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Ukip Claims of Gay Floods Now Gay Football Failures!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/12/2014

Ukip Claims of Gay Floods Now Gay Football Failures!

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A Ukip Councillors Claims that legalisation of Homosexual marriage was thwe cause of extensive flooding and now a sometime Ukip PPC claims Liverpool Football Club’s recent failures have been due to Liverpool supporting homosexual parades and banners!



that such low lifes were ever Ukip candidates who passed selection processes speaks volumes of their unprofessional standards – heaven forefend that he too got his position as a result of having sex with the selector then too!

It is little wonder that we see so many ex BNP supporters now becoming Ukip members and supporters with even endorsements from Nick Griffin and also from Stephen Yaxley Lennon (alias Tommy Robinson of EDL CLICK HERE who has long espoused the sordid racial hatred and incitement of Gerard Batten Ukip MEP who has published tracts regarding Islam and Muslims.

Then again one must remember Nigel Farage’s extremist roots and racist contacts:
HEALE, Martyn - Thanet Times 12-Oct-2004.

FARAGE, Nigel 37 DEAVIN, Mark - LeCOMBER, Tony.
BATTEN, Gerard 10

UKIP activist Paul Rimmer blames Liverpool FC’s poor form on gays

A UKIP activist from Merseyside has blamed Liverpool Football Club’s recent poor form on the fact that the club sponsored Gay Pride in the city in 2012 according to rants posted on his Facebook page.

Paul Rimmer, a former PPC for the English Democrats and an active member of the English Defence League posted on his Facebook page that “In 2012 Liverpool FC sponsored the City’s Gay Pride Parade. Unless they repent they will be under a continual curse.”

 The 52 year old doorman claimed that the recent run of bad form, leaving them 11th in the Premiership this season,and saw them throw away their chances and hand Manchester City the title last season, can be cured if the football club repents.


Derek Fender Corner takes a look at how the Liverpool threw away last season due to evils of sponsoring sodomy.

Liverpool 0 – Chelsea 2 – 27th April 2014

Demba Ba gave the Blues the lead at the end of the first half after Steven Gerrard’s slipped over on the pitch due to a long simmering look by a couple of lesbians in Exeter.

The Liverpool fans chanted Gerrard’s name at half-time but, try as he might with a succession of long-range shots, he could not shake off the misfortune spited on him in punishment for his club being gay friendly.

A chance encounter between two men in a Manchester gay bar ended Liverpool’s chances on 90 minutes when Fernando Torres broke clear and passed to Willian to score their second goal.


Crystal palace 3 – 3 Liverpool – 5th May 2014

Liverpool went into the match on the same number of points as Manchester City at the top of the Premier League. Both teams had two games left but City had a superior goal difference of nine.

The Reds had a golden opportunity to go top when they visited Palace the day before City next played, at home to Aston Villa.

At half time Liverpool were 1-0 up and with two early goals in the second half and were coasting to victory when god smited them after two gay immigrants attempted an illegal entry in a B&B near Calais.

With 11 minutes left on the clock, defender Damien Delaney pulled one back. Two minutes later Dwight Gayle made it 3-2 and then Gayle scored again to make it 3-3 with two minutes left on the clock to deny the Scousers two points and dent their title hopes.

It seems as a UKIP activist, Rimmer is a bit of a liability to other UKIP activists who spend a lot of time trying to convince normal people that they are not a backward party full of petty bigots, racists, mysogynists and homophobes.



It is not just Liverpool FC who are causing Rimmer problems. Apparently the BBC are totally unpatriotic,anti christian and anti white.”They worship sodomy & blackness” the former failed  English Democrat candidate told us.



However, much of his spare time is spent making a total arse of himself on local radio station, BBC Merseyside, under the pseudnom of Bob from Dingle.

I understand that this odious little man is no longer a member of Ukip but that he was and was in fact a PPC for Ukip says all you need to know about Ukip’s professionalism!

Just how did a low life like Paul Rimmer gat through Ukip selection processes to become a Ukip PPC EVER,

That Ukip laid itself open to publicity such as this speaks volumes of their utter ioncompetence and/or acceptance of extremists:

Far right politician Paul Rimmer arrested after row over Rainbow flag

A FAR right politician was held in cells for almost six hours for objecting to a pro-gay rights flag flying above a police station.

Admiral Street police station, Toxteth
Admiral Street police station, Toxteth

A FAR right politician was held in cells for almost six hours for objecting to a pro-gay rights flag flying above a police station.

English Democrat Paul Rimmer, who recently failed in his bid to become mayor of Liverpool, was arrested on Saturday after an argument in Admiral Street Police station, Toxteth.

Mr Rimmer demanded to know why the Rainbow Flag was flying above the station.

The 49-year-old, who says he is a devout Christian, argued with a female member of staff behind the counter in the police station and quoted a well-known extract from the book of Leviticus in the Bible at her. After leaving the station he was approached by two police officers and told he was being arrested.

He said: “They said I was being arrested for a homophobic hate crime and I told them that ‘blessed are the persecuted for doing the right thing’.

“I asked them how could it be wrong to quote the Bible when we swear on the Bible.”

The IDAHO rainbow flag flying above the town hall

When they said they were just obeying orders he compared them to the Gestapo, the official secret police in Nazi Germany.

He said he was then driven to Belle Vale police station, and held in cells for almost six hours before being released on bail.

Mr Rimmer said: “I think this was a completely inappropriate decision by the police. People are hypersensitive.

“It is an attempt to clamp down on freedom of speech and expression and it smacks of bullying totalitarianism.”

Merseyside police confirmed Mr Rimmer had been arrested.

A spokesman said: “Merseyside Police can confirm a 49-year-old man was arrested in Toxteth on Saturday, May 19, on suspicion of a Section 5 Public Order offence.

“The man was spoken to by officers and has been released pending further enquiries.”

He said the force had not received any complaints about the treatment of Mr Rimmer.

Merseyside Police were flying the Rainbow flag to mark Idaho (International Day Against Homophobia). It is displayed in many cultures around the world as a sign of diversity.

To view the original of this article from the Liverpool media CLICK HERE





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