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UKIP & Leadership Team Members Under Police Investigation

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/04/2014

UKIP & Leadership Team Members Under Police Investigation

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UKIP & Leadership Team Members Under Police Investigation on an initial 5 counts + other ongoing inquiries by police & OLAF.


though I can empathise with Jasna Badzak in her anger at the dishonest and unpleasant treatment she has rece4ived from UKIP & Gerard Batten in particular – I am well aware of how vile and dishonest members of the UKIP leadership team can be and  there is every reason to believe she was ‘set up’ and her trial was unsound, she is currently a convicted fraudster herself so it is staggeringly foolish of her to have put the following eMail from a senior police officer into circulation amongst the media – fortunately I have received a copy from an associate and have in some horror read it – You will note that I have heavily redacted the eMail befor posting it even removing some items which have appeared in the media already, to limit the circulation of the names of innocent victims of UKIP’s criminality as conducted by their staff.
Meeting Monday 24 March 2014
27/03/2014 19:56
From: David.R.Manning <REDACTED>
To: Jasna10 <REDACTED>
Subject: Meeting Monday 24 March 2014
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 18:49
My sincere apologies for the delay in sending this to you. Please find the five sections of your complaint allegations
that I will be investigating following our meeting on Monday:
1. Financial irregularities at UKIP regarding the funding of the party.
2. Financial irregularities regarding the MEP Mr. REDACTED and the purchase of a vehicle and insurance for the same.
3. REDACTED and the allegation that his lap top computer containing Indecent Images of Children.
I have spoken to REDACTED and am meeting her to discuss the situation on Monday. I have left a message for REDACTED this evening so I hope I will be speaking to him very soon again with a view to meeting next week if appropriate.
You will note that the content of the eMail is all over the media today, by way of a follow up on the hagiography of Nigel Farage  by Martin Durkin on Channel 4 last night which was little more than a political broadcast on prime time for UKIP!What most will have overlooked was the unequivocal statement by Martin Durkin that:
Yes for the record he drinks quite a lot; yes he is very good company; yes he’s a bit of a scallywag; and no, he is not at all cut out for life in politics
in a rather tedious and saccharine article in The Telegraph CLICK HERE
After the revealing publication of David Manning’s clearly personal eMail to Jasna Badzac I have a feeling she can say goodby to any personal relationship she might have hoped for with the police! Which is unfortunate as it is clear that her heart is in the right place and she clearly wants what I have been trying to achieve for a number of years – the exposure of the criminality and corruption that is in UKIP to try to make it fit for purpose as the figurehead of the EUroSceptic movement which as it now stands UKIP has so selfishly and incompetently betrayed!
A position Ms. Badzac unfortunately finds herself in with some journalist, that she has upset in her gadarene dash to try to clear her name – an understandable emotion but catching rats & monkeys takes stealth and patience, and is not achieved by throwing all your ammunition into play at any opportunity or like the swine of the Gadarene you will find yourself propelled over the cliff!The Times had the following to say:

Police begin inquiry into Ukip finances

Party leader Nigel Farage. A number of allegations have been made about Ukip’s finances

  • Party leader Nigel Farage
    Party leader Nigel Farage. A number of allegations have been made about Ukip’s finances




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