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#UKIP official “none of our MEPs want #Brexit – INCL #Farage” …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/02/2017

#UKIP official “none of our MEPs want #Brexit – INCL #Farage” …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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#UKIP official “none of our MEPs want #Brexit – INCL #Farage” is a subject dealt with in the past on this web site, with the wording of Michael McManus & I remember being threatened for publishing details of the little chap at that time – quite funny really as I have the ready defence of ‘veritas’ as with all else I publish 😉

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you may remember this story was published on Ukip-vs-EUkip web site long ago – sorry I lack the time  enthusiasm to provide the URL but if you need it I’m sure it will be traceable for you 😉

Exclusive: hear senior #UKIP official “none of our MEPs want #Brexit – INCL #Farage”

For all the talking-up of their electoral chances in the Copeland and Stoke by-elections by Paul Nuttall and the pro-UKIP Daily Express, UKIP is a party in crisis.

Technically bankrupt according to party sources, bereft of purpose following the referendum result and under investigation for electoral fraud in this country and for huge financial fraud and child pornography allegations in Europe, the party is on the verge of implosion.

Now a recording has emerged that may just be the straw that breaks the UKIP camel’s back.

mcmanus quote.jpg

Michael McManus is a former UKIP MEP candidate, senior party adviser, vice-president of its youth organisation, ‘parliamentary attache‘ of UKIP Friends of Israel and well-known in those circles for his closeness to senior party figures – he is alleged, for example, to have helped Paul Nuttall fabricate evidence to discredit Gregg Beaman when Nuttall wanted Beaman’s position as lead MEP candidate for the north-west and was accused of only achieving the vice-president position because of his closeness to Farage.

So, as a source of information on UKIP affairs, he can be considered well placed. According to his Linkedin profile, he is a ‘policy expert’ at the European Parliament, so he’s also well placed to know the party’s MEPs.

Just after the referendum result last year, Mr McManus was recorded ‘holding forth’ to an unknown interlocutor about the state of affairs inside the party. The SKWAWKBOX has obtained a copy of this recording and to call it damning of the calibre of UKIP’s elected representatives would be kind in the extreme.

The recording is also likely to estrange the party from those who voted to leave the EU last June – and make them even less popular with those who voted to remain.

The relevant excerpt is less than three minutes long and the most relevant section begins at the -minute mark. In it, Mr McManus:

  • describes MEPs as c******kers who are ‘unemployable
  • explains how they desperately don’t want to leave the EU
  • claims UKIP’s MEPs are good for nothing other than getting ‘pissed every day and hav[ing] a tax-free salary
  • and, most damningly, claims that then-party leader Nigel Farage has a history of firing anyone who looks competent enough to actually achieve Britain leaving the EU

Here are a few key quotes – you can hear the full recording at the end of this article:

Alistair and Lee and all these other c******kers, I mean, they’re unemployable in any adult job

..this [MEP] job where you just get pissed every day and have a tax-free salary – you know they don’t want to leave the European Union

[on the reaction of senior UKIP figures including Farage toward competent, motivated UKIP people]: ooh, shit, we’d better stop that – we might actually get out! – ooh, sh*t, smear them…and Nigel fires someone of that calibre!?

More than ever it’s clear that the Brexit project was little more than a Nigel Farage vanity project that he never expected – or even wanted – to succeed, aided and abetted by the inadequate and easily-led.

No wonder he was seen applying for German citizenship the day after the result.

Listen to the full excerpt for yourself: GOTO The original article

And in case you want to verify for yourself that the voice is Michael McManus, here he is speaking at a UKIP conference in 2009 – I wouldn’t recommend listening for any longer than absolutely necessary, of course:

To view the original article CLICK HERE


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