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Ukip Policy ‘SAY NO TO THE UK’

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/12/2014

Ukip Policy ‘SAY NO TO THE UK’

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Ukip Policy ‘SAY NO TO THE UK’ was in the paper  as their original text for the advertisement was altered by a worker at the paper.



Local Newspaper Admits Altering UKIP Ad to Read ‘No to UK’, Blames ‘Error’



A local newspaper has apologised after incorrectly running a UKIP ad with the phrase ‘Say no to the UK’. The Rotherham Recorder printed an apology, blaming the mistake – which was widely ridiculed – on an “error in the production process” and admitting that the mistake was not the fault of the party.

The apology read:

“The Record wishes to apologise to UKIP’s Rotherham branch for a mistake in an advert in last week’s edition.

“The advert read “Say no to the UK” when, of course, it should have read “Say no to the EU”.

“The correct wording was supplied and the mistake was due to an error in the production department. The Record has printed the correct advert below and refunded the party.”


UKIP sources have cried foul, however, telling Breitbart London that the advert was supplied in full to the paper, to be printed without needing any alteration, making it highly unlikely the text was altered thanks to a simple “error”. Meanwhile, the blog Nope Not Hope says that the error “amounted to an employee (believed to be a Labour Party member) deliberately altering the artwork”.

When the erroneous advert was published last week, it led to UKIP being ridiculed in publications such as Huffington Post, the Independent and Metro, with the latter writing: “When you define yourself as the political party that protects the United Kingdom from EU intervention and unrestricted immigration, telling people to ‘Say no to the UK’ is a bit of a blunder.”

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I appreciate that few might be aware with his endless gurning and faux bonhomie that Nigel Farage has no sense of humour, a failing extensively mirrored by his cult followers!

I also appreciate that with its unpleasant dishonesty and overt racism and its bullying and intolerant anti homosexuality, together with its overt corruption and clear lack of understanding of the tennets of democracy as it rigs selection processes and elections to suit the needs of the few and enrich the clique forming the leadership it is clear that Ukip has attracted, nay even earned, many enemies and even more who hold the cult in opprobriom and contemps.

The changing of Ukip’s advert in the paper as shown above is but one example of the depth of feeling Ukip has earned in some quarters by its utter incompetence and lack of competent leadership..




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