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So Nigel Farage Made A Fool Of Himself AND LIED

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/12/2014

So Nigel Farage Made A Fool Of Himself AND LIED

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


By showing himself as a drunk with the foul mouthed Dominic & Stephanie Parker on TV, by choice, Nigel Farage Made A Fool Of Himself AND LIED when he claimed his wife was not funded by the public!


By showing himself as a drunk with his endless gurning and the false laugh, by choosing to perform as an entertainer with the foul mouthed Dominic & Stephanie Parker from a gastly TV reality show where the participants compete to make the most stupid comments and use the most obscenities in a display of the most unpleasant reality show, who would want a drunken politician with such poor judgement who CHOSE to encourage such behaviour.

Nigel Farage Made A Fool Of Himself AND LIED when he claimed his wife was not funded by the public!

The desperate efforts of Ukip to portray their cult leader as the bore in the pub every dreads being cornered by seems a determination to ensure they never achieve anything of consequence and continue to bump along the bottom squabbling like ferrets in a sack in British domestic elections.

We all know that with about 8% of the influence in the EU parliament it really doesn’t matter who is elected as an MEP and that our influence in EU politics is an irrelevant that even outstrips the irrelevance of the EU itself, thus using EU elections as a dusbin in which to cast ones protest vote is a sound use of the EU Ballott Box.

Some, who have been duped by Ukip and the various pro EU politicians and businessmen all too willing to lie in return for the massive bribes the EU hands out from OUR money to fund politicians & some of the more corrupt businessmen as salesmen for their scams.

In reality The EU is an arcane hangover from the politics of the late 19th. & early 20th. Century – contrary to the EU sales pitch that the EU standardises laws and regulations to provide a level playing field across the EU to form a single market of 500 Million people. & cotrary to the claims of EUroPhopes and self seekers like Ukip who claim the EU makes over 70% of our laws and Westminster has no say – Neither is true.

The EU is clearly a hugely outdated and hideously expensive neo Communist bureaucracy driven by a vaste hoard of overpaid and unelected bureaucrats (apparatchiks) who re-write Internationally agreed standards and regulations handed doen to them by such international bodies as The WTO (World Trade Organisation), WHO (World Health Organisation) UN, CODEX, IMF and the like.

This process of re-write is largely carried out by an army of EU functionaries mainly drawn from amongst the French ENARCS – those who derived their higher education from France’s École Nationale d’Administration ensuringan EU style and impramature adequate to dupe the people to believing that the laws, regulation and apparent wisdom comes from the EU when it is little more than an expensive slight of hand by the EU’s apparatchiks.

Fortunately for the true opponents to the EU concept in the UK we are in fact observing the early signs of the inevitable demise of Ukip, which will hopefully leave the field open to the development of a true EUroRealist movement having a more plausible platform and likelier sources of funding to fight the referendum, which becomes far more likely through a Tory win in the general election, which becomes more likely with Ukip’s leaching of Tory votes out of the way, or at least greatly reduced by their blundering incompetence and the internal squabbling as the factions start to realise that Nigel farage’s days are very much numbered and as the more intelligent and informed major backers stand back from the train wreck.
A train wreck which is likely to gobble up what funds Ukip can garner as the factions fight for control of the ruin with Patrick O’Flynn likely to make a play for control of the EU end thus acting as the stalking horse for Douglas Carswell to seek top become the party leader through his Westminster/Clacton contacts and support.

Ukip MEPs will have to start to make their plans and decide on which side their bread is buttered as it is clear that most are only there for the ‘bread’ and have little in terms of competence or leadership ability most are likely to be damaged in the cross fire.

Nigel Farage’s departure, having been the driving force for many years,

FARAGE, Nigel  104
in persuit of his own income stream and self agrandisement will turn this into a knock down drag ’em out fight to hang on but clearly his days are numbered now people realise his achievements have been largely personal and without vision, gravitas, stability or structure having been based more on low cunning than leadership or ability.

There is likely to be little left of Ukip once the members and supporters realise The Emperor has no clothes and the Empire has no structure or integrity – factors that are becoming ever more apparent the more Nigel Farage & Ukip gain publicity.

With or without Nigel Farage clearly Ukip is unlikely to have any MPs elected merely to ensure that less Tories are elected, thus letting Red Ed into Downing Street with no hope of a referendum and a ‘helter skelter’ of surrender to EU control in return for praise and promotion of Labour amongst the pseudo communist EU ENARCS, apparatchiks and functionaries seeking to hang onto THEIR Gravy Train.

In the unlikely event that Ukip were to get, let us say 6 or even a dozen MPs what influence might they have? The SNP had 6 throughout this Government and they have had virtually zero effect at Westminster and have been conspicuous by their inconsequentiality the SNP has been driven by their SNPs in Scotland and all they managed was to hugely damage Scotland!

Consider what exactly the SNP & Plaid together have achieved at Westminster and you will start to realise the utter irrelevance of Ukip who offer a propensity for harm to the EUroRealist cause and wiuth Farage in the saddle the largest single stumbling block to the possibility of getting an OUT vote in an EU Referendum.

The observers of the campaign will have noted that Ukip, under Nigel Farage, did absolutely nothing of any value to oppose the New EU Constitution which was subsequently named The Lisbon Treaty to obfuscate its true purpose. Nor did Ukip make any effort to try to gain a debate on EU membership in Parliament even going so far as to try to destroy Nikki Sinclaire who eventually gained 225,000 signatures for the petition which forced David Cameron to his biggest single defeat in the House during the EU debate. A debate that eventually led to the Tory promise of an IN/OUT Referendum, which even now Ukip seeks to sabotage!

The more publicity Nigel Farage gets now clearly ensures the demise of Ukip as it becomes ever more apparent to the electorate that he is little more than a gurning buffoon with an omnipresent drink fueled silly giggle! That Ukip has gained in membership by jumping on the band wagon of criticism of imigrant policy is populist and utterly predictable gutter politics – there is a natural pool of some 5-8% of the electorate who seek to blame their failures on immigrants, formerly supporters of the BNP and the like who have now switched allegiance to Ukip.

Ukip is starting to realise they are unable to control the publicity these people attract and with that comes the realisation, amongst the better informed, that this method of gaining support guaranteest schism, faction fighting and the alienation of the core voters who could have carried Ukip forward leaving them floundering with success for ever beyond their reach as the core vote of decent folk is left unwilling to vote for the party and merely using them for protest in irrelevant elections to show their opprobrium at the actions of the governing parties.
If you wish to further explore this debacle Ukip has engineered for itself you may find this article of interest CLICK HERE

I have long cautioned that the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its @rse and how very true that is being proven with the apparent rise of Ukip!

Nigel Farage’s wife ‘is paid with public money’, it is revealed, despite denial on show with Googlebox’s Steph and Dom

Nigel Farage insisted his wife ‘is no longer paid by the public sector’ but instead receives her wage from ‘The Party’

Tuesday 16 December 2014

While his appearance on Steph and Dom Meet Nigel Farage may be considered something of a privileged platform for a politician, the Ukip leader did not emerge from the encounter without facing at least a few awkward questions.

Among the drinks and questions from the couple from Gogglebox on Europe, immigration and ambition, Mr Farage was also faced with the query over whether his wife Kirsten was working for him.

While she used to work as his secretary, new EU rules brought in earlier this year banned employing family members.


His response on the Channel 4 programme last night that “She is no longer paid by the public sector” appeared perfectly clear – particularly when he added that her wage now came from “The Party”.

Ukip however has now confirmed that Mrs Farage, who is listed as a local assistant to Ukip MEP Ray Finch on the European Parliament website, does still receive public money.

A Ukip spokesman told The Independent that she receives £800 a month for her role in Mr Finch’s office.

According to The Spectator’s Steerpike blog, the party has also confirmed she is paid for her role helping out in the South East office.

Laugh a minute: Steph Parker with Nigel Farage Laugh a minute: Steph Parker with Nigel Farage

The spokesman told The Independent however that Mr Farage had not been misleading as at the time of filming, his wife was being paid by the party and he was unaware that she had made the arrangement with Mr Finch.

Mr Farage’s appearance on the Channel 4 programme came hot on the heels of his much-talked about “battle” with Russell Brand on Question Time last week.

Writing for The Independent the following day, Mr Farage accused the campaigner of being a “chest-hair obsessed Hollywood type”.

Meanwhile, it has been reported today that Ukip is set to secure control of a £1.5m pot of European taxpayers’ cash by forming a new political party – a move which has triggered a fresh internal row.

The funding follows the formation of the Ukip-dominated pan-European political party, the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE).

Steph and Dom Meet Nigel Farage review
Ukip support defends party against racism claims
Campaigning Against Ukip: Labour’s leaked strategy document
Ukip candidate resigns following homophobic remarks

Those within the party in favour of taking the money have said if the Eurosceptic party did not take it, “integrationist organisations” promoting ever-close union would pick it up.

But Ukip MEP Gerard Batten said there had been no consultation with members and “I think the feeling among the activists is that they won’t be in favour of it.”

A Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy spokesman said: “The NEC has given UKIP MEPs the choice to join or not a pan – European party and 22 of them have chosen to do so.

“This funding from the European Parliament will help Eurosceptic MEPs get their message in defence of national democracy out across Europe . It will also bring them onto a more equal footing with Federalist parties.

“We are happy to cooperate with other democratic parties across Europe to counter the wall of taxpayer-funded EU propaganda.”

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE




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