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From That Which I KNOW of This Case I Believe It Is Corupt

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/09/2014

From That Which I KNOW of This Case I Believe It Is Corupt

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From That Which I KNOW of This Case I Believe It Is Corupt, not least because it pertains to activity years ago & justice this delayed is NOT justice!


minded that during the period in question ALL Ukip MEPs accounts were under the direct scrutiny of Nigel Farage’s directly appointed staff and the details known of the dishonesty of sometime Ukip appointee staff member John Ison I am of the informed belief that in reality there is no case to answer for Nikki Sinclaire who has seemingly been set up!
It is also proven public knowledge that senior members of Farage’s leadership team have frequently lied about Nikki Sinclaire and Nigel Farage and Ukip have more than once been found guilty of af abuse of Nikki Sinclaire, whilst one time Ukip deputy leader and MEP Mike Nattrass acted on uncorroborated information supplied by the liar John Ison who worked in collusion with Nigel Farage’s sewer rat Mark Croucher!
That all three members of Nikki Ainclaire’s staff who were arrested originally based on the false premise of acting to money launder for Nikki Sinclaire were released with no case to answer despite their names being made public, yet no public appology was made by the police.
Further the false claim of money laundering accounted for around half of the police allegations.
Further the EU whom the police belatedly claim were defrauded by Sinclaire has made no complaint and seemingly has provided no evidence to support the West Midland’s police claims which it took them 29 months to construct.
It is also a matter of public record that Nikki Sinclaire’s auditted accounts show that she has paid in in cash, of her own money, to do her job and carry out her political campaigning during the period in question in very substantial excess of the sums she is, in my opinion, falsely accused of stealing!
Knowing thwe willingness of Ukip’s leade4rship team to lie to satiate their personal ambitions and personal enrichment and also their proven association with certain police officers that are believed to be corrupt I incline to believe that this entire case is a tissue of lies – that is not to say that she will not be found guilty and even spend time in prison.
Such an outcome would not surprise in our country where democracy is dead viz the fact that only 4% of the electorate have had a say in the possible destruction of these United Kingdoms and in a desperate attempt and without any democratic debate both Labour & Tory leaders have made promises to buy the result of Scotland’s independence vote. without ANY Parliamentary debate or mandate!
We are, as the last Government constantly claimed, living in a post democratic era – clearly one in which the occupying forces of the supra national state have an utterly corrupt police force which has never brought to justice on a murder charge one of its own who has chosen to slaughter a citizen on the street with lethal force in direct contrtavention of British law which prohibits a death penalty for ANY crime.
Further let us remember that irrefutable fact that the police have proved they are prepared to liue to defend their own criminal members and select which crimes they will or will not prosecute viz Rotheram police failure to defend children from industrial level sexual abuse known to them in their capacity as ‘Law Enforcement’ a term the modern police  bring shame upon – just as Bailiffs act outside of the law to steal goods, often far in excess of the value of any debt claimed!
I do not believe that the alleged case against Nikki Sinclaire has any more validity than the pack of lies presented regarding Jasna Badzak and that the case is just as corrupt as were the lies and allegations regarding me made by Ukip MEP Gerard Batten and his police puppets – one wonders if Batten also abused his position to make enquiries with Interpol to further his lies regarding me as he did regarding Jasna Badzak!
It would seem a great evil stalks the body politic and its name is Ukip who IF they ever reached any real position of authority could, based upon their track record, be expectedf to abuse that authority and participate in industrial level corruption and obscene levels of abuse and bullying using their dishonestly obtained office for personal gain!
I believe that Nikki Sinclaire is and has consistently been abused by Ukip and is innocent of any charge of deliberate instances of fraud – misrepresented by the police as ‘Money Laundering’ to make the offence seem greater – ‘Money Laundering’ is an offence specifically designed to deal with drug and terrorist processing of cash and also the proceeds of major criminals.
It is clear that the police claims are dressed up to make them seem greater than they actually might have been had they ever occurred and IF they occurred there would seem to be no connection with Nikki Sinclaire but much to do with the original crimes Nikki Sinclaire personally reported to the police long before her arrest! Crimes that would have proved to be embarrassing to Ukip and the Farage leadership team!

Former MEP Nikki Sinclaire appears in court on fraud charges

Former MEP Nikki Sinclaire appears in court on fraud charges

First published 09:21 Wednesday 17 September 2014 in News by Gema Bate

A FORMER West Midlands MEP will appear before magistrates today (Wednesday, September 17) accused of money laundering offences after an inquiry into her expense claims.

Nikki Sinclaire, who lost her seat in the European Parliament earlier this year, also faces an allegation of committing misconduct in a public office.

Sinclaire was charged in July this year after a long-running inquiry by West Midlands Police and the European Anti-Fraud Office.

Two of the three charges against Sinclaire, brought under the Proceeds of Crime Act, allege that she converted criminal property between October 2009 and December 2010.

Prosecutors further allege that Sinclaire committed misconduct between October 2009 and July 2010 “in that she made or caused to be made” false and dishonest claims for travelling expenses.

Sinclaire lost her seat as an MEP for the West Midlands in last May’s European elections after leaving Ukip and standing for the We Demand a Referendum Now party.

The 45-year-old, who lives in Shirley, near Solihull, has described the allegations as “ludicrous and unfounded”.

In a statement issued in July, Sinclaire said: “I strongly refute these charges and will be firmly defending myself.”

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