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Keeping Up With The UKIP Ferrets & The Sack!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/09/2013

Keeping Up With The UKIP Ferrets & The Sack!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Keeping Up With The UKIP Ferrets & The Farage Sack!!!


From: mike nattrass []
Sent: 10 September 2013 09:42
Subject: FW: Chris PainSorry everyone,

Now we have Total Totalitarianism in UKIP.

Already Doug Denny has been thrown out of the NEC by Steve Crowther because he told the truth about the Gerrymandering of the selection process and flagged up at least 4 UKIP rules which were broken to distort the selection process …. but the UKIP Constitution (which I opposed) allows for “retrospective voting” so there can be no court challenge…… unless you like nailing jelly to the ceiling….. Yes I tried!

Here (see below) we have the next NEC member who refuses to stay silent. There are more keeping their heads down and away from Nigels hit squad ..Crowther/Reeve/Fairweather.

Why do we elect NEC members?….. to be threatened by Crowther/Farage or to represent member’s concerns?

You are being told how to vote for MEP candidates by a system that excludes any distraction away from “The Chosen Ones” … the ones who comply without question. Totally excluding in all regions those who have worked hardest for this party.

Kindly and well respected member Alan Sheath a long time UKIP member and over 80 wanted to make his point at the conference in Telford, he asked permission to hand out information, and was threatened by Jill Seymour with the police! (you can see the emails)

I suggest you look further down your voting list of candidates …e.g. Michael Wrench who has done so much work for UKIP, he has a good heart and gets little credit because he is loyal to freedom of thought. Those who submit to one man’s domination are clearly listed at the top of the papers, they are cronies and cronies of cronies.

If you read what Crowther says in the magazine it means he could have saved most candidates the £500… because he already knew who he would choose.

I will be making a more comprehensive report of the hidden issues, bullying and fiddles made in the name of UKIP later.

Obviously I will be standing at the 2014 MEP elections ….. but I am barred by Crowther/Farage from standing for UKIP to defend my own seat.
Yet the UKIP members did not vote against me.



PS I realise that Nigel is the best speaker and a fantastic front man a fantantist performer but not a Leader. I support UKIP policy and as a previous Party Chairman, Deputy Leader and Transport Spokesman I have made some of it. I will however not see UKIP ruined by Totalitarianism, without speaking up…….we beleave in the votes of members, freedom to speak our minds and democracy … the obvious facts now point in a different bullying direction.

WHO INTERVIEWED me? CROWTHER (employee of a fellow candidate) CASSIDY (aged 22 who reports to Crowther as a UKIP employee) and FAIRWEATHER (Nigel’s person and new NEC member) Oh by the way, the NEC thought they agreed that employees would not be interviewing… but we can soon fix that!

Subject: Fwd: Chris Pain
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 22:21:19 +0100
Dear NEC members,
I have just received this email after having sent a comprehensive letter covering all of the aspects of my issue earlier today. My deputy leader on the council, was informed by Pete Reeves that I had been thrown out of the party and he was to take over. Has my case been reviewed since my email was sent and a different decision taken.
As this will cause serious damage to our party locally and more importantly effect our vote at the ballot box, can you all please address this as a matter of urgency.
Chris Pain
Councillor Chris Pain
Lincolnshire County Council
UKIP Group Leader & Leader of the Opposition
07771 980477 or 07876 505055

From: Steve Crowther <>
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 20:53:34 +0100
To: Victoria Ayling<>; Paul Oakden<>; Peter Reeve<>; Robin Hunter-Clarke<>; Don Ransome<>
Cc: Gawain Towler<>; Alexandra Phillips<>
Subject: Chris Pain

Dear All

I can confirm that Chris Pain has been suspended from membership of UKIP, for two months, as of Friday 6 September, under the UKIP Constitution clause 11.9. The suspension will be confirmed or rescinded at an emergency disciplinary hearing now being arranged by the Party Secretary.

Regards, Steve

Stephen Crowther, Chairman, UK Independence Party
Eastacombe House, Heanton, Barnstaple, N. Devon EX31 4DG
Phone 01271 813844 Mobile 07775 787579

The contents of this email are confidential





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