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Farage Places an Unconvinced Outsider in Eastleigh

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/02/2013

Farage Places an Unconvinced Outsider in Eastleigh


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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Nigel Farage Places Mrs. Diane Martine James; an Unconvinced Outsider being an Independent Councillor & resident elsewhere, in Eastleigh!!


Nigel Farage has completely bypassed local candidates, with an alleged 70% endorsement of the local committee he convened for a hustings – though having watched Ray Finch interviewed on TV recently, if that was the best they could do locally little wonder!Nigel’s appointment is Mrs. Diane Martine James an Independent Councillor in Godalming in Surrey on Waverley Borough Council – surprising that he has chosen an Independent who though she claims to have joined UKIP a couple of years ago (I wonder will she, like Bob Spink before her, turn out never to have paid to join UKIP) after 2 years as a member she clearly lacks the conviction to serve by representing UKIP on her council, choosing to remain independent on the strongly Tory Council!

Waverley Borough Council
The Burys
United Kingdom

Tel: 01483 523333

Diane James’ listing on her council’s web site shows:

Councillor Diane James

Diane JamesWard: EwhurstParty: Independent

Contact Details

Holmbury Road
GU6 7SJ(electoral register shows Mrs. James shares the home with John R. Forrest owner of one of the businesses of which she is a director!)

Tel: 01483 274799


Waverley Borough Council

Election Results for Ewhurst Ward

Election date: 5th May 2011

Electorate: 1570

Ballot Papers Issued: 959

Turnout: 61.1 %

Candidate’s Name Party Votes Elected?
John S M Beckwith-Smith Conservative Party 251 No
Diane M James Independent Group of Councillors 701 Yes

Cllr James is a member of the following Committees:-

  • Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee
  • Standards Committee/Standards Panel (from 1 July 2012)
  • Eastern Area Planning Committee
  • Emergency Advisory Group

Cllr Diane M James – has interests in:

Healthcare Consultancy Services

Director of Iduna Ventures (D.M.J.: Director, Consultant & Co.Secretary)

Non Exec Director to Proven Health VCT (VCT: Venture Capital Trust)

Commercial Advisor to HFMA (HFMA: The Healthcare Financial Management Association)

Mrs. James is also I gather an active member of the vigilante group ‘Community Speedwatch’, which rather goes against the grain of UKIP sentiment when one considers the amount of support given by UKIP to aiding Idris Francis in taking his case to The EU Courts to evade a speeding charge in one of his cars!

Since it is all too clear Mrs. James will not be elected I incline to believe that she has volunteered to put her name to the candidacy to raise her profile most probably in return for placement on UKIP’s MEP candidacy list in the region, by Nigel Farage, who has the constitutional authority to draw up his own list for elections with the nodding donkeys of the NEC who are dependent on him for their selection and election.

It will be interesting to see how Mrs. James fares when confronted by the far more plausible Maria Hutchings who is the Tory candidate yet far more clearly advocates the core values of UKIP with her very clear Leave-The-EU message supported by David Cameron’s underhand promise of a referendum on EU membership IF he is re-elected!

One wonders if Mrs. James will be happy to support racism, anti homosexuality and the general louche behaviour of UKIP within Nigel Farage’s extremist EFD Group in The EU were she to assume Marta Andreasen’s position after the next EU election, as would seem to be the plan!

Interestingly William Hill put the LibDims at 10/11 to hold the seat. Tories are evens,
Labour third,
with UKIP at a sad 25/1.

Considering Labour had yet to declare their candidate, this is hardly a ringing endorsement of UKIP. However you will be pleased to know that another of the ‘also rans’ has chosen their candidate to vie with Mrs. James in the larger than life:

Howlin’ Laud Hope who will stand for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. One wonders might he outstrip UKIP’s inappropriate candidate!


with Marta Andreasen now departed, to join the Tories who totally rejected her as a candidate when first she tried to wheedle her way into a seat in The EU, and aware of just how crass are Nigel Farage’s abilities in man management and selection I felt a few more details might be apposite on Mrs. Diane Martine James.
JAMES, Diane Martine 02
Let me first thank a couple of friends, who assisted me, individuals who, like me, support the primary aims of UKIP and desperately wish the party could be cleaned-up and rid of the self seeking dross that has hijacked the leadership positions and the odious claque they sponsor to keep themselves on the gravy train.

I found companies associated with Diane Martine James (DMJ1) here:

and (DMJ2) here:

and with Diane Martine James Forrest here (whether an assumed name for convenience or a tacit nod to a marriage she seeks to hide, as John Richard Forrest is, amongst other things, an adviser and presumably lobbyist assisting The EU!)

I noted at DMJ1 that her co-directors of Hamgain were Edwin James (b.1928) and Sandra S Cheesman (b.1962), who I assume to be her father and sister.
Edwin’s address was in Chatham which, if the family home, fits with UKIP’s notes that Diane was brought up in Kent;   Sandra appears here:

sharing her address in Chidham with a David Roger Cheesman in 2002,

and as Sandra S James from 2003. (?Divorced?)

She also turns up on Chidham & Hambrook parish council!

I found companies associated with John Richard Forrest (JRF1) here:

and here (JRF2):

and here (JRF3):

and also here (JRF4):

though at first I wasn’t sure they were all the same person, it does seem they are.

John Richard Forrest’s biography can be found at:

this links all three lists, with NTL, Virgin Media, 3i and Blue Wave from (JRF1),
Zinwave from (JRF2)
and European Microelectronics Academy and Narec Capital from (JRF3).

It also gives the interesting piece of information about him advising the European Commission on technology initiatives!

One almost loses the will to live trying to untangle his different addresses as it is hard to tell whether those I found were private or company addresses.

One that is interesting is here:

Balmer Lawn Road, Brockenhurst, is also the address of his co-director Jane Patricia Forrest at Forrest Farm Enterprises (JRF1) and Egan International (JRF2).

There was also an Alexander I Forrest living there in about 2002-3.

Could Jane Patricia Forrest be a now cast off wife and Alexander a son?

At all events it would seem he currently co-habits with Diane. A recent marriage is more than possible and aware of her age and political aspirations Diane opted to retain her maiden name.

There was a planning application in 2005 from Mr & Mrs J Forrest at Abingerwood, whether prior to her relationship with John Forrest or utilising either her new married name or an assumed name and style (Perfectly legal to use ANY name one may choose as long as there is no intention to defraud – I should know as I added a hyphen to my name whilst still at school and have used my name with a hyphen ever since).

Here is that planning application:

JAMES, Diane Martine 01

Probably none of this matters very much. The silly part is if I could only have found some basic checkable information I would very soon have lost interest in her, but it tends to bugs me that none of the details released by UKIP quite fit.

UKIP’s track record of inventing CVs and backgrounds of its ‘chosen’ plants is near consistently dishonest, which leads one to doubt as one knows as a fact UKIP can not be trusted to tell the truth.

There are no names of the “succession of major pharmaceutical companies” it is claimed she worked for, the “healthcare agency” business she established, what she was doing in Boston, or the “independent consulting business” she founded.

Googling the Scottish healthcare conference her company launched, NHS Masterclass, and HFMA and I found no reference to her at all! Which in the light of the lies Nigel Farage told us and aided David Bannerman and also Marta QAndreasen to promote gives rise to reasonable suspicions I am sure any honest individual would agree!

Only in connection with ProVen VCT does one come across this:

You will note: “Ms. Diane James is Non-Executive Independent Director of ProVen Health VCT Plc.
She is an independent adviser to a number of healthcare organisations involving healthcare innovation in the Uk and Europe.
She was formerly the chair of the Surrey & Sussex CLRN (Comprehensive Local Research Network), part of the National Institute for Health Research which was established by the UK Department of Health in 2006, to support clinical innovation research in the UK.
She has a wide range of healthcare experience at senior management level in both the public and private sectors and has founded, developed and divested a specialist healthcare communications business.”

also note references on pages pages 12 and 28 at:

Even her education is puzzling, details proving elusive.
She is supposed to have attended Thames Valley University, but it only became a university in 1992 when she was 33 and supposedly establishing her own businesses. Did she manage to fit in a part-time degree there as well, or did she in fact do a course at what was then the Thames Valley College of Higher Education when she was 18?

I don’t know nor especially care, but it’s typical of her that even over this there’s a question mark.

I freely admit there is a tendency not to give her the benefit of the doubt in the light of the regular dishonesty of UKIP over Nigel Farage’s chosen ‘plants’.

Her twitter thingy is at
Clearly a construct for her new ambitions with UKIP, as you will note she remains an Independent in her actual political achievements, choosing NOT to represent UKIP or give her name to supporting UKIP

Finally, Farage tweeted on Feb 15, “I was at the Eastleigh campaign base before Brux today. Always travelling”.  I’d already seen at

his excuse for not standing at Eastleigh himself was:
‘The reason is simple: I am leading this party into the local elections in England and then the European elections and thirdly, it’s quite busy in Brussels and I need to be there”.

Though I believe it was a sensible decision, in that for Farage to fail yet again, in a high profile by-election would serve him ill – even were it good for UKIP, which I do not believe his presence to be save amongst the chavery of the pub class who are increasingly being reduced in numbers.

Farage’s much publicised excuses bear clower inspection in the light of UKIP’s general dishonesty!

Well, the locals are not for another nine weeks after Eastleigh, and the Euros for over a year, so a look at the EP’s calendar seemed apposite:

to see what pressing matters were tying him up over there.

The first week of the Eastleigh campaign was MEPs’ constituency week when he shouldn’t have been in Brussels at all, and weeks 2 and 3 are committee weeks which don’t involve Farage as he’s not on any committees! His most recent resignation being from The Fisheries Committee after his embarrassing failure of leadership where UKIP failed to vote on The CFP in the Parliament and it was made public that he had failed to attend the committee for a considerable time!

The only day on which he would have scheduled meetings would be the day before polling, when there are group and Conference of Presidents meetings, involving his milch cow the racist, anti homosexual, xenophobic, anti Jewish supporting EFD Group he has dragged UKIP into the gutter of EU politics to support!

So what else is he so busy doing in Brussels?

We are obviously not meant to ask!

Interesting that Marta has now gone. Looks like I was right in my predictions and the prediction that Diane James was Nigel Farage’s new plant for the job as an MEP – well I guess UKIP must face facts that there is no point in a candidate who might outshine Farage as he would soon destroy them.

The other sad fact is there is absolutely no one of any visible merit who could step up to the plate in UKIP South East, so how ever foolish Farage’s manouvering is as leader, as his track record has shown again and again he uses and abuses people for his personal gain and all too often his judgement in personnel selection is at best crass!

For more details on Farage’s latest plant Diane Martine James, or might that be Diane Martine Forrest and a deliberate obfuscation of identity CLICK HERE




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