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Jewish Chronicle Exposes Deep Flaws In UKIP’s Values!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/02/2014

Jewish Chronicle Exposes Deep Flaws In UKIP’s Values!

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The Jewish Chronicle online Exposes Deep Flaws In UKIP’s Values as under the present leadership UKIP gets ever more muddled unethical and unprofessional!!!



You will note below from The Jewish Chronicle Online just how comprehensively UKIP has lost its way – this may of course be yet another instance of Nigel Farage prostituting the party for personal gain or reimbersement!

You will note that the party is being told to support a man with completely alien views to those of these United Kingdoms in that he refuses to shake hands with women, advocates & intends to actively campaign for shechita (the ritual slaughter of animals & birds to comply with a Bronze Age superstition!) and circumcision (seen by many as the ritual equivalent of Female Genital Mutilation).

What on earth happened to British values and representing the wishes of the majority – can we expect UKIP next to follow the wishes, were they to pay sufficiently, of the few British citizens who are Wahhabi and advocate the stoning of adulterers, public beheading, hanging of homosexuals and bi lateral amputation for relatively minor crimes?

Clearly UKIP is in a complete muddle and due to incompetent leadership is clearly unfit for purpose in the vanguard of EUroScepticism. You will note The Jewish Chronicle makes no mention of their ‘chosen one’ making any efforts to campaign to Leave_The_EU!

I note with interest the date of the publication is 16-Aug-2013 but really, appreciating how corrupt UKIP internal democracy is with its authoritarian central control, expect this was long before UKIP actually published its positioned lists of candidates for MEP! Though I can not be sure of this. Minded however that the lists were drawn up without any meaningful vetting or selection and imposed from the top down I do feel it was somewhat before the temper tantrums of Nattrass when he was dumped!

Former Conservative councillor is Ukip hopeful

FARAGE, Nigel + ODZE, Shneur 01 + NUTTALL
By Marcus Dysch, August 16, 2013
A Lubavitch ex-councillor has been selected as one of the UK Independence Party’s highest-ranked European parliamentary election candidates.

Shneur Odze was previously a Conservative Party councillor in the London borough of Hackney, but will bid for a seat in Brussels at next May’s elections.

Defending shechita and circumcision would be key priorities if elected, said Mr Odze.

He was selected fourth on Ukip’s shortlist in the north-west area. Ukip national members will now vote on which order candidates will be placed on the party’s final lists at the election.

Mr Odze, who now lives in Manchester, said: “I am humbled to have been ranked so high and will be reaching out to as many members as I can in the next few weeks.

“Most issues such as religious slaughter, circumcision and school entry are decided in the European parliament. It’s imperative we have someone there fighting our corner.”

If elected, Mr Odze would be Britain’s first Jewish MEP since David Sumberg stepped down from representing the Tories in the north-west in 2009.

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