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Ukip’s Collapse Continues Apace With Kent Past Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer Quitting

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/12/2015

Ukip’s Collapse Continues Apace With Kent Past Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer Quitting

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti Ukip claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


Ukip’s Collapse Continues Apace With Alun Elder-Brown Kent Past Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer Quitting

000a ukip-025 count.png


Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




looks like #Ukip are falling apart at all levels – their leader after Ukip’s catastrophic General Election and then the charade of his General deGaulle style promise/threat of resignation and his on off posturing, now as he tries to take on another job to stay on the gravy train by fronting for Aaron Bank’s LeaveEU campaign bidding for the £7 Million Government  pot of tax payers’ money to be the Leave-The-EU campaign when he has so clearly failed to lead Ukip in domestic politics.

FARAGE, Nigel 104

You will be aware of the vanishing act of their one time blue eyed boy Patrick O’Flynn, the fall out over the overt racism of Janet Atkinson and her being caught fiddling expenses on an issue agreed by Nigel Farage.

O'FLYNN, Patrick 02

Ukip having lost their chairman in Cornwall when he resigned due to the lack of support for his efforts to stamp out corruption and anti Semitism seems to have appointed a real clown!

Then we note the sad figure of several senior members of Ukip staff & elected leadership who feel they are far more important than the cause and their ambitions and greed are not being realised so there is talk of them quitting Ukip, probably when they have found another over paid slot on the gravy train!

EU MEP Cartoon 03

It seems also that the worm has turned! Gawain having been personally rescued by Nigel Farage after his wife had given details of his sexual interest in his own baby daughter that had cost him his MEP candidacy and led to being censured & dumped by the SW Regional committee after several years of manipulated grovelling & covering for Farage has spoken out:

TOWLER, Gawain 05 advert


It seems there is no end to the machievellian behaviour – whatever happened toUkip’s MEP Amjad Bashir who jumped ship to the Tories who like O’Flynn would seem still to draw his generous income & expenses, allowances and life style with few details of any work done just as the Ukip otchestratedmusic team is but a one man band where all are near invisible save their sole publicised performer:


Little wonder that Ukip membership has seemingly collapsed and income has similarly collapsed – there are even rumours that solvency may demand the party looks to Geneva to recycle the never accounted for £Millions that seem never to have passed near the party from the 400 Fund ( sometimes called the 4000 fund).

#538* - OLAF AGAIN - OF/2009/0487

I also hear that one of Nigel Farage’s sometime ‘shared partners‘ Aurelie La Loux is under investigation by OLAF and that a file has been passed to the Belgian authorities, but you know how long it takes OLAF to do  anything – seems they are appointed by the EU to ensure that nothing ever gets done to cut down on fraud and interfere with endemic fiddles! OLAF has a miniscule staff and thus processes very little very slowly!

LALOUX, Aurelie 01

Times for Ukip would seem to be dire and little wonder so many believe that Farage’s involvement with the Leave-The-EU campaign may well prove catastrophic for that cause as there is no doubt Gawain Towler is correct in claiming Farage is seen as ‘toxic’ and there is no doubt that for every person who supports him there are yet more who will be driven from the cause – the result in a simple majority cause may well prove the reason why that very cause may be lost by Ukip.

At the height of Ukip’s popularity Ukip had reached just short of 4 Million votes, but it must be remembered amidst the spin and propaganda that they just scraped through avoiding total wipeout with one retread Tory MP, now Ukip’s only MP with whom Farage is widely reported as at daggers drawn over policy having joined opposite sides in the Referendum campaign squabble for £7 Million of tax payer funding!

And so it goes on!

Now Kent’s Ukip Chairman dumps Ukip for many of the all too fgamiliar reasons – here is his resignation letter:

From: Alun Elder-Brown <[]>
Sent: 16 December 2015 15:36
To: Elenor Mo; Wardle Mike
Cc: Adams Chris; Burberry Rob; Scott Tim; Wardle Mike
Dear Mo… (all),
It is with profound regret that I tender my resignation from UKIP with immediate effect. This will mean my tenure in all roles held within the party will cease, including branch and county positions.
To be quite frank, I feel the party is losing/has lost direction and most certainly middle management has become fractious and unitdy.
Redundancies, sackings, no one is sure who does what!
We are, certainly at branch and county level, deprived of any communication from above, especially the NEC and the trickle-down communication from the higher tiers, through the regions to county level is non-existent.
I like structure; call me army barmy but structure and good administration is something that is sadly lacking within UKIP. 
At county level I have noticed manoeuvring for power, not something I feel comfortable with, nor will I be party to. My aim was always to defeat the enemy from without, not within.
With regards to the impending referendum, as County Referendum Coordinator, I was never given a remit, nor support; indeed I was given conflicting orders, due to the apparent lack of effective structure.
Furthermore, there is confusion amongst the rank and file as to which of the “Out” groups to support, if in fact any.
This referendum is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Please don’t foul it up through sloppy administration.
Couple this with my failing health [this will be the official position should the press get word of it] and you will understand why I can no longer play a part.
That said, I will always support UKIP and its premise, that is an exit from the European Union. You can be assured of my vote, both for the referendum and nationally.
Though I remain unconvinced that we need district/borough or county representation.
With sincere thanks for the past few years and the many friends I made on the way.
Kindly, as always
Alun Elder-Brown
Chairman & Secretary UKIP Tunbridge Wells
Kent County Organiser
Kent Referendum Coordinator
Tel: 07794 322994

Ukip still haven’t given any kind of cogent or responsible response to the facts surrounding their fraud and corruption reported with links CLICK HERE

Then there is the abiding issue of Racism in Ukip CLICK HERE

Here are a few other issues mostly concerning Gawain Towler, which Ukip has failed to sort out CLICK HERE


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