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Ukip MEP Under Investigation Of Rape Allegations

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/04/2015

Ukip MEP Under Investigation Of Rape Allegations

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Ukip MEP & others in Ukip are Under Police Investigation Of Rape Allegations involving the rape of a 15 year old girl!

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the details behind this posting are well known to me and I have been discussing them with the media for some time.You may well recall the fact that some time ago I Tweeted hints at a criminal event that is understood to have taken place at the Skegness Conference.

The allegations are of rape of a young girl who was under age at the time by a staff member who is now a Councillor and MEP and currently standing as a PPC, in the General Election.

The media have been ‘nailing down’ ALL the corners on this story but now it seems they have been unprofessionally gazumped!It is possible they have rushed to publish in the realisation that I and others knew the details and were keeping them to ourselves – however an official complaint of the allegations was made to the Police on Monday and a crime number related to the police investigation of Tim Aker and others involved.

That the matter is now clearly in the public domain is shown by the following communication which I was forwarded which is as follows:

Just saw this info on Facebook posted on the UK General Election 2015 group page by one Christopher Dafydd Johnson. Now I really wish I had found that £500 to stand in Thurrock…..

Paste starts here!

For any interested parties, this is the information I shared:
“”Tim Aker of UKIP was reported yesterday to the Lincolnshire police of committing the crime of rape on a 15 year old girl in Skegness in 2012.
This is not a rumour this is me telling you what happened yesterday. He has been reported and there is now a police investigation underway.
I have the crime report number and this must be brought out into the open NOW.
I was the person who reported him because I was the person who received the information which makes it credible. It is extremely unlikely that my name will be able to be kept out of this anyway so just use it in any way that you can. Obviously it is just an accusation at this point in time and of course he is innocent until proven guilty but there is a police investigation at this moment in time acting on credible information.”
Seems that the former ‘none’ policy maker has had some serious allegations made against him.
This information comes via a seasoned campaigner against UKIP and victim of Joshua Bonehill who works tirelessly to expose both for what they are.
Updates when I know more. I will reiterate that this is an allegation, and that an investigation is ongoing in the interests of sub judice.”

I understand that although the police are investigating the facts regarding the allegations there were others involved of whom the police are aware. I shall now leave it to the media and the police to carry forward the investigations and bring such prosecutions and announcements as they may deem relevant at the appropriate times.

I understand that Lincolnshire Police are unwilling to confirm Tim Aker’s involvement in the investigation relative to the Crime Number supplied by Paul Wiffen relative to his FaceBook entry above.

It is interesting to note that out of the total number of MEPs in the EU Tim Aker is rated no 73 of the UK MEPs and 745th of all the MEPs in the EU Parliament!


0 reports

64th in UK
654th in the EuParl


0 reports

65th in UK
653rd in the EuParl


0 reports

66th in UK
652nd in the EuParl


0 reports

67th in UK
650th in the EuParl


0 reports

68th in UK
649th in the EuParl


0 reports

69th in UK
648th in the EuParl


0 reports

70th in UK
647th in the EuParl


0 reports

71st in UK
646th in the EuParl

William (The

0 reports

72nd in UK
645th in the EuParl


0 reports

73rd in UK
745th in the EuParl

For the full listing see the EU site at CLICK HERE
as per my Tweet of a few days ago:

Can you identify the too young girls at the meeting who are behind & also know the events & players

Let us hope the facts, details & truth of these allegations are now made public by the police before the election, to avoid further embarrassment of these United Kingdoms.




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