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Archive for October 7th, 2016

An Obscene Exposee From Ukip & Steven Woolfe’s Birthday Bash!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/10/2016

An Obscene Exposee From Ukip & Steven Woolfe’s Birthday Bash!

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable!


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


An Obscene Exposee From Andrew Ampers Taylor of Ukip & Steven Woolfe’s Birthday Bash the fight that put him out for the count & hospitalised & displayed his unsuitability for leadership!

000a ukip-025 count.png



I would contend that this is all you need to know about Ukip – consider the fact this was published on a public forum by a Ukip supporter and relates to the vile and vituperative drivel of a Ukip Chairman!

My appologies for the language used which I have reprinted!

Good heavens, here’s what the Chairman of UKIP says about Stephen Woolf.

“I don’t see how anyone can defend people that threaten to shoot the NEC (reported in the press because I leaked it to the NEC and Beecher leaked it to the press) or how anyone can defend someone who picks a fight with a Marine, while turning up pissed to UKIP meetings, turning up pissed to work and getting sacked for it in 2012, failing to campaign in the GLA election in 2012, not getting his papers in, having criminal convictions, etc. Or how someone can defend Kassam, who slanders everyone who isn’t a raving lunatic. Good thing is that the NEC won’t let Kassam stand. Or how anyone can defend Cottrell, who was arrested on 21 counts of extortion, drug dealing, etc… Or how anyone can defend Banks for attacking Carswell for supposedly being autistic, claiming that I suck Hamilton’s cock, claiming that Soutter sucks Hamilton’s cock, and destroying the character of NEC members, branch chairmen, AMs, MEPs, etc. I can’t blame anyone for despising Kassam, Banks, and Woolfe. I proudly support Hamilton and the NEC. Hopefully the NEC suspends Woolfe for starting the fight.”

Surely chairmen of UKIP shouldn’t talk like this.

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who fortunately seems to be better after having a fight with another Ukip MEP but having shown in no uncertain terms just how unsuited to leadership he is.

Apart from that I wonder if he enjoyed his birthday!

First some TWITTER comments on Steven Woole’s Birthday Bash:

  1. contend they are in no more of a mess than – will be organising a fist fight with to settle this?

Minded of the squabbling, thuggery, bullying, drunken chavvery, womanising and dishonesty in Ukip’s leadership & management ranks it is clear they are, as a party, absolutely bereft of talent, ability or competence with not a single individual who would seem to have any of the skills required to lead a grown up political party.

There is absolutely no one of repute and stature hence dross like

Internet grab for Liz - open Facebook page for Raheem Kassam Breitbart London's Managing Editor, Raheem Kassam, is set to leave the organisation following the successful launch in February of this year. Kassam will join the UK Independence Party as of today (23/10/14)  as the Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage

Raheem Kassan who boasts of a six figure salary yet is desperately scratching around for funds with internet begging site to cover his costs to stand!

Perhaps Ukip will sink that further stage Diane James having run from the job of leader after only a few days in the realisation Ukip not only has no money but huge debts and is as manageable as a sack of squabbling ferrets. Next up was Steven Woolfe and he has shown both the lack of punch to control Ukip and the lack of finness that he thought he might.

Perhaps the sad figure of the inadequate Raheem Kassan posing like a small child with his revolver held together with an elastic band might find he needs not only a coat like Nigel Farage


but also a real ability to use his revolver to cope with thugs like

Mike Hookem is alleged to have been the other MEP involved in the fight at the meeting

posturing in the EU Parliament & demeaning Britain or

He served with of the Royal Air Force

posing with a LMG which may give Raheem Kassan pause for thought as he is clearly outgunned within the bullying and brutish style of Ukip!


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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