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Behind The Facade Nigel Farage’s Ukip Cult Are Fighting Like Ferrets In A Sack

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/05/2015

Behind The Facade Nigel Farage’s Ukip Cult Are Fighting Like Ferrets In A Sack

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Behind The Facade Nigel Farage’s Ukip Cult Are Fighting Like Ferrets In A Sack like bald old men fighting over a comb, unaware their days of consequence are over & they are just a nuisance.

000a ukip-025 count.png


UKIP Policy Chief Suzanne Evans ‘Cried’ After Backstabbing Farage

UKIP’s Deputy Chairman and head of policy Suzanne Evans is reported to have cried and “begged for a job at Breitbart” after a failed coup against UKIP leader Nigel Farage, according to party sources.

Evans, who was credited with UKIP’s flawless manifesto launch, is said to have “bought into” the Carswell narrative in believing that a leadership coup against Nigel Farage was credible and a “done deal”. After Mr Farage’s advisors got wind of the manipulation, they are said to have confronted the problem, and blocked a “left wing takeover” of the party by Ms Evans and the out of favour Patrick O’Flynn.

Breitbart London has learned that as Suzanne Evans discovered that she was Mr Farage’s favourite to be interim leader of the party, she began plotting to make the left-leaning Patrick O’Flynn the chairman of the party. Mr Farage’s advisors discovered the plot and blocked the group, led by Douglas Carswell MP, by keeping Mr Farage as leader.

Ms. Evans is said to have returned to her office in UKIP’s Brooks Mews HQ, “screaming and crying” over what she perceived was the end of her career.

She was later heard to beg former Farage advisors for “a job with Breitbart London” in an attempt to shore up her own financial situation.

Friends of Mr Farage told Breitbart London: “Carswell, O’Flynn, and Evans had clearly thought that Nigel was going. They thought it was a done deal. They positioned themselves to take over the party and move it more towards the left wing of British politics. They failed and now they’re all desperately trying to suck up to Nigel.”

Breitbart London understands that Douglas Carswell MP has desperately sought to contact Mr Farage over the past 12 hours, only to be met with a stony silence.

Ms Evans attempted to reverse ferret a few days ago, according to party sources, but was hung up on by Mr Farage, who said he didn’t want or need her support to continue as party leader.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

Talking of ferrets it is clear that as ever Ukip are fighting like ferrest in a sack with Nigel Farage, who over many years has shown he has difficulty in controlling his zip, his drinking, his violent temper tantrumms and his unforgiving intollerance has now admitted his Ukip cult is little more than a one man band in today’s Sunday Express with the arrogant and hubristic boast, backed by Richard Desmond that “I’m in total control”.

Could it be that having been in ‘total control’ since Alan Aked effectively asuming the Party he had started was doomed with his parting memo to Craig McKinley (now Tory MP for Thanet) that he had left and Craig was now in charge; soon of course to see the defacto leadership of Ukip seized by Nigel Farage and his odious cronies.

Now the true scale of the catastrophe is becoming far more apparent as clearly brand Ukip has been subourned and subverted by ‘total control’ and as was shown in Thanet, where Nigel Farage stood unsuccessfully in his 7th. Parliamentary election, brand Ukip met with a majority vote taking overall control of Thanet Council whilst brand Farage was considered too toxic to elect.

Many of us had fortold the results for the General Election accurately, unlike those cranno rectally retentive pundits of The Westminster Bubble and we have been and yet again warn that it will be the emmulation of the Referendum of 1975 that will guarantee to lose the OUT argument yet again.

I admit I was deeply unimpressed with the partisan comments and crass conclusions of ‘Purple Revolution’ by two self proclaimed experts on Ukip, who managed to get much of it wrong! However they did pick up on one quote of common sense from Nigel Farage when he said:

“It is frankly just not credible for me to continue to lead the party without a Westminster seat. Was I supposed to brief Ukip policy from the Westminster Arms? No – if I fail to win South Thanet, it is curtains for me. I will have to step down.”
What eventually made him clearly without credibility was when he acted with integrity and stood by his word only to renege on his own common sense and rather than take the summer off to let Ukip lick its wounds and indulge in such recrimination, in fighting and blood letting as was needed to then put himself forward for a leadership election in September – IF he so wished.

It is hard not to speculate as to what it is he is frightened will come to light if he risks having others in control, might it be the accounts that terrify him or perhaps secret deals and payolla or even details of his drinking and private life – is this why he now claims to wish to run his cult until 2035 – rather overlooking the plight of his protege whom he chose and annointed as an MEP and the dire straits Ashley Mote now finds himself facing at 79 – perhaps Nigel Farage will be forced to run his cult until he drops!

Let us accept one proven fact there is a certain type, including many ex BNP supporters and loyal Labour deserters who love him but equally there is a better informed and better balanced army of patriots who loath his style and behaviour and there is no doubt Ukip has an army of implaccable enemies it has rightly earned.
To see Nigel Farage within a country mile of the referendum on the EU involved in the out campaign may puff up his ego and please his claque but for the electorate at large it would be the kiss of death to any possibility of a vote to Leave-The-EU, a fact which may explain why we saw the BBC and their selected panelists fawning over him on Question Time last week for surely they must realise that the best hope of a vote to stay IN the EU lies in the hands of Nigel Farage and failue is all but assured should he put himself forward for the NO campaign.
Already we have the weak minded mouthing the same mantras of personal egotism with their demands for a ‘Big Tent’ approach and dominance by the very same grouping of self important pratts as last time, looking to feeding their egos and their bank accounts regardless of the fact they WILL lose, same personalities same background same style just different names!
Let us leave the last word on the catastrophic outcome, should the same old same old clique gain a Westminster based control of the OUT Campaign, to the fiercly independent and well informed Richard North who has for many years had his light hidden under a bushel supplied by Christopher Booker who fronted much of North’s research and deductive ability, which became the beacon of EUroScepticism both in Christopher Booker’s weekly column in The Sunday Telegraph and various articles in other papers and journals, not to mention his lectures at Staff College & a number of very well informed and eminently readable books.
All the pundits of the Westminster Bubble prattle on about ‘Big Tents’ and not firming up on the facts to ensure a consensus, meanwhile forgetting the aim is to achieve an out vote not a jolly clique and a continued salary/income and have their egos massaged – whilst they have been wining and dining and beating their gums whilst they schmooze eachother and a few known money sources that seek their egos being stroked, Richard has been ploughing on to ensure he is the master of his brief with his book on HOW to Leave-The-EU FleXcit ready for publication in September with every detail meticulously cross checked and referenced in detail, now running to some 400 pages which you can see an introductory review of at:
or read on line now at:
The book that the Westminster Bubble lightweights will be too stupid to read and the media will glibly dismiss – all in the hope that they can do a cozy deal and LOSE like last time!:

UKIP: our worst nightmare

Richard North, 16/05/2015  

000a Guardian-016 disaster.jpg

From the mouth of our enemy, Jonathan Freedland, comes a devastating analysis which is all too accurate – far too accurate for comfort. He writes:

At present, plenty of people in the out camp reckon that if Farage is their leading voice, they will lose. They point to the Farage paradox: that as Ukip’s poll rating has risen in recent years, support for a British exit from the EU has diminished. Back in 2012, when Ukip commanded just 3 percent of public support, more people wanted to leave the EU than to stay in. Today, in a year when Ukip has won 13 percent of the votes in a general election, “in” can lead “out” by as much as 20 points. It seems Farage does well galvanising the convinced, but repels everyone else.

This is what worries outers, especially those in the Conservative party. With David Cameron now lionised by his party as an election-winning hero, he probably won’t have to extract too much from EU negotiations to win support for an “in” vote from all but the most diehard Tory Eurosceptics. So long as Cameron can point to a couple of token victories over Brussels, the likes of Michael Gove and Philip Hammond – who once threatened to vote for out – are likely to campaign to stay in. That would leave a dearth of big beasts on the “out” side – with Farage as the most visible face. And that could sink the anti-EU cause.

The point is well-made about Farage: “It seems Farage does well galvanising the convinced, but repels everyone else”. And that’s the point. People either love him or hate him – the trouble is most hate him, and to win the referendum we need 51 percent of the voters.

The next point is well-made as well: David Cameron probably won’t have to extract too much from EU negotiations to win support for an “in” vote.

Too many people are being far too complacent about the deal Mr Cameron can bring back from Brussels. This is the man who “vetoed” a treaty and was applauded by the media and his party. Even to this day, the legend survives.

All the signs are that the newly-anointed Prime Minister, in cahoots with the “colleagues” is capable of pulling off a theatrical “spectacular” – more than enough to unite the majority of his party, and to bring the media on-side.

This indeed will leave Farage as the lead political figure in the campaign. The few Tory “big beasts” who are still prepared to back the outers will then be linked with Farage and their continued campaigning will be political suicide – they will be isolated and marginalised – the rump of the Tory “right wing”. Very few others will want to take the risk.

Freedland’s analysis, therefore, points to failure – he paints a scenario that really is all too real. Farage taking a prominent part in the campaign will guarantee we lose. As Complete Bastard points out, he is a disaster – the one man who, single-handedly can lose us the referendum.

But winning the referendum must come first. Farage should stand down and we should make this a people’s campaign, capitalising on the anti-politics mood. A vote for “out” then becomes a vote against all politicians – Farage included. Tragically, it was never meant to be like this. But Farage has toxified the eurosceptic brand and this is the result. Even the Guardian can see it – our enemies understand us better than we do ourselves.

000a Times-016 Carswell.jpg

On the bright side, though, we have a late intervention from Douglas Carswell, who is telling Farage to take a break from Ukip. Politics is about persuasion, he says:

And getting noticed isn’t enough to win over people. You need the right tone. At times, Ukip has failed to strike the right tone. By all means we should highlight the problem of health tourism. But we need to admit that using the example of HIV patients to make the point was ill-advised.

Ukip, Carswell observes, has been at its most persuasive when we have been most optimistic. Anger is never a great way to motivate people — at least not for very long.

“The party”, he notes, “was founded to oppose Britain’s membership of the European Union. Getting us out is one of the reasons for our existence. For the first time in a generation, we now have a majority of MPs in the House of Commons in favour of a referendum on our membership. Instead of sniping at the government as they prepare the legislation for the referendum, we should take heart”.

Sternly, he tells his readers that, rather than automatically dismissing every idea for EU reform as necessarily bad, we should explain why we think we could do even better outside the EU.

Instead of feeding the idea that EU membership is synonymous with immigration, Ukip should help draw attention to the myriad of ways in which being run by Brussels makes us worse off. As a vital part of the coalition campaigning for “out”, Ukip needs to strike the right tone. We must be part of a movement, but not seek to dominate it, he says.

Rather than focusing on the 13 percent of people who voted Ukip at the last election, the “out” campaign needs to find ways of winning the argument among the 87 percent of people who did not. Strident euroscepticism won’t do it, he says. The clue is in the name. Ukip was founded to make the UK independent of the EU. That’s what brought us into politics. We mustn’t get distracted. We mustn’t confuse ends and means. We should be prepared to work with people across the spectrum who want ultimate power to reside with people answerable to the rest of us rather than Eurocrats.

“There are many decent Green, SNP, Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative voters who share this aim. Are we going to work with them or talk over them?” Asks Carswell, “Are we going to play our part in a positive coalition, making the case for a better future or are we going to drown out messages other than our own?”

The case is there to be made: a global Britain, trading with friends and allies on every continent including Europe. A democratic Britain, able to hire and fire its lawmakers. A free Britain, living under its own institutions. Every action we take over the next 12 months should be to promote that goal.

Concludes the one and only Ukip MP: “All of us Ukip supporters should ask one question. Is what I’m doing at this moment making an ‘out’ vote more likely? If it isn’t, stop it and do something else”.

If Ukip can take on board that message, then there is some hope and some room for accommodation. But it has to be a Ukip without Farage.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE




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