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Don’t Bet On Ukip They Rig The Odds!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/09/2014

Don’t Bet On Ukip They Rig The Odds!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Little wonder Ukip held their annual conference on a race track – their policies are just speculative gambles!
Don’t Bet On Ukip They Rig The Odds!


can you imagine an organisation of stature with responsibility behaving like this let alone one that pretends to a status participating in Governance of our country and arbitters of our future.
BUT Ukip IS A One Man Band
FARAGE, Nigel 94 ORCHESTRATING A DEFECTION 01The Showman & His Ukip One Man Band
Nigel Farage has yet again shown that when the chips are down Ukip is just a vehicle for his personally controlled one man band.
Nigel Farager gave Patrick O’Flynn his MEP position by placing him in number one position on his MEP serlection list, in return for Patrick O’Flynn’s despicable underhand betrayal of what little credibility journalists have managed to retain by acting as a senior political reporter for the sleazy Express newspaper without telling his readers, in the run up to the sham of EU elections, that he intended to jump ship just in time to claim his ill gotten reward for misleading them!
Patrick O’Flynn may well have pretentions to lead Ukip and although he is duplicitous, a poor public speaker, uncharismatic and has shown no leadership skills one may well argue he is the best of a particularly uninspiring and unprepossesing bunch at the top of Ukip – But be in no doubt he will have to fight Nigel Farage for leadership.
Patrick O’Flynn has learned yet another lesson this conference and that uis that although Ukip ‘claims’ to make policy democratically and puts forwar so called spokesmen on various subjects – when the chips are down Nigel Farage will nmot only undermine his team, as he lacks any leadership skills, whether he does this by making policy for them to present t6o members at their conference or arbitrarily whipping away the policies they had agreed to announce, when it suits Nigel Farage personally!
Whether it is undermining his spokesmen in his leadertship teram as he so clearly has with the inept and inadequate Patrick O’Flynn or by jumping on to rolling band wagons as he does when usurping any concept of democratic party participation when he sumarily dismisses constituency candidates without so much as a personal meeting to surplant them with his Tory chums or merely for publicity.
Then again no one in the know would describe Nigel Farage to be a believer in the concept of loyalty is a two way street whether that is his wives, his staff, his team mates, his backers or his supporters and ostensible friends they are all merely grist to the mill in the advancement of his self serving one man band.
The facade put forward by the showman is nothing more than an act – an act that can be cast aside at a moments notice if there is gain for Farage personally. Consider the Ukip Manifesto that Farage had presented and signed off when it suited him yet cast aside dismissing it as drivel, out of expediency when called to account on it and passing the buck to others!
To openly describe ones biggest and most consistent backer Paul Sykes as ‘The Yorkshire Dwarf’ seems a poor way to run a principled organisation an organisation that pretends to power and claims to represent the people!

Nigel Farage vetoes ‘wag tax’ proposal

Nigel Farage at Doncaster racecourse, where the Ukip conference is being held.
Andrew Yates/Reuters
  • The leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage, speaks to reporters at Doncaster Racecourse
    Nigel Farage at Doncaster racecourse, where the Ukip conference is being held Andrew Yates/Reuters

Nigel Farage yesterday ruled out a tax on designer shoes and handbags just 48 hours after the idea was floated at his party’s conference.

The Ukip leader slapped down Patrick O’Flynn, the party’s economics spokesman, over a proposal to introduce a “wag tax” of 25 per cent on luxury goods.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s dead,” Mr Farage told the BBC. “It was a discussion point yesterday, it isn’t going to happen.”

The Mail offers on line readers a more comprehensive eviceration of the unprofessional incompetence of Nigel Farage’s fiefdom:

‘The Wag Tax is dead!’:

Farage kills off UKIP’s plans for 25% levy on luxury shoes, handbags and cars after just two days

PUBLISHED: 12:11, 28 September 2014 | UPDATED: 16:33, 28 September 2014

Nigel Farage today dramatically dumped a flagship UKIP policy to introduce a ‘Wag Tax’ on designer shoes and handbags.

FARAGE, Nigel 96 No Racing Certainty DONCASTER 01
The UKIP leader tore up the plan, unveiled by his chief economic spokesman on Friday, insisting: ‘It’s dead.’
The idea of a 25 per cent VAT rate for top-end goods had been unveiled in an attempt to woo Labour voters at the Ukip annual party conference in Doncaster.
Scroll down for video
UKIP leader Nigel Farage today moved to kill off his own party’s plans to increase VAT on luxury handbags and shoes

UKIP leader Nigel Farage today moved to kill off his own party’s plans to increase VAT on luxury handbags and shoes
Farage says ‘Wag Tax’ was never in the UKIP manifesto

The party’s economic spokesman Patrick O’Flynn had announced that it made ‘no sense’ to levy VAT on everyday goods at the same rate as luxury items unaffordable to all but the very richest.
He said there should be an extra 5 per cent tax on £200 shoes, £1,000 handbags and £50,000 cars, amounting to a tax on the items favoured by the Wives and Girlfriends – or WAGS – of premier league footballers.
Mr O’Flynn said the party would also look to scrap a loophole which allows foreign visitors from outside the EU to claim back VAT on shopping sprees in London and elsewhere.

‘I have to admit, it’s not been the best start’: As Tory conference is overshadowed by scandal, furious Cameron hits out at ‘senseless’ defections to UKIP
‘I have been a complete fool’, admits Tory minister Brooks Newmark after being forced to quit for sending explicit photos of himself in his Paisley pyjamas
We’ll bring in UK-only passport queues say UKIP… as Farage vows to take fight to Labour’s key heartlands
But in an interview recorded yesterday and aired this morning, Mr Farage dramatically consigned the idea to the dustbin.
He told BBC One’s Andrew Marr show: ‘I am very happy to give the freedom to our spokesmen and spokeswomen to float ideas but I’m pretty certain that while I’m leader that will not be in our manifesto.
‘As far as I am concerned it’s dead. It was a discussion point yesterday. It isn’t going to happen.’
The move will raise further doubts about UKIP as a serious political party, despite claims they are now part of the mainstream.
As far as I am concerned it’s dead. It was a discussion point. It isn’t going to happen
UKIP leader Nigel Farage on a Wag Tax
UKIP chairman Steve Crowther tried to put a positive spin on the debacle, claiming that part of the party’s appeal was that it was ‘shambolic’ and did not attempt to be as slick as its rivals.
He told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics: ‘My feeling is we have to clearly make clear that we are capable of having ideas and being able to deal with all of the aspects of government that we might be asked to deal with following the next general election, and we do that.
‘But if sometimes we are a little bit hard-edged or sometimes we stub our toe, I don’t think that’s a problem.
‘It’s part of our brand, frankly, it’s part of what Ukip is.’
He added: ‘I haven’t said being shambolic is something I wish to boast about.’
But he continued: ‘I believe that it is true that Ukip is … liked by its electorate because it is not always as slick and as polished as the other political parties.
‘I think it’s very important. It is the slick polish and nothing ever apparently going wrong, that leads to, frankly, torpedoes hitting you below the waterline.’
The tax – which has been dubbed a ‘wag tax’ – would hit the Ryder Cup golfers’ wives and girlfriends,

GWAGS Ryder Cup 2014
or ‘Gwags’, led by Amy Mickelson (second right) yesterday

The tax – which has been dubbed a ‘wag tax’ – would hit the Ryder Cup golfers’ wives and girlfriends, or ‘Gwags’, led by Amy Mickelson (second right) yesterday
Mr Farage had promised that the appointment of a series of new spokesman would set the party on course to draw up a sensible manifesto for the 2015 election.
In January this year he dismissed the 2010 manifesto as ‘drivel’ and claimed he had not read it, despite having written the foreword.
‘It was a nonsense. We have put that behind us and moved onto a professional footing,’ he said at the time.
But he has moved quickly to abandon the idea of a Wag Tax, despite it being seen as an obvious attempt to woo left-leaning Labour voters in the north.
Under the plans announced by Mr O’Flynn, the personal income tax allowance would also rise to the level of the full-time minimum wage. This would mean no-one paying income tax until they earn over £13,500 a year.
The party would also cut the 40 per cent rate of income tax to 35 per cent for earnings between £42,000 and £55,000. Inheritance tax would also be scrapped altogether.
Mr O’Flynn told the conference: ‘I want it to investigate the feasibility of imposing a luxury goods rate of VAT.
‘It makes no sense to me that VAT is levied at the same rate on budget items purchased by the hard-pressed as it is on premium ones that are the preserve of the very well heeled.
‘And it seems to me that a luxury goods rate of 25 per cent could raise substantial extra funds from the wealthiest people.
‘I would suggest such a rate be built around simple thresholds such as £200 for a pair of shoes, £1,000 for a bag or £50,000 for a new car.’

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