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BOOTH, Graham MEP UKIP rtd. 14-Dec-2011 – IN MEMORIAM

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/12/2012

BOOTH, Graham MEP UKIP rtd. 14-Dec-2011 – IN MEMORIAM

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Graham BOOTH MEP UKIP rtd. 
Born 29-Mar-1940 – Died 14-Dec-2011


Graham BOOTH MEP rtd. Died 14-Dec-2011

Booth was born 29-Mar-1940 and will I presume be sadly missed by some members of his family.

Booth became an MEP as a result of the ill health of UKIP’s interim leader Michael Holmes, who was forced to stand down – a seat which Booth was rapidly placed in being of independent means; having had the good fortune to make considerable money out of his family land assets, which included an old style resort motel, and also through his building exploits.

Booth was one of the early generous donors who helped fund the early days of UKIP, which proved a sound investment when he inherited his position as an MEP in 2002 and he had the good fortune to gain the seat as the incumbent in the election of 2004. 
Booth sought to leave no one in doubt just how very important he thought MEPs were, and notably on one occasion defended even the odious little Scot Graham Watson’s betrayal of his West Country Constituents on the grounds that Watson was very important because he was an MEP!!
A troubled individual who seemed to derive a perverse pleasure from leaving unfunny offensive obscene jokes on my answerphone at times when he knew I would be out – possibly to shock my wife but I guess no one will now ever know!
Whilst under investigation by OLAF for fraud Booth stood down and was succeeded by Trevor Colman – ostensibly Booth stood down due to the ill health of his wife and would have been unfased when he was found guilty of fraud and ordered to repay a substantial amount of money, as he had his overly generous EU pension and he sold his business shortly after for around £5M.

Having retired in 2008 he and Pam spent much of their time in The Med where I understand they had a villa and where he was able to enjoy the generous pension he had obtained through UKIP.

The Funeral was held in his home town where he had spent most of his life on Thursday 22-Dec-2011 with a large turnout to be seen.
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