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DPS Report On Met Seems Little More Than Whitewash

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/05/2015

DPS Report On Met Seems Little More Than Whitewash

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DPS Report On the Metetropolitan Police etc. Seems Little More Than a self serving Whitewash, beset with inaccuracies of fact and conclusions.

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based upon my personal involvement, you will note I am named in the report, and my factual knowledge of matters in this report I can assure you in every instance of which I am in command of the facts the report statements and conclusions are risible.The report would seem to read as a copy book example of why the Metropolitan Police in particular and the Police in general should never be subject to an internal inquiry, whether conducted by themselves or any partisan organisation.

It is my belief that the report is a whitewash riddled with self serving inaccuracies of both fact and conclusion and in many instances downright dishonest.

Just a few examples of the total inaccuracy of this clearly partisan report that verge on self serving dishonesty & corruption:
I.) I had NEVER looked at any Police Officer’s profile on Linkedin UNTIL I noted (advised by Linkedin) that my profile had been investigated by an individual, who when I viewed his profile turned out to be a Police Officer.2.) I have NEVER refused or failed to assist the Police in any context, when asked so to do.

3.) I have NEVER made defamatory comments regarding ANY police Officer in the context concerned – beyond statements of fact and if the truth is stated ‘Veritas’ is 100% acceptable. Unlike these and other lies, untruths and distortions that can be found in this report, made seemingly in the interest of misrepresenting the actions and position of the Police in question.

4.) There is no doubt the report sets out, in self interest, to mislead as in the example of studiously ensuring that when lies were told to The Prime Minister David Cameron and The Mayor of London Boris Johnson the statements in the report even go so far as to cover-up their identities!

5.) I take exception at the harassment which I have experienced at the hands of Ukip MEP Gerard Batten and others in Ukip for and on behalf of their self interest and self enrichment, also the harassment I have felt, experienced and been subject to by the Police acting as agents for Ukip, it would seem.

When You read the report I am sure you will identify many other self serving comments and conclusions that further show the report would seem to be a tissue of lies and distortions aimed seemingly to whitewash police criminal actions.

I take exception at the lies told about me in this officious and misleading publicly funded Police whitewash.

That this is a report ‘passed off’ as the work of:
The directorate of professional standards, serious misconduct investigation unit
would seem to indicate a total lack of professional standards and a serious act of misconduct in its own right, of which we as the employers should be be both aware and ashamed.




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