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Nigel Farage’s VIP Invite To #Trump’s Inauguration Was Rescinded …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/01/2017

Nigel Farage’s VIP Invite To #Trump’s Inauguration Was Rescinded …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




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Nigel Farage’s VIP Invite To #Trump’s Inauguration Was Rescinded based on our private contacts with individuals close to Trump who not only know they can trust us but who Trump trusts …

Isn’t It Time For Another Ukip Leadership Election With The Truth About Nuttall Now Known?

000a ukip-025 count.png



I am pleased to say that based on inside American information prior to the inauguration I was aware that although Nigel Farage had been given a ticket to the Inauguration by an irresponsible third party associate, based on advice to Trump via a well informed long term contact, who provided the facts and the truth regarding Nigel Farage the invitation was deliberately withdrawn.

I was asked not to publish the facts unless it broke in the media, which it has, and therefore I am happy to confirm the story as largely factually accurate.

I have found this period very frustrating having details to hand but unable to make the story available, despite the self serving drivel from Nigel Farage and his accolytes. It has been even more frustrating as I had known long ago of the route to the ear of Trump and its strength!

Particularly frustrating has been the media’s manipulation of facts to publish the lies from Farage’s camp, merely to use Ukip as a tool to beat Labour with and with which to irritate the Tories by implying Farage had taken a major part in achieving BreXit, when in fact Farage had absolutely nothing to do with the actual manner in which Britain has achieved an unequivocal BreXit – when in fact Nigel Farage had actively campaigned against a Referendum and colluded with the criminal liar John Ison to try to have Nikki Sinclaire inprisoned, which would have ensured she would not have o0btained the 100,000 signature petition which brought about the House of Commons debate that led to David Cameron experiencing his first great defeat in Parliament & subsequently publishing a promise to hold an in/out EU Referendum in the Tory Manifesto.

For good measure, not only did Nikki Sinclaire go on to obtain 250,000 signatures but also she proved John Ison to be a liar, showed in Court that John Ison had criminally colluded with Nigel Farage, had fabricated evidence and had lied in the hope of his own prefferment in return for services to Farage. Nikki Sinclaire was totally exhonourated of all the lies and accusations made against herby, what would seem to have been a partisan Police Force & CPS colluding with Ukip.

It is just such corrupt behaviour on the part of Nigel Farage & Ukip leadership that led to Farage and his cronies standing in the rain on a street corner to watch the inaguration rather than being on the VIP circuit as an invited guest welcome as a valued guest at the many parties – instead Farage and his gullible sponsors were forced to hold a party for themselves at ludicrous cost with virtually no American guests of any political note – hangers on and hotel staff far outnumbering the guests of any consequence!

Photo evidence #FarageNoVIP: VIP invite to #Trump inauguration rescinded

Sincere thanks to Anne Gillion, Andy King and Sam Kriss, who together combined to bring to the attention of the SKWAWKBOX photographic evidence that supports this blog’s exclusive revelation that former UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s VIP ‘golden ticket’ invitation to the Presidential inauguration had been rescinded by Donald Trump shortly before the event.

The telling evidence shows Farage ‘slumming it’ in the street on 20 January, the day of the inauguration, when a VIP guest would have been at receptions or parties before/after the event or else at the inauguration itself:


Anyone who knows anything about Farage knows there is no way he’d be smoking a cigarette on a messy street corner when he could be hobnobbing it – and getting photographed doing it – among the rich, famous and powerful.

So it really does appear that Mr Farage was cold-shouldered by Trump as soon as his usefulness was over. Considered irrelevant and rejected by one of the world’s worst people – no wonder he kept quiet about it and tried to put on a brave face at his hugely-expensive, whole-hotel-floor party. Which Trump also snubbed.


Let’s hope the BBC catches onto Farage’s irrelevance soon.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

It was a matter of public record that Nigel Farage & his cronies had VIP invitations to the Presidential Inauiguration. Tickets that were withdrawn on Donald Trump’s instruction in the light of the facts that were given to him by a very trusted and trustworthy adviser.

Why did #Trump rescind #Farage’s VIP inauguration invite?

It’s a matter of record that Nigel Farage received a VIP ‘golden ticket invitation‘ to Donald Trump’s inauguration. It’s also rumoured that Farage was extremely proud of this and was showing it to anyone who would listen. Certainly he was not camera shy ahead of the ceremony:

What nobody appears to have remarked on so far is that there appear to be no pictures of Farage at the inauguration – nor even any mention of his actually attending. Given that Farage is anything but reticent about grabbing every photo opportunity, this should be surprising enough to attract attention.

Farage did throw a huge post-inauguration party in Trump’s honour, hiring the entire top floor of an expensive hotel a stone’s throw from the White House – and there is no shortage of pictures of him at this event, at which he is said to have praised Trump to the proverbial rafters.


inaug party.png

Nigel Farage, with Arron Banks in the background, at their inauguration party


Even diarists of the day who fawned over Farage’s party conspicuously omit any mention of him actually attending the inauguration itself.

The SKWAWKBOX can reveal that, according to extremely well-placed sources, the reason for the dearth of images or accounts of Farage at the inauguration ceremony is a simple one: his invitation was rescinded shortly before the event.

tf divorce.png

But who’ll get the Wagner CD collection?

By whom? Judging by the chummy group selfie with Mississippi governor Phil Bryant in Farage’s tweet above, it wasn’t Bryant’s doing – and it suggests that the withdrawal happened at very short notice, unless Farage was putting on a very brave face the day before the event. Which would leave Trump or his team as the likely source.

Farage may, of course, have attended as part of the main ‘crowd’ (such as it was), but would be very unlikely to spread photos of him mingling with the ordinary people when the media was expecting him in the thick of the formal invitees.

The SKWAWKBOX also understands that Mr Farage was repeatedly heard assuring journalists at the bash that Trump would be appearing, as the media had been trailing in the days before the event.

He did not attend at any point, in spite of the nearness of the venue.

Could the already-reviled US President have decided that Nigel Farage is too toxic even for him?

To view the original article CLICK HERE

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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