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Ukip Cornwall (South West) Seems As Corrupt As Ever!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/05/2016

Ukip Cornwall (South West) Seems As Corrupt As Ever!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


Ukip Cornwall (South West) Seems As Corrupt As Ever! When it comes to corruption and internal squabbling little changes in Ukip over the years.

000a ukip-025 count.png

the story of Ukip in the South West has been an ongoing debacle for a number of years, right back to when Gawain Towler was dumped by the SW Committee as their candidate because of the facts pertaining to his sexual arousal by his own daughter whilst bathing with her – then the total disregard for democracy within Ukip when he was reinstated a couple of days later by Nigel Farage and promoted within the party.
Meanwhile this was the time when Nigel Farage orchestrated – nay invented – a witch hunt to remove Dr. Eric Edmonds who had been elected by the people of the SW both as their representative on the National Ukip NEC as with Dr. David Abbott – they were dishonestly ousted by Nigel Farage and cronies who feared their efforts to make the party both more accountable and more transparent by for the members.
This was also at the time that the scoundrel Malcolm Wood was colluding behind the backs of elected Ukip committees to engineer his own choices for positions within the party to assist the corruption and the continued dominence of Nigel Farage rendering the party as something of a one man band with individuals like Douglas Denny corrupting internal selection processes and elections aided by low lifes like of Mark Croucher & Mick McGough.
Meanwhile it seemed that some in control were robbing the party blind – viz less than 15% of the money collected via Ashworth Call Centre ever reaching the party (described by Nigel Farage as Ukip’s best ever fund raising scheme).
It was around that time that this web site disclosed the fact that Nigel Farage had set up an off shore trust in The Isle of Man and had in one deposit alone invested £250,000 in the tax haven!
Make of this what you will.


UKIP’s rotten ‘Camborne Redruth and Hayle’ branch in Cornwall was supposed to be shut down after the election due to abject failure to achieve by-election sucess (23% REVERSAL in Pendarves, Camborne) not to mention almost total collapse of the branch during general election campaign, ousting of the branch Chairman and other officals by a cabal led by Cornwall Councilor Harry Blakeley – who then took over the branch himself! 


Already covered here: 


Steve Crowther for reasons unknown made a “180 degree u-turn” and decided to bin the idea and keep the branch open! Nobody knows why, apart from Crowther!


Since then UKIP Cornwall has been a “distaster zone”, and is at the centre of a dispute with members over Anti-Semitic messages eminating from the St Ives branch. Crowther’s failures have caused MAJOR donors to pull out of UKIP funding, including personal friends of Nigel Farage in the Duchy who we, we are reliably informed, are “disgusted” with UKIP’s failure to do anything about these problems!


Local activists that attempted to deal with these issues were given no support from Crowther or UKIP Cornwall Council leader Steph McWilliams, in fact the party threatened those loyal members who attempted to deal with rampant corruption and anti-semitism with disiplinary action should they dare speak of it in public! 




From: Steve Crowther <>
Sent: 29 June 2015 15:14
Subject: Re: URGENT – Closing Camborne Hayle Redruth


If Camborne, Redruth & Hayle branch has irreconcilable disputes or is failing to find adequate leadership, you have my permission to suspend the committee and take it into regional control, under rule B.7.2. However, I recommend identifying a caretaker chairman to keep the home fires burning.

Regards, Steve

Steve Crowther

Chairman, UK Independence Party (UKIP)


This email and any attachments to it may be confidential and are intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. Any views or opinions expressed should not be regarded as, and are not intended to be, legal or other advice and are solely those of the author, they are not intended for publication and do not necessarily represent those of the UK Independence Party or the EFDD Group. Any third party email addresses that may be displayed in this email may not be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system without the written permission of the UK Independence Party or the sender. If you are not the intended recipient of this email, you must neither take any action based upon its contents, nor copy or show it to anyone. Please contact the sender if you believe you have received this email in error.



Date: Monday, 29 June 2015 11:57
To: Steve Crowther <>
Subject: Re: URGENT – Closing Camborne Hayle Redruth


Just to be clear, does your comment below “I am sure you are right” equate to your written permission to close this dysfunctional branch?  Unfortunately, the miscommunication, trouble-making & negativity coming out of CHR is invariably widely copied to other members & branches by the Chairman & undermines UKIP’s good name.  I have always done my best by the Party & will take this step in the interests of the EU Referendum as I close down tomorrow if I have your backing.  As you know, I drafted the letters to the committee & membership several days ago.   

By the way, I will be attending the Taunton County meeting this evening as it seems the professional & proper thing to do!




A meeting was arranged so that members could voice their concerns, alas, the meeting was “spolied” by St Ives Chairman Guppy, Camborne Chairman Blakeley, plus an univited guest. The police were almost called to the meeting. Result? PROMOTION of Mr Guppy to “Vice Chairman of the County” a position that does not exist within UKIP!


Sent: 16 October 2015 15:47:25
To: Ukip St. Ives (
Cc: Bob Smith (; graham calderwood (; Harry Blakely (; Steve Kendall (; UKIP Stephanie McWilliam (;;; Brian Bailey (; Maggie Perkovic (; Mick Faulkner (; Peter Mates (; Rosey Smith (; Sandy Martin (; u Nina Payne (; u Peter Rogers (; Steve Crowther (; Michael Muldowney (

3 attachments (total 37.4 KB)


Dear confused Stuart,

I’m not sure why you’ve written to me, or any of the other recipients of your ludicrous email.

Let me give you some advice and guidance:

  1. For a start, get your facts right.  The person who wrote the minutes for the meeting on the 16th of September, was RO Guy Parfitt.  I have re read the meagre account that Guy submitted as being the Minutes for this meeting, and can find no mention of “that woman”. See attachment.
  1. Your version of the events, and with regard to the disruption that you, Blakeley and the woman caused at the start of the meeting, is complete rubbish. There is a full transcript of every word spoken during this 20 minute period of the meeting. This transcript exposes the fact that you have been blatantly misleading others into believing yours and Blakeley’s version of events. 

I suggest we meet up at your next branch meeting and discuss this matter openly.  Michael Muldowney would be happy to attend as well, and we’d be more than willing to present the transcript, plus other evidence…. can we agree to do this ?, after all, It’s only right that having copied so many in on this matter, that they should know the truth, and you will have the opportunity to prove me wrong, I think not!!! 

I also attach another damning comment regarding the perceived disgusting behaviour on the part of all three of you. See attachment.  I think this comment sums up the general consensus of opinion from those who were at the meeting, and were unfortunately subjected to yours, Blakeley’s, and the woman’s obnoxious behaviour, in not only attempting to shut the meeting down, but by using the woman to do it.  (Gutless is word that springs to mind)  All three of you slunk away from the building after being told to leave.  This of course can be fully verified by the security staff. The business of the meeting then continued without further disruption.

  1. My advice, You thought you could cause problems, and disrupt the meeting. You succeeded for Twenty minutes in delaying the agenda for the evening.  I’m not sure what cost benefits you derived from this futile exercise, but let me assure you that your irrational behaviour does more harm than good, so start acting in a more professional manner, or perhaps, just retire gracefully. The same advice is available to Chm Blakeley.

On another subject, and given the working relationship that you enjoy with Chm Blakeley,  I have attached a message that I received from Steve Crowther on the 30th of June, giving permission to put CR&H branch into special measures by removing Harry Blakeley as Chairman of the branch.  This came about as a result of a direct instruction from Nigel Farage at a meeting earlier this year.

There were issues during the GE campaign that precluded this edict from being implemented immediately, however, action with regard to this subject is ongoing, and hopefully will be concluded shortly.

Oops, you requested an apology, the answers no, but if you accept the proposed meeting, I’ll more than willingly apologise if I’m proved to be wrong, much as you will, ‘ve no doubt, when your proven wrong!

I look forward to your acceptance e-mail, please include the date, time, and venue for the meeting.

My kind regards,





David Lucas, who has described the Cornish as “unwashed” took the mantle from Crowther and decided to lay down the law on his behalf!




Subject: Re: A meeting to disclose the facts behind the current impasse.
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2015 12:48:03 +0000


Thanks for the email.  Once again, I have taken the liberty of copying this to REDACTED – as I did previously without adverse comment from you – since you may well agree that he should not be kept in the dark.

You say: ‘The opportunity to deal with the ongoing problems on an amicable basis is long gone.’  and ‘…there is little hope of dealing with these issues “in house’ thereby protecting UKIP’s image’.  Since you have not specifically mentioned the possible meeting of the three of us I take this to mean that you do not now want to pursue that line.  The phrase “in house” is ambiguous: do you mean within the Cornwall Committee, or within UKIP writ large?  I suspect the former, in which case – after having spent hours reading much material including MM’s detailed dossier –  I agree with you.  I am sure you do not mean the latter – to bring up the issue outside Party channels – since that could only harm the Party and do more harm than good.

Yesterday (9 Dec) I discussed the issues with Steve Crowther and he has made the following rulings:

  1. He has investigated the various complaints made primarily by you but also REDACTED against Harry Blakely and Stuart Guppy, and has decided that they do not provide grounds for Party disciplinary action.
  1. If you or REDACTED wish to take these complaints further, you should do so using the Disciplinary Procedures laid down in the Party Constitution and Rule Book.  You should get the appropriate forms from Diane Belk, and send them in duplicate when completed  to David Chalice at Lexdrum.  He will then initiate the necessary procedures within the Disciplinary Committee.
  1. This dispute is not to be further discussed in Cornwall County Committee meetings.
  1. This dispute should not receive any public airing outside UKIP channels.  Any attempt to do so – e.g. promulgating anything relating to them in social media – could subject the perpetrator to Party disciplinary action,

The way ahead then is twofold.  The County Committee will not discuss these old disputes, but will get on with other important County business.   Meanwhile you or REDACTED or both are free to table a complaint under the Party Constitution and Rules as I have previously mentioned more than once.  As I understand it, neither Harry nor Stuart is planning to resign; therefore the only ways to remove them are for their branch to vote them out, or for them to be removed by the Party Discipline Committee following a substantiated complaint.  There is no formal action that the County Chairman or Committee can take, so there is no point in discussing the issue in County meetings.  I agree with you that rotten apples should be eliminated, but this must be through the laid-down procedures. 

Finally – a minor point that is not relevant to the main issue – I do not see that I have to ‘defend’ myself for accepting the County Chairman role without knowing all the facts.  I accepted nomination reluctantly because I wanted to find out the facts and do all I could to defuse the issue so that Cornwall could get on with its main aims.  Formerly, as a non-member of the Committee I was aware of the dispute, but had no locus standi  to question people on the issue.  As Chairman I had a mandate to do so.  Following Steve’s rulings, I no longer need to exercise it.

Best wishes




More to come on this story, perhaps when Crowther is ousted as chief UKIP seller of snake oil he can join the white wash business!


Whether the above material, which flags up many points made on this web site elsewhere, was supplied to me now because it is ongoing (from what I hear it is) or because there is an election in process I leave to you to speculate.
Do also consider this critique of Ukip Cornwall, firast published on 11-Apr-2016:


Cornwall might be on the periphery of the UK, but when it comes to UKIP it is central to their plans – and for those of us who keep tabs, an interesting barometer of UKIP fortunes. ‘Kipper’ success in the Duchy was at one time promoted heavily by the party, after it ‘won’ the 2014 EU elections with 37% of the vote in the county, it also returned the party six seats in 2013’s local elections.

Cornwall: Lots of elderly retirees, and by the sea. Perfect Ukip territory, you’d think.

The county has a unitary authority council running it, and there is high support for a Cornish assembly that would maximise devolved powers replacing the existing system, and although UKIP are against it, at one time they conceivably could have won seats in the proposed ‘parliament’.

It’s also one of just two UK regions (along with South Wales) in receipt of generousEuropean Regional Development Funding (ERDF) worth around £500m over six years.

This money has been used to fund infrastructure and education, however, UKIP wish to do away with it and despite claims they would replace it we’re yet to see any costed, serious, plans.

With the news that UKIP Cornwall Councillor Mark Hicks has quit, the party’s local representatives have fallen to just two, from the original six.

We have already covered the situation with racism and anti-Semitism in our previous articles, and with UKIP’s utter unprofessionalism and repeated gaffes in Cornwall we feel they are totally unelectable.

This should be a warning for anybody considering voting for UKIP as their local representative.

Here is our run down of UKIP’s Cornish Council failures. 

MICHAEL KEOGH – Elected to a ward in the Falmouth and Truro area, Keogh became the first of the six to quit just months after the election. No official explanation from UKIP was given but rumours circulated about his health issues, which we are told were legitimate.

VIV LEWIS – Lewis claimed he was a paper candidate who just happened to get elected (by 12 votes) and in his mid-eighties when he came to office. Immediately involved in public bout of racism, he claimed he couldn’t be racist because he had “been to the West Indies on holiday”.  He resigned in 2015 and his seat was won by Labour. Mr Lewis passed away in January of this year.

HARRY BLAKELEY – Blakeley a former brewery manager resigned from his seat just weeks after the general election, triggering a by-election at additional cost to the tax-payer. His tenure as a Cornwall Councillor was marred by several embarrassing gaffes (full blog post on them soon) including illegally allowing travellers onto private land, and a string of very strange episodes involving his ‘protégé’ the notorious Cornish BNP activist, Rosie Ward.

MARK HICKS – A “strange individual” who we are told was “never seen” at UKIP events and functions. Turned up for council votes but did nothing else of note. We’re also told Hick’s “goes everywhere with his parents”. He stood down suddenly citing “personal reasons” using a facebook message to write to the leader of Cornwall Council.

DEREK ELLIOTT – We’re told Elliott is a “solid councillor and a good chap”. A 2010 PPC who had a good profile in his constituency, he was pushed aside for ‘big draw’ Bob Smith, a personal friend of Nigel Farage for the Camborne/Redruth target seat. Still remains a Cornwall Councillor but we are told he won’t be running again in 2017.

STEPHANIE McWILLIAMS – Long term UKIP insider and former party health spokeswoman who has done the rounds on regional and county committees. Led the council election campaign on a pledge to oppose house building, but then voted for a 45,000 increase anyway. A lame duck since the housing vote, McWilliams was also involved in the anti-Semitic cover up in St Ives (see our previous articles) which caused donors to withdraw £100k in funding and support. We’re are also told she “did nothing” to support her general election candidate. She has since resigned her chairmanship of South East Cornwall and does not plan to seek re-election in 2017.

Cornwall – a little microcosm of how Ukip works.
To view the original article CLICK HERE

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