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As Ever UKip Are Fighting Like Ferrets In A Sack, In A Corrupt Election!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/08/2016

As Ever UKip Are Fighting Like Ferrets In A Sack, In A Corrupt Election!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


As Ever UKip Are Fighting Like Ferrets In A Sack, In A Corrupt Election! A measure of the utter incompetent as a leader Nigel Farage was is to just look at what a mess his party is in!

000a ukip-025 count.png

one wonders why whenever UKip come into the open you find that what they claim for themselves is deeply flawed – in 23 years of claiming to campaign to Leave-The-EU they have never had a single solitary consistent organised and professional campaign – they have however consistently failed to have the vaguest of responsible strategies for how to Leave-The-EU ethically within the framework of international treaty law ensuring Britain does no experience massive damage and huge debts.
I guess it is not all that surprising when one realises that virtually nothing they have ever said or done has been professional or for that matter honest!
Consider a few points from Twitter:
Greg_Lance-Watkins@Greg_LW 13h13 hours ago

Anyone know when will prove the validity of her CV or is she fraudulently seeking election as leader?

Greg_Lance-Watkins@Greg_LW 13h13 hours ago

So & are suspected of & have been notified Thus MUST investigate!

A & a do battle for leadership of & 6 nonentities squabble to lead for who continues in control!

Jasna Badzak Retweeted (((Mi5 Trump ton)))

She did if she is Diane James, US born, living there and not member! This one photo is just using her name!

Jasna Badzak added,

  1. Greg_Lance-Watkins Retweeted Jasna Badzak

    is an embarrassing joke candidate for leader since there are no viable candidates!

    Greg_Lance-Watkins added,

That is just a quick selection of examples from the last 3 days!
For more facts regarding the new front runner Diane James CLICK HERE
For facts regarding any candidate of any significance use the >SEARCH< facility at the top of the right sidebar. Minded that Broughton, Etheridge and Jones are easily judged by the odds against them and the obviously lack of leadership skills and judgement they have displayed by squandering £5,000 on submitting their applications!
That UKip are willing to seek to profit by charging applicants £5,000 each to be considered leads one to wonder how come they haven’t followed Labour’s lead and charge members £25 to vote! Clearly if Aaron Banks quits as their financier the new leader will have been hyanded a poison chalice as there will be no money to run the party as UKip MEPs are notoriously tight fisted and apart from the seried ranks of crooks who have been sent to prison or ordered to pay back money they had perloined from the tax payers donations have been few and far between other than those who made much show of being donors when it came to funding their own elections to the gravy train!
Now consider the fact that it seems UKip have NEVER managed to organise an internal selection process and/or election that has not raised controversy mainly due to their utterly unprofessional behaviour and corruption – time and time again they have been proven to have lied or cheated!
We have the farcical and fancifull story peddled by UKip firstly that Nigel Farage gave up a highly successfull career in the City when in fact he was just a serial drunk and philanderer who had been fired for his misconduct and to this day (I believe he still owes the money) owes the tax man for his back taxes on his failed company.
We have protestations that he gave up a career where he would have earned far more to control UKip – I think not when he arrived with debts and a cloud over his City career yet today would seem to have assets valued variously at between £3 and £7Million!
We are told how he was a great devotee of Margaret Thatcher yet when one checks the record he voted Green prior to joining UKip!
We hear the myth he peddles that were ity not for him and for his fiefdom of UKip there would be no BreXit and have been no Referendum – this is an outright lie. Neither Nigel Farage nor his party did anything to achieve BreXit, as ever they didn’t even have a responsible strategy of how to Leave-The-EU or what to do to safeguard Britain’s future when we left! In fact Nigel Farage and his claque did almost everything they could to prevent the Referendum – Just as they had utterly failed to actively campaign to oppose the new EU Constitution which morphed into the Lisbon Treaty!
It is an absol;utely unarguable fact thaty the Referendum was the result of the efforts of Nikki Sinclaire and no one else, it was she who campaigned for a referendum and ity was she who put together a team, and largely funded that team, to collect paper signatures in a petition to force the Government to hold a debate on Britain’s future relationship with the EU – a petition that Nigel Farage and his cronies did all they could to sabotage to ensure tjhere was no debate.
Nikki Sinclaire won the day and obtained 1/4Million signatures forcing a debate in the House of Commons in whyich David Cameron’s Government faced its first and worst rebellion, it was that debate which forced Cameron to include the promise of an IN/OUT Referendum in the Tory Manifesto at the next election.
Nigel Farage & UKip did absolutely nothing to achieve BreXit – they even went so far as to split the organisation that was to campaign for OUT, together with their self serving and self aggrandising fundert Aaron Banks.
Now let us look briefly at the claim that Nigel Farage made that he waws resigning as leader of UKip.
Yet even now having said his resignation was immediate he is still seeking to control UKip to ensure his puppet is elected in his stead! It is Nigel Farage actively campaigning against the NEC he put in place and has controlled for so many years, it is he threatening an AGM to overturn their decisions and it is he openly supporting Steven Woolfe – despite Woolfe’s criminal behaviour as exposed in earlier elections. Despite Woolfe’s claims to be a Barrister, which he is not!

UKIP leadership: Steven Woolfe excluded from race

Steven Woolfe
Image caption: Mr Woolfe said some in the party felt he was “not his own man”

UKIP leadership hopeful Steven Woolfe has been ruled “ineligible” to stand in the contest to replace Nigel Farage – after he submitted his papers late.

The party’s NEC said it had voted by a “clear majority” to exclude Mr Woolfe – previously seen as the frontrunner.

The MEP said he was “extremely disappointed” by the decision, and three NEC members have quit in protest.

Jonathan Arnott, Bill Etheridge, Diane James, Lisa Duffy, Phillip Broughton and Elizabeth Jones are on the ballot.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Woolfe said he believed the NEC had “their own reasons” for excluding him from the ballot, but implied it could have been linked to the fact he was committed to abolishing the executive.

Asked if he would consider taking legal action, or calling a vote of no confidence in the NEC, Mr Woolfe said it was a matter for the party membership but he thought the contest should continue without him.

Announcing their resignations from the NEC, Victoria Ayling, Raymond Finch and Michael McGough said in a joint statement that the party’s governing body “is no longer fit for purpose” and called for a vote of no confidence in the NEC.

Media captionUKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott says Steven Woolfe will still have a “huge role” to play in the party’s future.

They accused it of “deliberately obstructing” Mr Woolfe and some of its members of putting personal ambitions ahead of the interests of the party – which polled more than four million votes at the last general election and got 12% of the vote.

“Steven Woolfe is a popular candidate among UKIP’s members and should be permitted to represent those that wish to vote for him,” they wrote.

“To purposefully trawl for technicalities upon which to base a decision to deny his inclusion is not in the best interests of the membership and truly injurious to UKIP.”

‘Clear rules’

The winner of the leadership contest – sparked by Mr Farage’s decision to stand down after the UK voted to leave the EU – is scheduled to be announced on 15 September.

In a statement announcing the final line-up, the party said: “By a clear majority of NEC members Steven Woolfe MEP’s application was considered to be ineligible as a result of a late submission and as such he did not meet the eligibility criteria.”

Mr Woolfe, the party’s immigration spokesman, submitted his nomination papers 17 minutes late on Sunday, blaming the delay on technical issues with the registration site.

Nigel FarageImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionNigel Farage announced he was stepping down after the UK voted to leave the EU

He submitted his application at 11:35 BST – before the noon deadline – but it did not successfully go through until 12:17 BST.

He said he had been in contact with party officials prior to the deadline passing to alert them to the problems, and had sent pictures, upon request, to prove it.

The party’s chairman, Paul Oakden, said Mr Woolfe’s exclusion was “regrettable” but the rules for prospective candidates, as for all elections, were “very clear”.

He told BBC Radio 4’s World at One that the NEC was put in the position of having “to bend and flex the rules” to accommodate a single candidate and “I think they did not feel comfortable in doing that”.

‘Life or death’

Mr Woolfe said he was “extremely disappointed” not to be on the final ballot as he had wanted to “inject my ideas, plans and passion into the party”.

And he criticised the NEC as “not fit for purpose” and said its conduct during the leadership election had “confirmed many member’s fears that it is neither effective nor professional in the way it governs the party”.

Media captionUKIP’s chairman said it was important for candidates to hit application deadlines.
Media captionMichael McGough has resigned from the UKIP’s ruling body over the leadership vote

“They have failed to accept that there were serious issues with the application system despite providing evidence that attempts of submission were made before the deadline. The NEC deny this is the fault of the UKIP system.

“Furthermore, highly confidential information about me held in party documents has been leaked to the press and the NEC has not sought to investigate this gross breach of privacy,” he added.

‘Life and death’

Mr McGough – who has resigned from the NEC – said Mr Woolfe’s exclusion from the contest was “unfair” and called into the question the party’s future.

Unless the party elected a “competent leader who was comfortable with the media, it was finished”, he told World at One. “This is a fight for survival. It is life or death.”

BBC political correspondent Tom Bateman said the NEC’s decision “opens up a whole new schism in UKIP” and he understood that Mr Farage could call an emergency meeting of the party membership to put pressure on the body to reconsider.

Diane JamesImage copyrightPA
Image captionDiane James has confirmed she is standing after days of uncertainty

Mr Oakden, who only took over as party chairman this week, said the party was perfectly entitled to call an EGM if 25% of its branches backed the move but said talk of a potential split was over-exaggerated and the remaining contenders were a diverse and exciting group.

MEP Ms James – now regarded as the favourite in the contest – has launched her own campaign website while Mr Arnott, an MEP for the north east of England, has said he was won the backing of the party’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

Of the other candidates, Mr Etheridge is also a member of European Parliament while Lisa Duffy is a councillor in Cambridgeshire. Both Ms Jones and Mr Broughton have stood as candidates in recent parliamentary elections.

To view the original article CLICK HERE
Do also note the following article:

Steven Woolfe being investigated for electoral fraud over drink drive conviction

Steven Woolfe
Steven Woolfe MEP speaking about Ukip’s migration policies CREDIT:GEOFF PUGH/TELEGRAPH


Ukip’s Steven Woolfe is being investigated for electoral fraud just days after he was expelled from the party’s leadership race.

Mr Woolfe, the party’s migration spokesman, is being investigated by Greater Manchester Police over claims he did not declare a conviction for drink driving when he stood for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012.

The force has received a complaint about Mr Woolfe’s 2002 conviction which would have barred him from standing for the role in 2012.


Mr Woolfe said he “forgot about the conviction” when he stood in the Greater Manchester PCC election in 2012.

Next Ukip leader | Who are the bookies backing?

CONTENDERS                                    ODDS

James, Diane                                             1/3
Duffy, Lisa                                                  11/2
Arnott, Jonathan                                       8/1
Broughton, Philip                                      50/1
Etheridge, Bill                                            50/1
Jones, Liz                                                    80/1

Source: Paddy Power, 12.25 on 3 August 2016


Mr Woolfe had been tipped to become the frontrunner in Ukip’s leadership campaign after impressing since becoming an MEP for the North West in 2014 CLICK HERE

But the 48-year-old former lawyer missed the nomination deadline by 17 minutes.

He was barred from standing after he submitted his application to become a candidate after the official deadline and has faced claims that he had failed to keep up his membership.

Mr Woolfe said he “forgot about the conviction” when he stood in the Greater Manchester PCC election in 2012, in a possible breach of electoral law.

Supporters of Mr Woolfe, who stood for Parliament in Stockport last year but finished third, have reacted angrily.

@Arron_banks @Mr_Gossamer Looks like UKIP are going to lose a lot of supporters now. Time for a new party?


@Arron_banks genuinely upset that @UKIP have imploded on themselves just as REAL progress was being made and old reputations were going.


Mr Woolfe had indicated that he would focus Ukip on becoming a party for social mobility, in a direct targeting of Labour’s core voters, particularly in northern heartlands. 

“The one thing I can say to the people of the North and the Midlands who voted Brexit and who are tired of the Labour Party leaving them behind, Ukip is now the party for you and your new home,” Woolfe told IBT.

“We did it for immigration, we did it for the referendum and now we’re going to do it for social mobility too.”

Ukip has been riven by in-fighting as rival factions battle to secure control of the party.

Nigel Farage has attacked NEC members as “among the lowest grade of people I have ever met” and has long been at odds with Douglas Carswell, the party’s only MP, and Neil Hamilton, its leader in the Welsh Assembly.

Former deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans, who was suspended from the party earlier this year after repeated clashes with Mr Farage, said Mr Woolfe is “probably ineligible”.

Mr Farage, who announced he was quitting after the Leave victory in the EU referendum, said Ukip members should vote for the candidate who will best represent the party “on the big media stages” and around the country.

He urged his successor to “bypass” the NEC, claiming the governing body contains “total amateurs” who have acted as a “barrier to radical change and modernisation”.

Comment | Steven Woolfe on his Ukip leadership expulsion

“I am extremely disappointed by the UKIP NEC decision to exclude me from the party’s leadership election.

“Having been a committed member of UKIP, standing for the party in multiple elections, acting as a spokesman at the highest level, I wanted to take this opportunity to stand for Leader to inject my ideas, plans and passion into the party.

“Over the course of this leadership election, the NEC has proven it is not fit for purpose and it confirmed many member’s fears that it is neither effective nor professional in the way it governs the party.

“The NEC panel have even accepted that they were wrong to raise questions of my membership of the party, as I have been a full member since 2011. They did not identify my payments in the UKIP records until I showed them my own bank statements. After providing evidence of the payments and donations I have made to the party, they were satisfied this was not an issue.

“They have failed to accept that there were serious issues with the application system despite providing evidence that attempts of submission were made before the deadline. The NEC deny this is the fault of the UKIP system.

“Furthermore, highly confidential information about me held in party documents has been leaked to the press and the NEC has not sought to investigate this gross breach of privacy.

“The NEC’s treatment of Nathan Gill over the past two weeks has also been totally unacceptable.

“Nathan is a decent and honest man, who has been in the party longer than many NEC members. He, as the leader of UKIP in Wales, led the party to victories for seven Welsh assembly members in May. His dedication to the party knows no bounds. Wales voted to leave the EU and it deserves a Eurosceptic voice in Brussels to represent the people, as the renegotiation moves ahead.

“If I were on the ballot, I would have fought to reform the internal structure of UKIP including the NEC. UKIP must professionalise and it cannot do that with an unfit NEC.

“Over the course of the past two weeks, my office and I have received thousands of messages of support from members.

“To every single one of them and all of those who have helped to support my campaign, I say a huge thank you.

“Although I am out of the contest I wish the other candidates well and hope they can show UKIP has a positive, inclusive, patriotic vision for Britain.”

To view the original articles CLICK HERE & HERE
Do note that Jonathan Arnott has absolutely no experience of leadership having been a maths teacher in a tiny private school with, as I recall 140 pupils of all ages, even as an MEP he has been all but invisible and undeniably irrelevant.
Jones & Broughton are both also rqans having no profile beyond having stood in elections and failed utterly.
Duffy has doner the rounds in the party but has only been noticeable for her spectacular failure during the time she was in charge of UKip Yoof!
Etheridge is best known for his racist behaviour and utterances regarding Gololiwogs, which saw him thrown out of the Tory Party, and having separated from his disabled wife as soon as he had squirmed his way in as a UKip MEP.
Diane James lays claim to having 30 years experience in Health Care but may be confusing herself with an American born woman of the same name!
As for Woolfe’s clai9m to be a Barrister – he may well have trained as one but I can find no record of any of his cases and he is most deffinitly not on the official list, which is open to public scrutiny, his criminal convicton may have something to do with his absence in the public record! Something else he may well have forgotten! As I recall when first he came to prominence in UKip he was a failed Compliance Officer in a Financial Services organisation – failed in that he had lost his job!
Situation normal UKip are in an utterly unprofessional, corrupt and dishonest squabbling mess!

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