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Ukip Plymouth Branch Shows Ukip Is Rarely As It Claims!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/02/2016

Ukip Plymouth Branch Shows Ukip Is Rarely As It Claims!

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Ukip Plymouth Branch Shows Ukip Is Rarely As It Claims, with its Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer quitting – not a first as I recall!

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Plymouth UKIP insists group will survive despite shock resignations of key members

By Plymouth Herald  |  Posted: February 07, 2016

Chairman Peter Endean said the situation “will be resolved”

SENIOR members insist UKIP’s Plymouth branch won’t disband despite the resignation of three key personnel.

Following the resignation of its chairman, secretary and treasurer, the Devon chair is left in charge of the branch.

Former chairman David Salmon has said the Plymouth branch “will continue”, but said its future direction will be clearer after a meeting on Friday, February 12.

Chairman Peter Endean said the situation “will be resolved”.

In an email seen by The Herald, constituency manager Diane Belk said: “Head Office have received notification of resignations from the chairman, secretary and treasurer of the Plymouth constituency association.

“The constituency association is now under regional control and as the regional organiser I have now taken on the position of acting chairman and Tony McIntyre acting treasurer, until new officers are in place.

“A steering committee will be set up by myself and Tony McIntyre to ensure new officers and committee members are appointed as soon as possible.”

Of the February 12 meeting, Ms Belk also wrote: “The purpose of this meeting is to give all members an opportunity to discuss and agree on all aspects concerning the future of the branch”.

“Plans and structure for the three constituencies Moor View, Sutton and Devonport and South West Devon” will be discussed, taking into consideration “what works best to achieve our goals, candidates for the local elections in May, success of the Referendum Campaign [and] growing our branch membership.”

They will also “address vacancies on the committee to enable the branch to continue to function until the next annual general meeting (AGM)”.

In a separate email to Peter Endean, Ms Belk said an AGM meeting arranged for January 26 was “declared unauthorised”.

She said: “The committee have not been consulted at any stage, the last AGM was held only six months ago and it appears that there have been issues surrounding nominations for committee positions.”

The Herald’s source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he will not be attending because he is “embarrassed” with the party.

At last year’s General Election, UKIP had targeted Plymouth as a city where it may make inroads, but failed to win a seat.

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