Farage:
FARAGE, Nigel awash 01 publicity pic co CROUCHER
Stqanding in a puddle on a building site and widely available on various web sites without any attribution – the judge found in my favour, not surprisingl!
For more on Nuttall’s apparent perfidy re Hillsborough & his implausible claims and CV CLICK HERE & HERE & HERE & ALSO HERE & CLICK HERECLICK HERE + CLICK HERE


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