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Nigel Farage & John Ison – Evidence Of Their Collusion In Criminal Activity!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/07/2016

Nigel Farage & John Ison – Evidence Of Their Collusion In Criminal Activity!

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Nigel Farage & John Ison – Evidence Of Their Collusion In Criminal Activity has been very clearly shown in Court in what seems to be the mallicious and questionable prosecution of Nikki Sinclaire!

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this statement of opinion has been added to the article:
Nikki Sinclaire COURT CASE Exposes Nigel Farage’s Involvement
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A statement of opinion written and added by myself G.L-W. Sat-09-Jul-2016:

There may well have been a statement from the defence that:

There is no suggestion of any wrong-doing by Mr Farage or any other party official.

However it is clear that at very least John Ison would seem to be in breech of his employment contract and in breech of ‘The Computer Misuse Act’ and Nigel Farage is very clearly colluding with John Ison in criminal activity – thus it would seem clear that Nigel Farage and John Ison are involved together in criminal behaviour!
It also seems very clear that Nigel Farage, John Ison and possibly others conspired together on numerous occassions in criminal activity, including unlawfull entry, and breech of ‘The Data Protection Act’ involving confidential Government information and confidential data, and in breech of ‘The Computer Misuse Act’.
As this information has been in the hands of the Police and the CPS for some years it is hard to understand on what grounds they have persecuted Nikki Sinclaire over so many years when all they seem to have by way of evidence is some 10 receipts that seem to be administrative errors yet they had very clear evidence & proof of criminality, it would seem, involving and undenied by Nigel Farage and John Ison.
It would seem that this entire farago has been to frame Nikki Sinclaire with the collusion of the Police and CPS unless one can readily accept that both the Police and CPS are both incredibly gullible and very stupid!
Nikki Sinclaire has clearly misplaced her trust in John Ison and has been betrayed by him in a criminal manner; Nigel Farage’s mallicious behaviour is seemingly equally as criminal in that he colluded in criminality of a period of time with John Ison. Steve Morson was also clearly informed of the criminal behaviour but in obvious mittigation supplied what seem to be true and honest evidence of the criminality to the Police making it irrefutable that John Ison and Nigel Farage had acted and colluded in criminality together.
End of G.L-W comment added Sat-09-Jul-2016

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