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Ukip Is Better Placed On Alex Jones Than In Governance

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/06/2013

Ukip Is Better Placed On Alex Jones Than In Governance

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Ukip is clearly Better Placed On extremist conspiracy theorist American shock radio like Alex Jones Than In Governance at ant level.

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responsible reading of ‘EUropaische Wiertschaft Gemeinschaft’ rapidly shows that Walter Funk’s publication as Adolf Hitler’s Finance Minister and President of The Reichs Bank was not trying to nor was he capable of proposing plans to build The EUropean Union!

That I published the first full text in the English language on the internet over 15 years ago and to my knowledge no one else has published the text in English in full to date! I question if Gerard Batten has ever read the document and for sure it seems had he read it he clearly failed to understand it!

The origins of the EU are all too well presented in Dr. Richard North & Christopher Booker’s in depth publication ‘The Great Deception’, clearly it was too complex for this Ukip numpty Gerard Batten to understand – nor it seems does this racist Islamophobe with his sordid anti Islamic publications and vile fundamentalist superstitions that are likely to encourage racial hatred have the slightest understanding of the style, methods or activities of The Bilderberg Group.

It is all too likely his misunderstanding of world affairs and political globalism include the belief that the world is controlled by the Cecils and the Rockerfellers and managed in accord with Molluck and Bohemian Grove!

That Gerard Batten is one of the founders of Ukip and has worked with Nigel Farage as part of Ukip leadership team speaks volumes of Ukip’s unsuitability for Governance!

Member of EU Parliament Calls
European Union a Nazi Plan
June 8, 2013Gerard Batten, a member of the European Parliament for London for the United Kingdom Independence Party, said earlier this week at Watford, outside of the Bilderberg confab, that the European Union was designed by Nazis.

“In 1942,” Mr. Batten told Alex Jones, “the German central bank under Doctor Walther Funk along with leading industrialists said how are we going to run the economies of Europe after we have won the war.” They proposed the “European Economic Community, that’s what they called it, and they had a common agricultural policy” and policies covering other aspects of trade and cultural affairs.Batten said it is more than likely many of the Nazi economic architects responsible for drafting up plans for a common union found their way into the bureaucracy after the supranational institution began under the auspices of the European Economic Community in the early 1950s, at the same time the Bilderberg Group was established and began to hold annual meetings. The Maastricht Treaty officially established the current European Union in 1993.

Asked about the CIA’s role in forcing Britain into the union through a trade deal in the 1970s, Batten said the intelligence agency outspent and out maneuvered those opposed to integration. “I see this as an instrument of American foreign policy at the time,” Batten said, adding that the global elite were keenly interested in creating a centralized and autocratic dictatorship in Europe.

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