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Ukip’s Cult Spokesman Winston McKenzie & more idiocy!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/12/2014

Ukip’s Cult Spokesman Winston McKenzie & more idiocy!

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Ukip Cult’s Spokesman Winston McKenzie & more of his idiocy, this foolish little man  seems to have no judgement and less self respect, endlessly making a fool of himself and his current choice of parties!



first a Ukip spokesman claimed that the flood last winter were due to the Government having legalised same gender marriage, then in the last couple of days a Ukip PPC pronounced from Liverpool that Liverpool Football Club’s recent abject failures on the playing field were due to Liverpool’s acceptance of homosexuality.

Then of course there were the comments of Winston McKenzie who as a spokesman of Ukip somewhat arcanely and overly simplistically claimed that all cases of same gender couples adopting children were nothing more than child abuse and now look what this cult spokesman has had to say:


Thursday 18 December 2014

000a Inde-017 McKenzie.jpg

Nigel Farage has been likened to Jesus by Ukip’s Commonwealth spokesman, Winston McKenzie. The Eurosceptic “army” was behind their leader, who can “do no wrong”.

“Jesus was one man, we’re his army. Farage is one man, and we’re his army and that’s what it’s all about”, he says. “Farage is like (non-stick) Teflon – he can do no wrong. Everywhere he goes, it doesn’t matter what he says or does – he gets away with it”.

McKenzie may be Ukip’s “token black” and barking mad with it, but he is an official party spokesman, taken by the media as representing the party view. On the other hand, this drip-drip of hostile media, may represent a change in tactics – or be an indication that the fourth estate is sensing blood.

For those Ukipites who complain that they are being “picked on”, the obvious response is that, if the party didn’t generate such unflattering publicity, it wouldn’t be available to use. As to whether it is having an effect, we see today a Guardian/ICM poll which puts Ukip on 14 percent, down from the heady heights of 19-20 percent it was getting in October/November. The latest YouGov poll has 16 percent – up from 14 percent over the weekend, but again down from the peaks it was getting earlier. Having gone through £2.96 million in the Euro-elections, outspending Labour, if the polls are any guide, Ukip will now need considerably more to succeed in the general election. With the bad press it is now getting, though, it will take a miracle on a par with the feeding of the five thousand. Perhaps Farage needs to be the Son of God that Winston McKenzie would have him be. He would be advised, though, to stay off the painkillers.

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& here is The Indipendent article:

Nigel Farage compared to Jesus by Ukip candidate Winston McKenzie

He also compared the leader to Teflon and said criticism just doesn’t stick


Nigel Farage has been likened to Jesus by Ukip’s Commonwealth spokesperson, Winston McKenzie.

In an interview with Chat Politics, he said the Eurosceptic “army” was behind their leader, who can “do no wrong”.

“Jesus was one man, we’re his army. Farage is one man, and we’re his army and that’s what it’s all about,” he said.

“Farage is like (non-stick) Teflon – he can do no wrong. Everywhere he goes, it doesn’t matter what he says or does – he gets away with it.”

Mr McKenzie, famed for having joined every major political party in the UK but never winning an election, most recently stood for Ukip in the 2012 Croydon North by-election, receiving 6 per cent of the vote.

He has unsuccessfully run as an MP, the Mayor of London (against Boris Johnson) and as a local councillor but insisted he is still “needed” in politics.

Showing his support for Ukip with a purple fox badge “made in the likeness of Mr Farage”, Mr McKenzie told Chat Politics the Eurosceptic party was stealing Tory “hens” from the Parliamentary coop but struggled to remember defectors’ names.

“Douglas and…the other guy,” he said, referring to former Conservative MP Mark Reckless, now Ukip’s representative for Rochester and Strood.

When quizzed on his party’s immigration policy, Mr McKenzie advocated the introduction of an unspecified quota and defined British as anyone who “works and stands of for the traditions of the place where they live”.

When questioned on same-sex marriage, he claimed that it was “not something that Christians would advocate” and raised the concept of being “genuinely gay”.

“I have nothing against gay people, I’m not some kind of homophobe but I am entitled to express my heartfelt opinion,” he added. “I’m not going to be drawn on that because I know what will happen.”

Mr McKenzie, a former hairdresser, said he maintains it as a hobby because: “I love the women it gets me closer to the ladies, I find out what they’re thinking.”

He made a rap video for the 2008 London elections and tried to achieve pop stardom in 2005 with a run on the X Factor.

The interview ended with Mr McKenzie to the camera about the Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition, adding: “I’m not your average politician.”

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Then for a different take on this fool and Nigel Farage’s utter incompetence as a leader and his unprofessional judgement in placements of people:

Farage is like Jesus, claims Ukip hopeful: Former boxer turned party candidate says supporters are followers and leader can ‘do no wrong’

  • UKIP candidate Winston McKenzie compared Nigel Farage to Jesus 
  • The former boxer said the party members were Farage’s followers 
  • He previously caused controversy with his remarks about gay adoption 
Commonwealth spokesman Winston McKenzie has said that Nigel Farage is like Jesus and UKIP members are his followers

Nigel Farage is like Jesus and Ukip members are his followers, one of the party’s candidates has claimed.

Commonwealth spokesman Winston McKenzie, who is a former professional boxer and has previously courted controversy with remarks about gay adoption, said the party leader can ‘do no wrong’.

‘Jesus was one man, we’re his army. Farage is one man, and we’re his army and that’s what it’s all about,’ he said.

‘Everywhere he goes, it doesn’t matter what he says or does – he gets away with it.’

Mr McKenzie joined Ukip after previously being a member of the Conservatives, Lib Dems and his own Unity party. He has stood to be an MP, Mayor of London and a local councillor, but lost his deposit on every occasion.

‘The one thing with Farage is there’s (sic) no heirs and graces, you do business. He’s a strong leader,’ he said in the interview with Chat Politics. ‘Farage is like (non-stick) Teflon – he can do no wrong.’

Mr McKenzie, who described himself as ‘not your average politician’, has developed a reputation for making controversial pronouncements.

While standing for Ukip in the 2012 Croydon North by-election, he described gay adoption as ‘tantamount to child abuse’ and ‘unhealthy’.

Asked by Chat Politics for his views on same-sex marriage, he said: ‘I have nothing against gay people, I’m not some kind of homophobe but I am entitled to express my heartfelt opinion.’

Mr McKenzie said that he favours a quota on immigrants coming into the country.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been compared to Jesus by one of the party's candidatesWinston McKenzie said: 'Jesus was one man, we're his army. Farage is one man, and we're his army and that's what it's all about.'

He said: ‘For every extra person that comes into this country, a British person has to do without and I’m not talking here colour or creed.

‘I define British as someone who comes here and toils and works and stands up for the traditions of the place they live.’

Earlier this year, Mr McKenzie described Croydon – where he was standing as a local councillor – as ‘unsafe and a dump’ after Mr Farage pulled out of appearing at a ‘Ukip carnival’ there.

He made a rap video during his 2008 campaign to be Mayor of London and previously auditioned for the X Factor.

UKIP candidate denies Nigel Farage is scared of Croydon


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Winston McKenzie is quite a good measure of not just Ukip for whom he is an official spokesman yet clearly the public see him as a fool and in all the elections he has stood in for all the parties he has aspired to represent he has always lost his deposit.
This also reflects attrociously on the professionalism of Ukip and the personal judgement of Nigel Farage that he has placed him as an official spokesman for his cult!

With a drunk totally disinterested in democracy and fairplay within HIS party and bereft of any signs of gravitas or responsible behaviour and clowns like Winston McKenzie and the many others who have been his personal placements both as candidates and staff just why does anyone consider Ukip worthy of a vote – Do people really believe these low lifes and ner do wells represent them and their values!

Just look at the endless examples of not just stupidity from Ukip but the endless allegations and proven examples of substantial sums of money being fraudulently obtained

WISE, Tom 04 MEP
and squandered and the serial lies, bullying and criminality – Would anyone of any sense want Ukip running their company stationary cupboard let alone on the fringes of Government with access to perhaps the Treasury, Defence, Health, Foreign Office or the like.

Just imagine Ukip as a Government Nigel Farage would have control of the Nuclear Trigger

McGOUGH, Michael 05
(but he would probably have been drinking with one of his low life placemen) 11710-nigeldrinkingOR just drinking!

Winston McKenzie would be Foreign Minister waiting for his boss to walk on water or perform a miracle, OR handing out money to his chums from Ukip donations!
Paul Nuttall would be in a pub somewhere currying populist favour and clandestinely plotting the fall of Farage and how he could then rule the world,

Patrick O’Flynn who broke ethical codes as a journalsit to feather his own nest on the gravy train by betraying his readers
O'FLYNN, Patrick 02
would be in the EU trying to work out how he could damn his opponents with feint praise to oust them as rivals for Farage’s income stream,

Roger Helmer would be in a dubious massage parlour well known for its ‘extended’ services, or recovering from an earlier ‘session’,
HELMER, Roger 02 - ASLEEP on The JOB 01
Stuart Agnew would be fixing contracts for migrant workers for his farm and running errands for the NFU,

Janice Atkinson could be relied on to be doing something offensive and making enemies:

ATKINSON, Janice 02Need I continue!

There is not a single solitary member of Ukip’s elected representatives or its staff who could be described as competent and with gravitas and clearly not one with any understanding of ethics or integrity or they would decline to be associated with such a shower of self serving, liars, thieves and gutter politicians.






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