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Farage & His Cult Followers Have Seemingly Stolen Huge Sums!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/04/2014

Farage & His Cult Followers Have Seemingly Stolen Huge Sums!


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Farage & His Cult Followers Have Seemingly Stolen Huge Sums!
Clearly 100s of £1,000s are involved and maybe as much as £Millions seem unaccounted!

The only way to clean-up the Augian Stable is throw UKIP’s books open to third party forensic accounting – IF as Farage claims there is nothing to hide then don’t hide it!





whether it is the politically inept, the utterly naiive, the gullible supporter or the criminal it does seem likely this will be one time when they are in complete agreement as they seek to peddle the crass conspiracy theory that UKIP are being picked on because they are threatening the ‘establishment’.

It seems both the corrupt and the foolish have failed to realise, or at least accept, that as I predicted years ago, UKIP’s greatest danger was to come as Farage’s cult received more publicity it was bound to find it came under ever increasing scrutiny.


‘The higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its Rse’!

Nigel Farage may well not yet realise it but from here on in he will find his finances are increasingly under scrutiny.


UKIP would be we ll advised to throw open its books NOW whilst it still has a bit of choice left, there will be no end now to the mistrust and no amount of lies and bluster will now put the problem to bed. That Nigel Farage like any sociopath will be happy to lie and bully he has proved his word is worthless – IF he incurred a £3,000 electricity bill it should be easy to produce the receipt but without it he is just another political liar!


You may well have noted how Farage tries to differentiate between expenses fiddled and allowances abused – since he gave no quarter over this self same differentiate in his pursuit and attacks on MPs he deserves no quarter now he seeks dishonestly to obfuscate the issue.

It does look as if Nigel Farage is bleating having been caught with his hand stuck in the cookie jar (I feel another monkey analogy coming on!)

Nigel Farage was baying for the blood of Maria Miller,  just a few days ago, after she had been cleared of criminality but asked to repay £4,800 – yet it does look all to like 10s of £1,000 are missing under Nigel Farage’s watch!

This will become a running sore from which Nigel Farage may find his hope for success bleed to death, whether he like his fellow MEPs follows them to prison for his dishonesty, a event which even with Farage’s undeniable support he was unable to keep his colleague Tom Wise out of prison.

There seems little doubt that in hubris and arrogance Nigel Farage has overseen a process of industrial abuse of tax payers’ money and the fact that by bending the rules great sums could be stolen behind a shelter of obfusscation may seem to mittigate the £Millions missing – the criminality of such unethical behaviour is beyond acceptability.

The amounts of money that have gone missing would indicate Farage will or at least should face criminal prosecution together with those who colluded with him, prosecution which should lead to a custodial sentence of notable and exemplary duration when you realise Tom Wise was sentenced to 2 years for stealing only £36K under Farage’s supportive oversight!

Open books to auditors,

former ally urges Farage

Godfrey Bloom
Godfrey Bloom said he would insist on an investigation
Richard Pohle/The Times

Godfrey Bloom said he would insist on an investigation Richard Pohle/The Times
Billy Kenber, Alexi Mostrous and Laura Pitel
Published 1 minute ago

Nigel Farage’s former flatmate has urged him to open his books to inspectors after his failure to explain what happened to almost £60,000 in “missing” EU allowances.
Godfrey Bloom, who was one of the Ukip leader’s closest political allies and shared a flat with him in Brussels, said it was “perfectly fair” for Mr Farage to allow auditors to examine his Europeanparliamentary funds.

He said: “If I were Nigel I’ll tell you what I’d do — I would insist on an investigation by Olaf [the EU anti-fraud investigators] in order to clear my name and I think that would probably be the route he’ll go.”

Mr Bloom, 64, who was kicked out of Ukip after calling a group of women “sluts” last September, said that reports in The Times about the party’s use of European funding and party donations were damaging.

On Tuesday, this newspaper revealed that Mr Farage faces an investigation into almost £60,000 in “missing” EU allowances paid into his personal bank account since 2009, which he claimed to have spent on overheads for a rent-free office near Bognor Regis. Mr Farage said his electricity bills amounted to £3,000 a year but he has not accounted for the rest of the money.

A former Ukip official has made a formal complaint to Olaf, which is deciding whether to investigate.

Mr Bloom said: “I think perhaps this is always going to happen when you have such an absurd situation when there is no requirement for any serious audit with what is quite a significant amount of money.”

He said he ran a “different system” and was always open to “any independent audit from any forensic accountant who wants to come and investigate my books and income”.

Referring to a video that emerged last year in which he criticised Britain for sending aid to “Bongo Bongo Land”, Mr Bloom, an MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, added: “I know my c**k’s always in the custard for saying Bongo Land or something but there’s never the slightest question of me behaving in a [financially improper] way and that’s something I value.”

Mr Bloom called for the EU to introduce a new requirement for MEPs to submit to a full independent audit at the end of their five-year term. “I think that’s perfectly reasonable and rational,” he said.

On Wednesday, Mr Farage failed to vote to reform Europe’s lucrative allowance system after previously stating that such payments were not “morally right”. The Ukip leader had signed into the Strasbourg parliament collecting a €304 (£250) daily subsistence payment.

A spokesman for Mr Farage said that he had “a close family member who was seriously ill and consequently travelled back home a bit earlier than originally planned”. He did not respond to questions asking which way Mr Farage would have voted.

Five other Ukip MEPs voted in favour of the resolution, which calls for “light touch arrangements to ensure that the general expenditure allowance is used for the purpose intended and cannot provide a supplementary private income for members”.

Every MEP currently receives a general allowance of €4,299 a month for running offices and other constituency work in their own countries. They do not need to provide any receipts to justify their spending, leaving the system open to abuse. Mr Farage said that he wanted to “end these allowances” after articles in The Times this week.

“Is it morally right that these institutions in Brussels use up such vast amounts of British taxpayers’ money? No of course it’s not, and that’s why I’m one of the few MEPs that would be the turkey that would vote for Christmas,” Mr Farage told the BBC.

Ukip has faced growing questions over its financial practices after six former officials came forward to allege that their attempts to inquire into the party’s finances were blocked.

Lord Tebbit, the former chairman of the Conservative party, said that Mr Farage must learn to expect greater scrutiny over his finances after joining the “big league” of British politics.





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