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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/04/2015



much has been going on with #Ukip and have been in close contact with media but blogging has been thin as my infinitely better half and I have had friends staying for a week or so; an old friend with whom I served in the army & went to RMAS with in 1965! and his wife.

This coming week we have afriend with whom I was briefly involved in about 1974 in South Africa, now in Canada, and her brother and his wife – so expect my blog to be a bit thin.

ALSO the weather is great and we have a large garden and lots of veggies etc. etc. – cliches always being all too accurate ‘I can’t work out how I ever found time to run the shop for all those years’!

Enjoy your day and sorry for neglecting the many stories I have unearthed and had reported to me but I will get around to it!

Greg L-W.

01594 – 528 337


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