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Nigel Farage on a Me, myself & I photo op fun day out!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/02/2014

Nigel Farage on a Me, myself & I photo op fun day out!

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Nigel Farage on a Me, myself & I on a fun day out in the flood zones, or was it a puddle, seeking a personal photo opportunity – a great opportunity for inventing policy on the hoof!


Hi,The Farage Party on a fun day out seeking photo opportunities:

Nigel Farage visits the Somerset Levels

A rare photo of Nigel Farage that is note posed with a pint in one hand and a fag in the other hand to give the image of the cheeky chappie in the pub with the style of a used car schpieller!


 What waders reveal about UKIP policies

  Posted: February 21, 2014

Nigel Farage turned up for his photo-op on the Levels. The WMN showed him knee-deep in water with one hand pointing heavenward, one pointing at the water, a wall to wall smile and him wearing a pair of waders. I think that wearing waders, rather than Wellies, points to UKIP’s stance on climate change. But I’ll come back to the waders later.

Winter weather Feb 9th

Here’s UKIP’s latest statement on climate change and global warming, written six months ago, and at the core of their energy policy:

“The slight warming in the last hundred years is entirely consistent with well established, long-term natural climate cycles — the Roman Optimum, the Dark Ages, the Mediaeval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age. And now we seem to be moving into a new, natural 21st century optimum. There is simply no need to appeal to CO2 as an explanation for natural variation.”

So, for UKIP, the biblical floods we are having are surely welcome as part of this new “optimum” climate.

The waders? Well, fish farmers wear waders. And I think one of Farage’s hands was pointing to the heavens to show where this optimum rain was coming from, the other to show an optimum water depth, the smile to show he had common sense policies, and the waders to show local dairy farmers the appropriate work gear needed for them to seize the opportunities of an optimum climate and to convert from farming cows to farming carp.


by Theo Hopkins


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Of course this is not the first time he has sought a photo opportunity in his waders, one must assume he is often rather out of his depth!
FARAGE, Nigel awash 01 publicity pic co CROUCHER
This publicity snap was taken by his unprincipled & dishonest goffer, at the time, Mark Croucher and shows Nigel Farage either grossly exaggerating or pointing in which direction he intends to lead his party whilst standing, all dressed up with no where to go, in a puddle at a hospital building site!It is interesting to note that on these fun days out which Farage has he seemingly has no desire to promote local candidates and seems to ensure the publicity photos are of the me, me, me variety. Particularly strange in the run up to the EU elections!





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