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The Ferrets in The UKIP Sack Nattrass, Pain etc.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/08/2013

The Ferrets in The UKIP Sack Nattrass, Pain etc.T

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The Ferrets in The UKIP Sack, or at least squabbling for preferment, Mike Nattrass, Chris Pain etc.!!


my only reservation with this all but standard UKIP style correspondence is the percentage which is supposedly anonymous.Like most honourable individuals I yhave little but contempt for people too ashamed of their actions to put their names to it!

—–Original Message—–
From: mike nattrass <>
Sent: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 10:09

This is being passed round in the East Midlands.

They are now going nuts in EAST MIDLANDS because they think the MEP LIST IS

Open the attachment.


Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 23:27:23 +0100

I have just had this email sent over to me from Derbyshire. It is apparently doing the rounds in the East Mids.



I am totally shocked that my two local UKIP members from Derbyshire David Gale one of the best police commissioner results for UKIP, and Phillip Rose secretary of the east midlands counties committee, have not made the list to be voted on for the MEP selections.  as these are two hard working local activists, the fact that they have not made the final cut is dubious to say the least.


Several of the areas are being represented in the MEP selection process by people they do not want. All our candidates have come from two counties so we have no representation from Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland.  This will impact on our vote at the ballot box. The down side of this is that instead of having four MEP’s in the next elections, we will probably only have one. It has been apparent that the list has been picked by Steve Crowther, Party Chairman, raising doubts about his suitability as future chairman of the party.


In the east midlands these are the candidates we have been given are as follows:-


Barry Mahoney ~ this man has never done anything in or for the region in the last eight years. He did not campaign in the last European election at all, and was not re voted onto the east midlands committee because of his lack of attendance at meetings.


Roger Helmer ~ came over from the conservatives, supposed to be retiring through ill health.  He has not been to an East Midlands regional meeting yet even though he has been in the party a year and a half.  He has not contributed financially to the region either.


Margot Parker ~ stood against UKIP at the last European elections. She stood in Corby in the by-election which is a plus point for her.  Unfortunately she did not bother to stand for UKIP in a previous council by-election a few months before leaving the seat uncontested.  She also left the general election seat uncontested at the last general elections. Her profession is advising people how to get around EU law, so if she obtains the post of MEP we will be adding to her job CV and she will not be inclined to push forward for the UK to leave the EU.


Jonathan Bullock ~ has only been in the party 9 months, he should not be eligible to stand as the criteria is you have to be in the party 12 months.


Nigel Wickens ~ nobody knows who Nigel Wickens is.


The above does not make good reading for anybody in the party that wants to move forward. I thought the national selection process was a good idea and although, I was not in UKIP during the last European elections these results seem to suggest that the regions selection process was a far better process last time. The fact that concludes my thoughts is that Lincolnshire activist, Christopher Pain, has not made the list.  He has worked hard for the party for years attained the positions of Branch Chairman, Counties Chairman, East Midlands Chairman, NEC member, County Councillor, organised conferences and had some of the best election results for the party.


We then have to look at Mike Nattrass MEP being told he was not worthy for selection in the West Midlands makes a mockery of the all system. He has been one of the most hard working MEP’s, after Nigel Farage, in the whole party.  He has worked tirelessly and donating hundreds of thousands of pounds to the party.


Neil Hamilton has been deemed unworthy to stand for selection in the South West, but his silence has been bought by a high luxury job in the party.


All three of the following are not in the top 10, but 6 people who are not known in the area are above them, why?


In the south east Steve Harris their regional organiser was number 3 candidate on the last MEP list.


Andrew Montclies ex NEC member and policy writer for UKIP


Piers Wauchop NEC member long standing with 8 years plus as a County Councillor, a hard working kingpin in the south east.


In London Paul Oakley is top of the list an unknown character not been a hard working activist for UKIP, yet he has been deemed to be a higher calibre than MEP Gerard Batten.


Then we look slightly further afield Jonathan Arnott has been placed number 1 on the list in the North East.  This has dismayed local activists as they have never seen Jonathan Arnott in the region at all, people do not know who he is.


David Coburn has been placed number 1 in Scotland the information coming from Scotland is that he has not been there for 30 plus years.


These are just a few examples of the bazaar selection process that appears to be riddled with corruption from UKIP.


I joined UKIP because I thought they were the party of the people and as an activist I am absolutely distraught at the way many good candidates across the country have been treated and bypassed.


I am enclosing the email addresses of all the NEC members and if you agree that the selection of candidates is wrong, please email them and tell them.  If not I am sorry for bothering you, but a big injustice has been done here by our leaders, they are telling you who they want on the selection vote as MEP, not who we want.  What will happen at the next general election if we don’t stand up now and be counted?


Fellow activists and I have decided that if this injustice is not addressed we will not be actively campaigning or donating to the European elections at all.  I believed UKIP to be a democratic party yet it appears we are taking on the habits of the EU which I despise strongly


Alan Bown

Bours Loise

Chris Pain

David Coburn

George Curtis

Gerard Batten

Godfrey Bloom

Hugh Williams

Jonathan Arnott

Michael Greaves

Michael Mcgough

Neil Hamilton

Paul Nuttall

Piers Wauchop

Rod Peers

S. J. Crowther

Sebastian Fairweather

Steven Woolfe

Stuart Wheeler



A Once Dedicated UKIP Activist

Clearly too gutless to validate their poison pen with the addition of their name, though it seems all too clear who the dweeb who authored this is!Since virtually all appointments within UKIP are orchestrated by one man, internal selections and elections have regularly been rigged and fiddled it is interesrting to note that people like Mike Nattrass who was a main mover in the corruption only speak out when they personally fall foul of the system they helped set up and support!

It does give a measure of the caliber of the trash that form the bulk of UKIP’s hierarchy. Clearly without honour, integrity or basic decency just as with the low lifes who turn a blind eye to the corruption when it works for their gain like Andrew Smith, Gerard Batten, Mick McGough and the anonymised cowards with their lies and unpleasant efforts to defame true supporters of UKIP who seek to clean it up to make it fit for purpose ratheer than fit for personal gain!





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