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Ukip In Further Turmoil incl. Janice Atkinson’s Fraud

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/03/2015

Ukip In Further Turmoil incl. Janice Atkinson’s Fraud

UPDATE 10:30hrs. 20-Mar-2015

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Ukip In Further Turmoil incl. Janice Atkinson’s Fraud which is just another measure of the unprofessional behaviour of the Nigel Farage cult.

000a ukip-025 count.png

by no means is Janice Atkinson the only unprofessional crook amongst their MEPs and racism, dishonesty, corruption and boorish behaviour of the Nigel Farage cult is all too clearly documented.

Ukip suspends Janice Atkinson the party’s candidate for Folkestone and Hythe

19 March 2015
by Gareth Arnold

Ukip has suspended Janice Atkinson following allegations of a “serious financial nature.”

Nigel Farage has told KentOnline the allegations relate to an incident at the Ukip Spring Conference in Margate earlier this year.

He said: “There is quite a serious allegation that a receipt that was submitted was not all it should have been.

ATKINSON, Janice 03Janice Atkinson has been suspended

“We treat these things very seriously so we have acted quickly – some may say harshly – so we will have to wait and see.

“I’ve had so many difficulties over the years with people but one thing I’ve learnt is no party has a monopoly on people who do things wrong – not that I’m pre-judging this case.

“We treat these things very seriously so we have acted quickly – some may harshly – so we will have to wait and see” – Nigel Farage


“It’s as much about how you deal with it and we have shown we deal with this kind of thing very quickly.”

Mr Farage called into doubt Mrs Atkinson’s position as the party’s candidate for Folkestone and Hythe in light of her suspension, but said the party “would have to wait and see.”

Mrs Atkinson has had the party whip removed while investigations continue.

A Ukip party spokesman said the party was “incredibly disappointed with Ms Atkinson, who
appears to have exercised extremely poor judgment”.

ATKINSON, Janice 04 TWEET 01

He added: “The party has acted swiftly and immediately and, just as we showed when we suspended another MEP for financial irregularities, we always maintain a zero-tolerance attitude towards acts of this nature.”

FARAGE, Nigel  104Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Stig Abell, managing editor of The Sun, tweeted that the suspension followed an investigation by the newspaper.

The Sun reported tonight that it had secretly filmed a member of her staff plotting to make a ‘substantial bogus expenses claim.’ 

KentOnline’s political editor Paul Francis understands it relates to a lunch the MEP hosted at a Margate pub during the spring conference.

Atkinson has courted controversy in the past, most recently when she referred to a Thai constituent as “a ting tong from somewhere.”

ATKINSON, Janice 05 Ting Tong Vince & Fa Munday 01 

Vince and Fa Munday, Picture: BBC South East

The offensive comments about Fa Munday, a mobile food seller from Ramsgate, were picked up by a BBC South East microphone.

Mrs Munday’s husband Vince, who had been a Ukip member, described the insult as ‘outrageous, rude and offensive.’

In December it was reported that she owed her ex-husband more than £2,000 in child support.

To view the original article CLICK HERE
For more details of
ATKINSON, Janice 02
this vile woman’s fraud as she fingers the money with those stubby little fingers CLICK HERE or HERE

UPDATE 10:30hrs. 20-Mar-2015

UKIP Tell Atkinson to Lawyer Up


Guido hears that suspended MEP Janice Atkinson was told by UKIP’s legal team this morning that there was nothing they could do for her and that she had better get criminal representation very quickly. Apparently Section 6 of the 2006 Fraud Act was the topic of breakfast discussion this morning…

To view the original article CLICK HERE

 With thanks to Peter for the picture – Should I put it up 3 times Janice <|;-o))

Lets not forget that a Group event, such as a women’s freebe meal has to be pre-approved to make it claimable against EU expenses, and with Kirsten Farage involved even Janice Atkinson is not so stupid as to have her staff ‘boost’ the receipt value from around £50 per head to £150 per head without approval/clearance! This does sound terribly like this was normal practice for Ukip, but having been caught on film by The Sun, Ukip are left with little option but to denounce Janice Atkinson as the sacrificial goat!

If this were just an isolated case of Ukip corruption and turmoil one might be justified in moving on and considering it an aberration but fraud in one form or another is endemic within Farage’s cult.
However with revolt over the odious ex Tory, ex <|;-o)  ?
Victoria Ayling – with members refusing to campaign for her.
A Ukip candidate quitting as a result of the sordid David Coburn’s recent racist comments and vile behaviour in Scotland:

Scots-based UKIP election candidate quits amid claims of sectarianism


A prominent Scots-based UKIP candidate has quit the party claiming it is riddled with religious bigotry and racism north of the border.


Jonathan Stanley, who has contested elections in his home city of Edinburgh, said: “This sectarian and racist filth in Scotland needs cleaning up. It is a great threat to the Eurosceptic cause and civil society.”

The surgeon had been UKIP’s Westminster candidate for Westmorland and Lonsdale in Cumbria.

His decision comes after a tumultuous week for the party in Scotland with it sole elected representative, MEP David Coburn, under fire for comparing a Scottish Government minister with convicted terrorist Abu Hamza.

Following allegations he also deliberately mispronounced another Asian SNP member’s name he was branded an “ignorant racist” by Glasgow Labour MSP Patricia Ferguson and even condemned by UKIP’s first MP Douglas Carswell.

He added: “I have given my full resignation to the party because of the issues happening in Scotland. If I can’t represent the party I need to leave it. I am standing back from this now. Let other candidates get on with it.

“I would have been representing the UK in the UK Parliament. That needs to be for a party that tackles sectarianism and racism across the UK.

“The people deserve a candidate who is either an independent of committed to the party. It is more honest if I resign.”

Colin Rudd, UKIP agent on Cumbria, said the move was a “bit of a disappointment” less than two month before the election. He admitted it was a blow a month and a half before the May 7 election.

Mr Stanley also cited issues with UKIP’s MEPs in the north of England and the party’s handling of health issues.

He added: “The people of the seat deserve a candidate who either starts as an independent or is committed to a party; it is more honest to resign.”

To view the original article CLICK HEREStuart Agnew still seemingly under investigation by OLAF for fraud with his chum David Bannerman who quit as a Ukip MEP to rejoin the Tories, he confessed to on camera for the Times.The overtly racist anti Islamic behaviour, publications and comments of liars like Gerard Batten or for that matter Nigel Farage’s puppet the dishonest and untrustworthy Malcolm Pearson.

The list goes on and on and as I always cautioned the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its @rse as the public, competitors, opponents and the public scrutinise them more closely. This would seem to have led to something of a collapse in growth in the last month or two and even the Greens have now overtaken them in membership!

Ukip has peaked, but no one wants to admit it – Nigel Farage now resembles every other politician

Suzanne MooreThe Ukip leader has traded on his outsider status, but the nearer we get to the election the more he is playing the game he said he wouldn’t play
Nigel Farage
If Nigel Farage loses in Thanet, it is all over. Wednesday 18 March 2015 20.00 GMT Last modified on Thursday 19 March 2015 00.05 GMT I am not sure that giving up alcohol works for everyone. Sure, some people feel a lot better, find it easier to get up in the morning and point out that their skin is glowing. But look at Nigel Farage. What did a dry January do for him? Now often pictured without the obligatory pint and fag in hand, he has become a somewhat diminished presence in the media. Lacking his naughty props, he looks like every other politician, only with a strangely retro wardrobe.

Looking like every other politician is the worst thing that can happen for Farage, who trades on his “difference” and his “telling it like it is” outsider status. Yet the nearer we get to this listless election, the more he is playing the game that he said he wouldn’t play. To speak of him and his party as insurgents is like calling Prince Harry a republican. Ukip peaked a while back, though the pretence that it hasn’t lingers. Farage has knocked back rumours of ill health by saying that, as he has survived cancer, a car accident and a plane crash, his health might indeed not always be 100%. Even his enemies must concede his physical courage and stamina.

But something else is going on that feels rather desperate. His book, The Purple Revolution, has been shunted out, and, amazingly, is nothing to do with Prince. It is being serialised in the Telegraph, a newspaper that is read largely by elderly Tories who may be to the right of the party and tempted by Ukip, but are not in the seats that Ukip needs to win.

When the book came out, invites to the launch do said: “All conversations are to be considered off the record.” This is exactly the strange kind of political control-freakery that Farage has always rallied against. He has gone on about free speech and being straightforward. Yet now he has entered the world of journalists favoured with briefings, the cliques, and the nooks and crannies of the Westminster elite that are responsible for so much of the political disengagement that he is said to champion.

Much of his appeal has been based on his presentation as an outsider, despite his public school and City trader background. This manifested itself in gaffes, contradictions and regurgitated rants about political correctness gone mad. And smoking. His supporters lap this up, but the nearer he gets to power, the slicker he gets.

What worked a year ago does not quite work now. His trip to America just before he addressed his troops at Ukip’s spring conference in Margate could have been him sussing out some new career opportunities, for it is in no way guaranteed that he will a get a seat. If Farage does not win South Thanet, and that’s a real possibility, then Ukip as we know it is finished. He will stand down as party leader. A politician such as Douglas Carswell will take over, a man who has interesting ideas on democracy but just doesn’t cut it in the populist stakes.

There has been a complete disjuncture between the huge focus on Farage and the number of seats Ukip will end up with – three, possibly four: Clacton; Boston and Skegness; Thurrock and maybe South Thanet. It would have to do very well to win any others, such as Great Grimsby, Great Yarmouth and Rochester and Strood. This may seem unfair if the party’s share of the vote hovers around 14%, but even that is down from a year ago. Ukip’s supporters may feel aggrieved that we don’t have proportional representation, but that’s one thing they can’t blame on immigration.

Once in power, its MPs will ally with the Tories. Nothing it has promised its constituents, from banning immigrants’ children from state schools to an exit from Europe, is likely to happen. A handful of its MPs will not stop globalisation.

What Ukip has done is push the Tories to the right and given a voice to many disaffected voters, but a political force grounded in disenfranchised resentment can only fizzle out when faced with the realities of governance. Business leaders don’t want to leave Europe. Blaming immigration for every ill cannot produce workable policies. The real issues of the day – housing, low wages, widening inequality – are not answered in any way by Ukip’s overtly weird and racist “senior moment” attitude.

Where Ukip has won, though, is with the media, because it is now considered one of the four main parties. Farage is a creature of an age when personality trumps policy. This is why, if he loses in Thanet, it is all over. His message in the constituency that “only Ukip can win” has seen the Tories pouring more resources into their campaign as part of a decapitation strategy.

Farage may get a second wind, but watching him now, I sense him moving towards the exit. I grant that this may be wishful thinking, but something makes me believe he is looking at a future elsewhere. We may well end up with a coalition between the party of entitlement and the party of disgruntlement that leaves Farage lurking around, no longer calling the shots. Perhaps then he can claim for the first time to be genuinely “outside”.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

You may also wish to consider the new book Nigel Farage had commissioned about himself in a desperate bid to garner a few extra votes for himself and his cult, but though the previous books he commissioned from Mark Daniels (now sadly dead) were met with humour in the style of Mark’s writing the eviceration of his latest offering is withering CLICK HERE

Little wonder, I guess, that the general assumption of the informed is that Farage is more likely to receive a hammering from many sources in the next 50 days and it is unlikely that his cult will get any seats or at best a relatively insignificant 3 or 4 with both Farage himself and Mark Reckless being the deciding factor that MIGHT take them over Douglas Carswell + one fluke to a meagre 4 that would have no influence or position in Government and may well find itself leaderless!

This all comes at a time where clearly the party is under not just the expected attack of rivals but collapse from within brought about by poor selection, incompetent leadership, lack of any understanding of how to get out of the EU, no responsible ethical EU eXit and survival strategy and when principle backers like Paul (the Yorkshire Dwarf) Sykes have gone abscent and apart from a bizarre piece of self publicity and a promise of a mere £100K on TV, Stuart Wheeler would seem to be on the verge, or is it in the middle of, substantial financial losses on his shares in his old spread betting company which once earned him £90M on its sale, which seemingly is in not just some financial troubles but also seemingly has fallen foul of the regulatory bodies having bet on the Swiss currency staying pegged to the EUro!

We shall see ;-o




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